Lew Fidler Scores Media Mogul Gregory Davidzon's Endorsement

Lew Fidler (Photo: Facebook)

Gregory Davidzon, the owner of a number of Russian-language media outlets, announced at the Baku Palace restaurant last night that he’s endorsing Councilman Lew Fidler in the special election to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate. Mr. Davidzon is credited with helping push Russian voters to the polls in the last special election in southeastern Brooklyn, where Congressman Bob Turner routed his Democratic opponent. Mr. Kruger’s district, vacant since he plead guilty to corruption charges and resigned a few weeks ago, contains an even higher percentage of Russian-speaking voters.

However, it remains to be seen how much impact Mr. Davidzon’s endorsement will have this time around. Councilman Fidler’s likely Republican opponent, David Storobin, was born in the Soviet Union and is fluent in Russian.

It also remains to be seen if Mr. Davidzon will use his influence to rally voters in the same full-throated fashion as he did for Congressman Turner. However, one Democratic insider assured Politicker that the media head would indeed be working hard on the Councilman’s behalf, saying that “Greg is going all out for Fidler.” Mr. Davidzon said at the event that he was frustrated with the Senate Republicans efforts to divide southern Brooklyn in redistricting.

Mr. Davidzon, who runs Davidzon Radio 620 and the Davidzon Weekly, has been known to occasionally benefit financially from his political arrangements. Mr. Turner spent $20,000 purchasing media from Davidzon Media.

Lew Fidler Scores Media Mogul Gregory Davidzon's Endorsement