Friends of the High Line Announce Two New Art Commissions

Anne Collier and Jennifer West are the latest artists to have their work featured on New York’s favorite stretch of re-appropriated subway track, according to a press release from Friends of the High Line.

On Feb. 1, Ms. Collier will unveil a 25-by-75-foot billboard next to the High Line at West 18th Street and 10th Avenue. The new installation will replace John Baldessari’s giant image of a $100,000 bill. Her piece is called Developing Tray #2 and depicts a photographer’s developing tray holding a print of an open eye (the artist’s) submerged in developing fluid. The image is based on a 2009 photograph by Ms. Collier and will be on view until Feb. 29.

Over at High Line Channel, the park’s outdoor video program, Ms. West will present one of her “direct films,” or films made without the use of a camera through the manipulation of the celluloid strip. The artist exposes the film to things like mascara, lipstick and habanero sauce (among other things), then transfers the footage to digital format and speeds up the projection, creating a loopy, psychedelic effect.

So to all you visitors to Chelsea, take heed: the High Line is more than just a place to get drunk and make out with someone.