Drunk Woman Damages Clyfford Still

museum 04 Drunk Woman Damages Clyfford Still

Photo courtesy of Clyfford Still Museum.

A 36-year old Denver woman caused a scene at the that city’s newly opened Clyfford Still Museum last week when she drunkely punched and “slid down” the artist’s 1957-J-No. 2., according to The Denver Post. After this, the woman reportedly urinated on herself.

The painting has been valued at $30 million in the press, with estimates for the damage being placed in the $10,000 range by the dint of the urine being merely near the painting and not on it.


  1. nycsongs says:

    My kinda woman!

  2. “Because Still closely guarded his works, most of the pieces at his namesake museum had not previously been displayed.” – Keith Coffman, REUTERS

    If I were Still I too would be ashamed of showing this crap the art community now calls “Art”.

    I am amazed what passes for creativity. But I am more amazed at how the public and the curators of museums are sucked into believing that spilled paint on a canvas (this goes for his contemporary, Jackson Pollock, as well) is an act of artistic genius.

    What a scam.

  3. John Doe says:


  4. Laura Austin says:

    It’s just disrespectful. Regardless of what one’s opinion of the painting is this sort of behaviour in a gallery is completely ignorant and childish.