Giant Gambian Pouched Rat Allegedly Found in Bronx Footlocker Definitely Not a Sewer Rat, Says Expert

In other news, we are no longer shopping at Footlocker

Don't worry, it's docile. (@TheGoodfella_)

As if child slave labor in China wasn’t bad enough, Footlocker’s reputation took another hit recently when a Twitter used named @Thegoodfella_ tweeted a photo of a five foot rat went viral on the web. Don’t worry though: an animal curator quoted by The Huffington Post, the creature, allegedly found in a Bronx store earlier this year (the photo was uploaded on Facebook earlier this year before it made the Twitter rounds) promised that “no way it’s a common sewer rat.”

“I’m 90 percent certain that it’s a a Gambian pouched rat,” said Dr. Robert S. Voss, the Curator of Mammals at The American Museum of Natural History in New York. And apparently Gambian rats are pretty docile. So if you trip over one of these horrific fellas while doing inventory, don’t worry! It probably didn’t come crawling out of your toilet. It’s just a freak incident, at least until we find out the whole thing was a hoax to begin with.