Mayor Bloomberg Stops by New Seamless Office

seamless bloomie Mayor Bloomberg Stops by New Seamless Office


The Mayor is on a techie ribbon-cutting roll lately. Twitter office. Facebook engineering headquarters. New York Tech Meetup appearance. Yelp office opening. Cornell-Technion tech campus. Mike Bloomberg wants to be remembered for his impact on the New York internet industry, and today he stopped by a granddaddy of web startups: the company formerly known as SeamlessWeb. “Seamless is exactly the type of company we’re looking to grow,” the mayor said as he ordered chicken soup for lunch. “Seamless is transforming the city’s restaurant industry.”

Seamless recently raised $50 million in private equity, acquired MenuPages and opened the foodie-centric office in West Midtown, under the leadership of Jonathan Zabusky, who replaced Jason Finger as CEO.

The company changed its name, redesigned its website, ramped up advertising and threw huge resources behind its mobile effort, an area of explosive growth, all since late spring / early summer. Seamless is hiring “for everything,” Mr. Zabusky told Betabeat in September, when he described the new office as “conducive to brand we’re building,” boasting, “we’re going to have food permeating through our environment.”

Seamless’s acceleration comes just as competitor GrubHub comes nipping at its heels in New York. (Has anyone else noticed that sometimes Seamless orders arrive in GrubHub-branded plastic bags?) Peep the city’s full press release for the event here.