Family of Missing Redditor Launches Website

ian burnet2 Family of Missing Redditor Launches Website

Ian Burnet is missing.

Ian Burnet, the 22-year-old engineer and Redditor who disappeared in New York City on Dec. 30, is now the center of a full-fledged internet campaign. His Facebook page has 1,800 fans, and his parents have just released a website,, which includes an anonymous tips email and information about Mr. Burnet. His brother Jamie, a fellow Redditor, posted a thread about Ian on Reddit after five days and another one after ten. Redditors chimed in, pledging to help and suggesting places to check, like mental hospitals and the Phish message board.

“So I actually live ridiculously close to where he was staying… though I am home from college currently, I will be returning in about a week and will be vigilant in keeping an eye out. There are a few snoopy types on my street who spend most of their days outside smoking cigarettes so I’ll be sure to print out a picture of your brother and show it to them. Definitely cross-post in r/NYC as I know there are several other redditors who live in the same general area who might be there now and know of their own snoops. Nothing quite like having boots on the ground. Best of luck my friend,” one New York Redditor wrote.

But things aren’t all sad; it is Reddit after all. Jamie managed to crack a smile over a Hangover 2 joke. “I’ve been filling up my time to distract myself, mostly with trees and ponies,” he wrote in reference to the marijuana and marijuana-smoking My Little Pony fan forums, respectively.