Harold Holzer Helped Andrew Cuomo Renovate the Capitol

Gov. Cuomo at the inauguration (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Reporters on the arts beat were in for a pleasant surprise this morning when they read The New York Timesstory about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s efforts to literally clean-up the New York state Capitol building in Albany. It turns out that the governor was in fact aided by family friend, polymath and senior vice president at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Harold Holzer, who serves as that institution’s senior spokesman.

Of the renovation, Mr. Holzer said:

“This place has been gloomy for a long time, but it’s long called out for an installation that gives it the prominence that it deserves, and lighting that the pictures deserve, and with explanatory material that kids deserve when they visit the Capitol.”

We last spoke with Mr. Holzer about an overwhelmingly long line at the Met’s Alexander McQueen exhibit. My former colleague Reid Pillifant wrote about the governor’s fondness for the Capitol last year in his piece about the inauguration.

Harold Holzer Helped Andrew Cuomo Renovate the Capitol