Greg Ball Hammers Nan Hayworth Over Staffer

In a December 28th letter, GOP State Senator Greg Ball wrote a politely scathing letter to Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, focusing on her District Director, Rob DiFrancesco.  The letter begins by noting that Senator Ball first brought this to Congresswoman Hayworth’s attention close to a year ago, “and I have still not received a response.”  Senator Ball is rumored to be a  possible primary challenger against the Congresswoman, and this wouldn’t be the first time that he criticized her actions. 

Senator Ball’s letter, which you can read below, makes big claims. It argues that the staffer in question has “seemingly admitted” to stealing everything from printer toner to  email accounts. The letter highlights each example of theft with the word “stealing” in bold print while claiming there is a federal investigation involved as well. Read More


  1. Anonymous says:

    At what point to people in the media/political circles just admit what everyone know, that Greg Ball is an absolute lunatic 

  2. Roscoe Conkling says:

    It’s not a question of if Greg Ball will flameout in a huge scandal — it’s only a matter of when. 

  3. BklynWatcherCharlesT says:

    Greg Ball is an island unto himself. Nothing he says has any basis in reality. The media does the public a huge injustice when they promote the rantings of this buffoon. This former staffer should go find a good plaintiff’s attorney. While his boss, Rep. Hayworth, may be a public figure, he is not. Defamation of character, which Ball is so expert at, can be rather costly to the defamer in the end.

  4. Don't Ask Won't Tell says:

    Every time Greg Ball makes one of these crazy attacks on someone, the door to his closet cracks open just a smidge more. Sooner or later everyone is going to find out what Greg is hiding in there.

  5. Joehnt988 says:

    Ball’s the one who associates with the criminal elements like Rights, Yee and Greene in Putnam.  Everybody knows about these guys and their crimes and misdemeanors.

  6. samtucker83 says:

    greg ball can’t stand that nan hay worth’s star is on the rise while he seems to be heading for a spectacular flameout. she just delivered the weekly republican response to the president of the united states and she’s had a tremendously successful year fundraising for her reelection campaign. the national and nys republicans seem to have realize that they have a future star in hayworth. that’s not something they’re going to let go anytime soon. is ball keeps this up, you can gurantee they’ll be coming for him.

    1. Don M. says:

      A tremendously successful year fundraising huh? Well thank god for that. I’d hate to think she’s have to get elected based on her performance for our district. Since you’re clearly working for her or FoxNews I’ll save my breath.

  7. 40th Senate District says:

    One really has to consider the very real possibility that Ball, by issuing this letter, might have compromised an on going FBI investigation. He puts personal ambition and attention to his own career trajectory over everything else. His actions, with this letter, only prove the point. While Mr. DiFrancesco is no angel, what Ball did here is legally actionable by DiFrancesco.
    It’s time that Greg gets the much needed mental care that he needs.

  8. Don M., Philipstown says:

    I don’t know why commentors here are going after Ball. If he’s done things wrong, post them and lets get them out into the open, like he’s done with this letter. I have found Nan to be the opposite of “representative”. Voting down the tax break for the middle class, refusing to support the STOCK act, taking tons of campaign cash from insiders. She’s the 34th richest person in Congress and is no way representative of the 19th district of NY, which I am a part of. I can’t wait to help vote her out.