Kanye West Now Hiring “App Guys” and “Tech Guys” for New Company: DONDA

After a long sabattical from his Twitter account, Kanye West returned to the internet last night with a flurry of thoughts in 140 characters or less. The big news, he is forming a new company, DONDA. It’s not entirely clear what the mission of the company is, but it seems like the tech set can get involved:  Read More


  1. John Polacek says:

    hmmm…seems familiar… 

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks fake photoshoped thats got to be the most generic picture ever

  3. Anonymous says:

    He thinks he can channel

    Steve Jobs


  4. Mayor Bloomberg is doing a favor for his friend Fred Wilson with that Tweet. NOTHING MORE.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everybody has the right to dream.  But one thing that Steven Jobs
    wouldn’t have done is:  taking the microphone from a young and talented
    singer/song writer, ready to receive a major award and ruin her most
    important moment, replacing it with a horrendous speach, charged, as
    usual, with racial contents and hate.  That’s the Kanye West I know,
    besides a bunch of his words, directed to enrage his audience, mainly
    made of uneducated people, that celebrate his mostly ill thoughts.  Talking is cheap,  doing and succeed is hard.