Los Angelite Sells at the Plaza for $13 M.

Bob and Catherine Beyer

Yet another California-based multi-millionaire has sold an eight-figure New York pied-a-terre. Unlike the classics-loving viticulturists of wine country who recently sold their townhouse, the latest sellers hail from the sunny shores of Los Angeles. Robert Beyer, a finance muckety-muck of Southern Californian extraction, has sold his apartment at The Plaza, city records show.

Mr. Beyer, an avowed supporter of Mitt Romney and the former CEO of the TCW group, purchased the three-bedroom, three-bath apartment with his wife for $9.69 million in April 2008, according to StreetEasy, and put it back on the market this past spring, almost exactly three years later. Mr. Beyer didn’t meet his initial asking price of $13.9 million, but didn’t do too poorly either: the 2,448-square-foot property sold for $13.05 million. Not a shabby profit, but also not 15 CPW numbers.

Although the buyers, who purchased anonymously through the entity “Free Experience, Inc,” forked over considerable dough for the condo, they will surely be pleased with the new set-up. With visions of Eloise scampering down the hallways, the new buyers (whose authorized signatory on the deed is a Florida-based accountant) will enjoy triple prime features of their new place, from the gold-leaf domed ceiling a la Versailles, to the iPad controlled electronic system.

The home was listed by Stribling agents Alexa Lambert and Elizabeth Lorenzo.


Los Angelite Sells at the Plaza for $13 M.