Gingrich: If GOP Wins, Washington Will See Wisconsin-Style Protests

NASHUA, NH Newt Gingrich made an appearance at the Hillborough County Republican Gala in New Hampshire on the eve of the primary election here and said that winning the White House will be just the beginning of the fight for the GOP.

“We are a country where the incumbent president is going to have a billion dollars to attack and smear the Republicans. We are a country where every institution of the left is going to fight every day, so even if we win the presidency, that is only the beginning. But the struggle is going to go on. If you look at what is happening with Scott Walker in Madison, you have a pretty good idea of what this is going to be like.” Read More


  1. Bart Heird says:

    Dislike him more and more every day… 

    1. Tom Paine says:

      Bart, I never had any regard for him.  The very fact that the Republican Party’s members can seriously consider this very flawed individual as a successor to Lincoln, Eisenhower, Regan and other great presidents is alarming.  This fella lied, cheated and used his position to influence donations to his numerous shell fronts.  He did this out in the open for all to see, the epitomy of an egomaniacal personality.   Yet, many Americans would actually vote for him, we are in trouble as a nation if so many have such flawed ethics.

  2. PoliticalFodder says:

    Washington is already seeing WI style or more accurately global anti-corporate, anti-greed style protests, as are many cities in the US and around the world. The spark that lit the world was a young man in Tunisia who set him self on fire in protest. Protests then spread across the world. Wisconsin lit the spark in the US for major protests but USUncut & UK uncut and I’m sure other movements led the way. I think I might even go as far as saying that the Koch brothers, Heritage foundation created group the Tea party brought awareness of the uninformed to the situation. Although these puppet-masters manipulated the genuine people who care about our country & misled them, they too are waking up. Their misdeeds will backfire on them as those they misled find out more about their motivations, manipulations and lies.  I have been part of both the Wisconsin protests and the October2011 protests in DC that continue today. Freedom Plaza in DC has had a constant presence since the beginning of October and will only swell in the spring. A National Occupation of DC is scheduled for March 30th, I intend to be there again. In Wisconsin although we do not protest daily at the capitol we protest in many creative ways and we are active in removing the cancer that is Scott Walker and his minions from our government. The arrogant, uninformed, opportunist Newt Gingrich will be shown in the history books as one of the Reagan administration elected officials who greatly contributed to the dark ages of the US where our government was sold out to special interests and infected with greed and money once we the people extricate these  cancers regardless of party from the US government and get it back to a government by the people and for the people, not corporations & the wealthy. Then the US and it’s people can work with other countries that respect human rights to coexist in a world that values people and our environment over profits and greed.

    You many say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one ……

    Tom Paine how can you call a president great who engaged in a covert arms for hostages deal behind the back of a seated president – I call this treason.