Greg Ball Hammers Nan Hayworth Over Staffer

In a December 28th letter, GOP State Senator Greg Ball wrote a politely scathing letter to Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, focusing on her District Director, Rob DiFrancesco.  The letter begins by noting that Senator Ball first brought this to Congresswoman Hayworth’s attention close to a year ago, “and I have still not received a response.”  Senator Ball is rumored to be a  possible primary challenger against the Congresswoman, and this wouldn’t be the first time that he criticized her actions. 

Senator Ball’s letter, which you can read below, makes big claims. It argues that the staffer in question has “seemingly admitted” to stealing everything from printer toner to  email accounts. The letter highlights each example of theft with the word “stealing” in bold print while claiming there is a federal investigation involved as well. Read More