Exclusive: Foursquare Celebrates New Office Space, Elbow Room

  • It’s Christmas day for Foursquare! Except in place of being visited by Ol’ St. Nick, the location-based social networking phenom was visited by a fast-working team of architects and builders, leaving them with their brand new office space at 568 Broadway.

    And a federal holiday couldn’t keep Foursquare’s 80-plus team away from their new home, which was designed by Ajay Chopra of Echo Design + Architecture.

    The Foursquare gang’s all there right now, marveling at the 28,000 square foot office that features abundant desk space (elbow room was hard to come by in the cramped confines of its old home at 36 Cooper Square), a ping pong table, and beautiful views of their new SoHo nabe.

    The Commercial Observer has an exclusive insider’s peek at the new office space. Come take a gander.

  • "People were working in the stairwell, in the supply closets... we were really bursting at the seams," said Erin Gleason, spokeswoman for Foursquare. Here, a shot of the requisite game room that every NYC tech office has nowadays. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • The requisite "complimentary nosh nook" that every NYC tech office has nowadays. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • Another shot of the cafe, this one of a concrete table top, said Ms. Gleason. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • Who needs a Kryptonite lock when you have bike racks inside the office? So long, dodgy bike thieves armed with bolt cutters. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • Desk space! Elbow rooms! Chairs for everyone! No more working in the closets or stairwells for these Foursquare folks. "I think people are excited to have more desk space," said Ms. Gleason. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • A work area with screens, where engineers in the NYC office conduct daily stand-up meetings with engineers at Foursquare's San Francisco office. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • "We want to stress that we are still working on the office," said Ms. Gleason. It's a mighty fine lookin' work in progress, if you ask us. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • An atrium area where Foursquare engineers will host tech talks, often with the aide of a projection screen that descends from the ceiling. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • Each conference room is named after a Foursquare "badge," like "Jetsetter," "Socialite," or in the case of this conference room, "photogenic" (hence the Weegee-esque camera). (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • A comfy lounge for employees and visitors. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)

  • What really ties this whole office together is a simple view of SoHo. (Photo credit: Mari Sheibley)


  1. Luis says:

    Is this news? Wow: a ping pong table!?! Crazy!!

  2. I challenge any Foursquare employee to a ping pong game! I’ll fly to NYC to play! 

  3. kskobac says:

    The new Foursquare digs look pretty awesome, I hope to stop by soon! 

  4. kskobac says:

    The new Foursquare digs look pretty awesome, I hope to stop by soon! 

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