New Yorkers: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Has Heard You on SOPA/PIPA, and She…Doesn’t Really Care?

kirsten gillibrand New Yorkers: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Has Heard You on SOPA/PIPA, and She...Doesnt Really Care?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is a co-sponsor of PIPA, the sibling legislation for SOPA, the awful one that still contains the provision that would allow our government to shut down websites accused—not convicted of—but accused of copyright infringement. Today, there was quite a large protest outside of her office! 1,000 people and a bunch of Internet luminaries were there.

As it turns out, Sen. Gillibrand has heard the voice of the people! And as such, she has taken to her page on (the SOPA-opposed) Facebook to say…

…’whatever,’ or the political speak for it:

Thank you for all your messages regarding Protect IP. I agree there are real concerns with the current legislation & I’m working to make important changes to the bill. We must work to strike a balance between ending online piracy to protect New York jobs & ensuring Internet freedom so our tech community can continue to flourish.

Those “important changes” have yet to include the omission of its most disturbing provision, the aforementioned one, let alone be specified. Remember, it’s a big political goose-egg to have the bill you co-sponsored fail, which no politician wants.

And before you ask, no: No official press release on her response to the widespread outcry against her legislation. Sen. Chuck Schumer has yet to use (the SOPA-opposed) Facebook to inform his constituents that he doesn’t really care about them, either. | @weareyourfek


  1. Halla Eks says:

    Ive had a bunch of correspondence with her office over PIPA, ACTA and SOPA (phone, letters and email). I also have the cut and copy emails Ive received back from her office regarding that correspondence. All 7 of them, 5 received within minutes of each other months later. Thanks, senator. Dont even get me started on Schumer.
    What this experience has taught me is that trying to contact the people that are supposed to be representing me is a waste of time. Isnt that a great conclusion? Its the most depressing thing Ive ever concluded.
    My new conclusion is as follows:
    This person does not represent me. Therefore, I am going to do everything within my power to see that she is replaced by someone that does.
    I am also boycotting every company that lobbied for this legislation.

    NDAA sponsors, you’re next. You think me boycotting ~50 companies and volunteering my time, money and talents to an opposing candidate  is something, just wait until there are tens of millions of me.
    Hopefully we wont have to wait long.

    1. Adam says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself – just sent Schumer a nasty email essentially calling him out on lying through his teeth and not feeling one ounce of guilt. Most psychopaths share that “quality”. Gillibrand, unfortunately, is no better. It’s a shame, but it’s not surprising. The people who wield power in this country cannot be trusted, and they hate the internet because it provides a view about the world that differs from what they – and the 5 giant media corporations (Fox, Time Warner, etc.), all owned by billionaires – want us to know. Powerful, malevolent people hate the First Amendment as if it were a rattlesnake, and for our entire nation’s history we’ve had to fight to keep it alive. Look’s like we’re going to have to fight once more, against the tyranny of the rich, a fascist tyranny that puts us on the defense and Gillibrand on the offense.