Longreads.com Gets Their First eBook, and With It, Their First eBook Review

Longreads.com is the internet-famous website that aggregates all the pieces of longform writing people* are passing around on the web, and puts the best ones (or the most popular, which lets face it, are often mutually exclusive) in one place. Well, not only do they now have a reading night at a book store—a sure sign of success (with people who go to readings)—but they also have a book! Definitely as much if not more of a sign of success than a reading. It may be an eBook, which can’t exactly be sold at a bookstore you can have a reading at, but it’s still a book.

The book, Longreads: Best of 2011 (Kindle Edition), is pretty self-explanatory. What was the best stuff on Longreads this year? You can now have it on a Kindle!

This is really, really great news for people who want extra ways to read blogs like This Recording on a Kindle.

You know what else comes with the success of putting out a book? Book reviews! And Longreads just got their first one:

We like Longreads! We do. We swear. It’s just that this…is a good question. Feel free to take it on in the comments! Which you can’t do on an eBook.**

[*Or people with decent-sized Twitter followings and/or jobs in media and publishing whose opinions on these matters are considered, in some regard, authoritative.]

[**Which maybe, actually, makes it worth paying for?]

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