Fernando Cabrera Arrested At Church Protest

In a case of what may turn over a question of  who is the Occupied and who the Occupier, Bronx City Councilman Fernando Cabrera was arrested this morning as part of a protest against the New York City Law Department’s decision to evict houses of worship from city-owned properties.

“Today we are seeing the first indication that the churches in New York City, and nationally, are awakening,” Mr. Cabrera said. “Together, we will fight these restrictive laws that discriminate against hundreds of thousands of Church-goers.” Read More


  1. richard mchugh says:

    what can we do  to help this situation get resolved??????

    1. Salsabino says:

      Please pray and participate in upcoming rallies. call you councilmaman, your assembylam, speakers in both levels. Please don’;t leave out our Mayor. he should be grateful to God as well.

    2. Fernando says:

      Please check on Facebook “Churches in Schools” for the latest courses of action and events to take place. Also, contact your state senator, assemblyman and council member to support the bills which have been presented.

  2. Hugo says:

    We the citizens are the owners of the city, not the politicians and law makers! 

  3. Salsabino says:

    amazing! the greatest country in the world should more than grateful to its maker! why kick churches out of public places when resources should be invested in stopping those groups that are not contributing to society. why should we turn against God

  4. Jean says:

    Praying for God’s will and protection. I am grateful for Fernando’s faithfulness to our Lord and his community. I do not reside in NY but I hope many Christians there will be found faithful.