Guards at National Gallery Plan Strike

poussin painting 007 Guards at National Gallery Plan Strike

Poussin's "Golden Calf" painting, vandalized back in July. (Guardian)

Guards at London’s National Gallery, where the blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci show is on display now, are planning two-hour strikes on Jan. 19 and 28, as well as Feb. 2 and 4.

The planned strikes are a result of the National Gallery’s rule that guards, or “gallery assistants,” must watch two rooms at a time instead of one. According to the Guardian, guards “claim this allowed a man to attack two Poussin paintings in July.” Apparently, the guard was in the other room when the incident occurred. Unlike many museums, the National Gallery does not have a strict bag policy, which lead the Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones to call the damaged Poussin canvases “sitting ducks.”