Drugs Don’t Pay… the Rent: At Home With Mexican Drug Lords

Note the bullet holes at left. (Tony Cenicola/NYT)

We’ll be the first to admit that this story has very little to do with New York real estate, except that it appeared in The Times and perhaps some of the owners’ “product” may have wound up in the homes of some of our readers at some point. Regardless, today’s Home & Garden cover story is a striking departure from the typical fare—last week, it was stuffed pets—as the Gray Lady goes inside the homes of a few Mexican drug lords. The Observer is addicted.

Stirring Scarface visions, what is striking about the story and accompanying images, besides all the bullet holes, is how, despite gaudy flashes—stain glass skylights, zebra chairs—the homes are often quite simple and modest. Here are The Observer‘s two favorites, but The Timesentire tour is worth taking, if you’re not afraid of the shots.

Nothing fancy. (Tony Cenicola/NYT)

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