Martin Creed Debuts One-Minute Song

'Where you go / There's no slow time,' the artist croons

British artist Martin Creed, the gentleman perhaps best known for his self-explanatory Turner Prize-winning Work No. 227: The lights going on and off, also happens to be a rather superb musician, and today released a new single that clocks in at about one minute and six seconds.

It’s a pretty charming jam, and we have embedded it below. If you want to sing along, the lyrics are posted below the video. If you’re not the singing (or video-watching) type, you can probably read Maurizio Cattelan’s elegant little text about Work No. 227 in the time it takes to listen to the song.

“Where You Go”
Where you go
There’s no slow time
Where you go
There’s no slow… time
Where you go
There’s no low
Where you go
There’s no… oh!

In another lifetime, we reviewed one of Mr. Creed’s concerts.