Last Week in Betabeat: Meme Factory

lastweekcat1 Last Week in Betabeat: Meme FactoryToo busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Jonah Peretti’s Meme Streak
Making viral happen inside the factory at BuzzFeed.

REQUIRED READING: Union Square Ventures Leading Series B in Iowa-Based Dwolla for About $10 M.
“It’s a deal every VC was flying to Iowa or something to try to invest in.” -one New York investor

REQUIRED READING: Layoffs at Lot18: 15 Percent of Employees Were Just Let Go From Fast-Growing Luxury Discount Site
Trouble in wine country?
SUPPLEMENTAL READINGLayoffs Underway at Gilt Groupe Right Now: ‘General Atmosphere Is Terrifying’

REQUIRED READING: Megaupload Lawyer: Swizz Beatz Was ‘Negotiating to Become the CEO’
The hip hop producer is a surprising new figure in the anti-piracy wars.
SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Federal Prosecutors Shut Down File Sharing Site Megaupload for Piracy Violations
EXTRA CREDIT!Feds Bust Megaupload, So Anonymous Hacks the DOJ, RIAA, MPAA, and Universal Music Group

-PIPA Goes the Way of SOPA As Senators Rush to Distance Themselves
-The Industry That Cried Pirate: How Hollywood’s Hyperbole Backfired
-Investor in Kickstarter, the Company, Decries ‘Worst Project I’ve Funded’ on Kickstarter
-Hipster Men’s Fashion Site Bonobos Has Raised $8 M. of a $15 M. Equity Round
-Growing Pains! ZocDoc Customer Support Squeezed, Calls Going to Voicemail
-The Internet Needs Its Own Lobbyist: Kickstarter Clone Raising for Anti-SOPA Cause

-Scenes From the New York Anti-SOPA/PIPA Rally [PHOTOS]
-And Now for Something Completely Different! Color Debuts YouTube Spot for New Video-Based Color [VIDEO]
-What Is This Mysterious ‘Hacker Olympics’?
-Caught in the Webb: How the Myth of the Algorithm Fools the Market

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