Mark Murphy Announces Congressional Run in Staten Island [Video]

Mark Murphy declared he would run against Republican Congressman Michael Grimm last night, shooting regular barbs at his rival throughout his speech. Before a crowd of Staten Island Democrats, he made his intentions about as clear as they could get: “I am Mark Murphy, and I am running for Congress.”

While outlining a promise to create jobs, Mr. Murphy, a former aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, engaged Congressman Grimm directly. “My opponent might like to fire people, but let me tell you something,” he said, seizing upon one of Mr. Grimm’s statements that Democrats view as a gaffe. “I like to hire people, and I want to put America back to work now.”

Mr. Murphy also accused the Republican of lacking proactive initiatives. “I believe in finding ways to vote ‘yes’ – not just saying ‘no’ — in moving our country forward to build a better and brighter future for middle class in Staten Island and in Brooklyn,” he said in an early part of his speech.

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  1. Here’s the bottom line. Mark Murphy has not lived on Staten Island for 18 years. At the age of 41, that’s just about his entire adult life.

    After his career in Hollywood in some of the most laughably bad bit performances on cable TV failed, he turned to real estate which also failed. He returned home without employment, and despite his 2 decades of absence from NYC, his convicted felon father landed him a political patronage job representing David Dinkins adviser Bill Deblasio to Brookyln, Staten Island and Queens.

    The man has no business running for Congress, council or dogcatcher, and it is a pathetic insult to all Staten Islanders for the Democratic Party to run this man with a straight face.

    1. Pandora says:

      Do you mean as opposed to the eminently qualified incumbent?

      1. Last time I checked, the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island have already spoken about Grimm’s qualifications, having voted him into office. Only a liberal could argue that working in California for 20 years as a failed cable TV actor and real estate agent and then for a few months in a nothing political patronage job qualifies someone more than having served this country as a decorated US Marine combat veteran and an undercover FBI special agent.

      2. Islander says:

        Grimm had done NOTHING, absolutely nothing in and for his district and constituents. He is an AWOL, as far as respresenting his constituents. The only thing attached to his name is sponsoring a minor tax cut for tanning salons … something more helpful for dermatologists treating skin cancer, than the general population. Was this useful? At this age, how stupid can he be?
        He attached his name as friend of the court to a couple of issues, like “me too…” Do we need such a loser here at taxpayer money?
        Besides, he also lived many years somewhere in the South (maybe Texas?) before  he decided to move back, as an opportunist.
        He is all talk, no action.

      3. That is a pathetic and an utter lie. Grimm lives in a house he has owned and resided in for more than a decade, making him like most Staten Islanders. According to your claims, Grimm would have had to have a time machine or a crystal ball to see that ten years later this seat would open up again.

        He has passed several bills in the House which he either cosponsored or authored.