Gianaris: GOP Should Remember Tom DeLay Went to Jail Over Redistricting

After a press conference this afternoon, State Senator Mike Gianaris, who heads the Senate Democrats’ campaign efforts, sounded a cautionary note to the Senate Republicans and their redistricting efforts by comparing them to Former House Speaker who landed in prison.

“Let’s not forget something, Tom DeLay’s headed to jail in Texas because he was mucking around with redistricting in the exactly the same way the Senate Republicans are,” he said. “We don’t want to bring Tom Delay politics to New York, the people of New York aren’t going to stand for it, and I don’t believe they’re going to go through in the end.”

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  1. Boris says:

    This from a guy who belongs to a Senate Democrat conference that is as corrupt as any seen since the days of Tammany Hall!

  2. limbic says:

    Does Senator Gianaris mean to jail like ?  Senator Espada, Senator Kruger, Senator Montserrate,  Senator Smith, Senator Gonzalez, and Senator Parker

  3. J Ham says:

    What a joke…under new lines, 48 of the 63 Senate districts have a Dem majority and the Senate Dems still can’t win and do nothing but whine.  The problem for Dems is not these lines – it was their corrupt and incompetent two years in control – no one wants them back – not even Dems in Assembly.  

    Gianaris a dangerous demagogue and would say anything to advance the Dem machine.  No one is going to jail – Gianaris should be ashamed of himself for saying that.   Has anyone looked at case law around the country? It is clear that political gerrymandering IS constitutional.

  4. Ed Hino says:

    tomdelay hasnt gone to jail yet its been ayear since sentencing nothing will happen yet texas is still struggling over redistricting its still in the courts

  5. Swanwick says:

    The Assembly Democrats are doing the exact same thing! This guy should shut his mouth about this before his side’s hypocrisy falls out of his mouth like bile after a chili sandwich.