East Village Gets (More) Artsy

Painted Construction Crate at East Fourth Street and Bowery (Photo from FABnyc)

However hard to imagine, the East Village will soon be even more colorful. A local group has managed to raise a full $3,000 on Kickstarter to “beautify” the East Village, DNAinfo reports. Apparently deeming itself too urbane for scaffolding and dumpsters, those city scabs we’ve come to know and love, the Fourth Arts Block (FAB, get it?!) will use the money to paint the industrial construction accoutrements.

The group has been quietly embellishing construction sites in the neighborhood since 2008. Perhaps best known for the sidewalk mural on Extra Place, the non-profit organization hopes both to make the neighborhood more aesthetically agreeable and to evoke the neighborhood’s gritty, guerilla-art past.

The group’s executive director, Tamara Greenfield, hopes to expand the project with the Kickstarter funds.

“We’re a neighborhood that’s in a pretty rapid transformation,” Greenfield told DNAinfo. “There’s no reason for there to be a big ugly wall of construction for months and months — there should be opportunities to do art projects.”

Well, if the real estate market holds steady as it has for the past year, there should be dumpsters aplenty for Ms. Greenfield and the rag-tag band of beautifiers to acrylic.


East Village Gets (More) Artsy