Kyle Bragger, Master of Monetizable Side Projects, Sells Tinyproj

The serial side-projecter sells out to TechStars startup GroupTalent.

Mr. Bragger.

Betabeat first wrote about Tinyproj, a curated newsletter for matching developers to gigs, in September. The site was a project by the inimitable Kyle Bragger, currently in residence at 500 Startups for the completely unrelated, a sort of Tumblr-like community for developers. The buyer was GroupTalent, a Seattle-based “marketplace for high-end software projects.”

What was the price? “Can’t say, suffice to say everyone wins and it’s not mandatory to switch over as a user, e.g. no user data got sold off,” Mr. Bragger told Betabeat.

How many side projects have you launched and sold by now?

“Hm. Tinyproj,” he said. “Another thing I helped build for some people.”

What was that other one you did a while ago, with the cute name?

“Facto? That’s still mine, technically.”

No, not that one.


Yes! That was it.

“Ah yeah. Still have that one too. Though all are basically dormant.” N.B.: Still available!

Are you going to miss Tinyproj? we asked. It had a cute name too.
“I think it’s found a great home,” he said.”