Mayor Bloomberg Plans To Torture New York Family By Sending Them To Boston

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced they have entered into a “friendly wager” on the upcoming Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the loathsome New England Patriots. When the Giants win, one New York City family will “win” a trip to Boston with free hotels, food, tours, tickets to a Bruins or Celtics game, a concert and a photo with Mayor Menino. Mayor Bloomberg announced the Super Bowl bet in a press release, this afternoon.

“New York sports teams have a history of cleaning up when they go to Boston – and now our fans will have a chance to do the same,” said Mayor Bloomberg said.

Mayor Bloomberg’s press release didn’t explain why any New Yorkers in their right mind would ever want to visit Boston. Read More


  1. Major_Ray says:

    I wanna come back to brooklyn and I love NYC, but after 25 years living here, I say Go Pats!

  2. RIDICULOUS says:

    Nice shirts, im the guy who got who made it so u cant wear that shirt in a stadium because Georgie Porgie complained when i wore my Jeter sucks/A-rod swallows shirt to yankeee stadium. You should also know the only people who enjoy ny are its disgusting residents.

  3. bizona says:

    If by “greatest” and “real” you mean dirtiest, most polluted and most extreme contrast of wealth vs poverty, then yeah I agree, NYC takes the prize.

  4. RIDICULOUS says:

    Oh my mistake, Yankees suck/Jeter swallows… so many shirts. God i hate ny

  5. GronkNation says:

    More fuel for the fire. Bring it. GO PATS.

  6. Bob says:

    God, are Patsy fans and Bostonians over sensitive

  7. Carpundit says:

    Go fuck yourself.

  8. Jbooth says:

    Buck Foston!