Last Week In Betabeat: Tablet Maestros!

catwalkr purple Last Week In Betabeat: Tablet Maestros!Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Tablet for Two: The Brothers Mueller, Twin Maestros of the iPad, Will Make You See Double
They’re the toast of New York media. And yes, boys, they’re gay.

REQUIRED READING: DailyWorth, A DailyCandy For Money, Raises $2 M. From Joanne Wilson and Howard Lindzon

-More than 14,011* People Resolved to Learn Code This Year with Codecademy
-To Oblivion and Beyond. Wait No, Just Oblivion. $87 M. News Corp. Backed Startup Shuts Down Before Launch
-TechStars Contently Raises $2 M. From Groupon Investor Lightbank

-We Are All Aaron Cohen! Film About Aaron Cohens Written, Produced and Filmed By Aaron Cohens, Hits Kickstarter
-Kanye West Now Hiring “App Guys” and “Tech Guys” for New Company: DONDA
-BuzzFeed Scooped CNN Last Night
-Business Insider Pulls Self-Submit Contributor Program