In a Blow to the Palin-American Community, Bristol Retreats to the Tundra

You can go home again.

It'll be okay, Bristol

Bristol Palin (Getty Images)

If the light dimmed yesterday and you heard ominous rumblings in the distance, it may have been due to news that could signal at least a temporary twilight over the Palin family ascendancy: Bristol went home to mama. Erstwhile veep candidate and ex Alaska governor Sarah Palin has a baby bird back at the roost and humbly working as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. The former teen mom recently told In Touch Weekly she had a revelation while in the desert (a bar) on the back of a (mechanical) bull that some people might disagree with her mother’s political views. At least one guy anyway, a jerk who inexplicably chose the younger Palin’s bar outing as the perfect moment to make some sort of statement. Bristol’s decision may also have to do with the reality TV goose no longer dropping golden eggs–the project she began late last year with her partner from Dancing With the Stars was put on hold by BIO and recent news she wanted to take a more Kardashian-like approach to reality fame may not sit well with her mother.

While Bristol seeks enlightenment in the wilderness the Palin-viewing public will have to just wait to see if they can one day choose between Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Putting Up With the Palins.


  1. margaret huff says:

    Thanks for keeping the spot light on the Palin family after so much un-justified positive attention.  This is necessary to keep it in a proper balance.

  2. Ann Viall says:

    Putting Up With the Palins pretty much nails it.

  3. Dave letterman says:

    Fantasy speculation spewed from the left. 
    We are tired of the MSM, the left, the democrats and the rino’s BS.

  4. Bette says:

    How cute; an anti-Palin writer speaks to his choir.  The nastiness is so typical of those living in the bubble of New York City.  I can almost see the smirk of his mouth as he put the last touches on this ‘sophisticated’  opinion piece to which his editor certainly nodded his head in approval.  He knows full well that the bobble head political thinkers in the city will get a laugh out of this one.  Such is life in the liberal bastian of NYC, a bankrupt city in a bankrupt state.

  5. If Bristol was awarded a commenting job at say…NBC News for being a member of the Palin family, she could be living in New York and the Observer would have the opportunity to make enlightened and positive comments about her demeanor, behavior, and messaging capability.  Or not?

  6. Fourpmfox says:

    It’s bad enough when such drivel is written by a woman, but really dreadful when it comes from an adult male.

  7. Iconomat says:

    So Bristol Palin’s offense, in your view, is that she moved back in with her parents and got a job?  In the former regard, she  has a lot of company.  Less so, in the latter, unless one regards volunteering Obama’s future Brownshirts (the “Occupy Movement”) as productive work.  

    The Obama/Reid/Pelosi administration has made boomerang kids of millions of adults–though, to be fair,  it has worked overtime to keep most of them unemployed.  

    Perhaps your criticism would be more usefully addressed to it, rather than picking on Bristol Palin for (God forbid!) trying to have a normal life.

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