Fresh Outta TechStars, Fashion Bookmarking Site Wantworthy Raises $860K


ww screen Fresh Outta TechStars, Fashion Bookmarking Site Wantworthy Raises $860K

Good things come to those who wait, a few months at least. Wantworthy, the fashion bookmarking site that graduated from TechStars New York’s second class in October, has raised at least $859,998 towards a $999,999 equity round, according to the company’s Form D filing with the SEC.

Just before Demo Day, co-founders Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais told Betabeat they wanted to build a personalized home for online shoppers that lets consumers organize, compare and get feedback on items by way of a handy bookmarklet.

At the time, the startup was deriving its revenue from affiliate marketing networks, but said that that might change going forward, noting the data potential for retailers who want to know what items shoppers are interested in beyond what they put in one cart. The idea, back then, was to build relationships with brands to take a percentage of transactions.

As we’ve reported, Pinterest is fast gaining ground as a sort of shopping wish list, judging by the number of pretty dresses, clothes, and other girlie items on display on the site. We noticed quite a few pinners merely commenting “WANT” below a particularly fetching garment. Wantworthy however, is built with an eye toward buying over browsing.

Based on the Form D, it looks like the company is still in search of $140,001. We’ve reached out to Wantworthy about the funding and will update the post when we hear back.