Meet Randy Johnson, The Fired Bain Factory Employee Bird-Dogging Mitt Romney

As reporters and Mitt Romney supporters filed outside the gymnasium where the former Massachusetts governor had led a raucous rally ahead of the primary here Tuesday, Randy Johnson, a stooped and bearded man in late middle age, stood silently to the side and watched. Nearby, an operative with the Democratic National Committee directed reporters to him, where one by one, Mr. Johnson told them his story.

The 57-year-old described how he worked at a factory making office supplies owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy, sold his plant to another company, Ampad, that has recently been acquired by Bain Capital. Ampad promptly fired all of the workers at the plant, and then re-hired most of them. Since they were a union shop, and over half of the employees had been re-hired, the new owners were forced to recognize the union. They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory. Read More


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but what our fiscal situation requires is more than a few pink slips going out to federal workers.

  2. JohnD says:

    This guy needs to realize that because he can’t support his family with a union job, it is government to blame why the cost of living is through the roof. End of story.

  3. matthew s says:

    boo hoo..

    anything from THIS century?

  4. Todd Mlo says:

    Soooo a clown like we have in the whitehouse who has never even WORKED a real job in the private sector is better at “creating” jobs??  I have no problem with this idiot speaking his mind, but if he thinks Romney isn’t the answer…he should be calling for the current clown in office to be impeached.  Ah yes, the selective liberal dingbat outrage…

    1. None says:


      Noticed the new apple CEO is taking home $370 million this year. Keep buying those ithingeys americans and things will get so much better.

      1. Anonymous says:

        We like Apple products.. why shouldn’t we buy what we want.  You going to try and stop us?

    2. Huuf Arted says:

      Here is a novel concept Todd, how about someone BESIDES Mitt Romney to run against Oblamer ?

  5. Guest says:

    This is how bad the DNCC does not want Mitt to get the nomination, pretty sad they would prey on this person.

    1. Paige Cohen says:

      Oh – didn’t Sarah Palin just say that Obama Inc. wants Mitt to run.  Sarah said so!   ;-)

      1. Anonymous says:


      2. Joseph says:

        Who told you? DNC guy?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Voting Amercans sees right through Randy Johnson as a shill promoting big Labor’s stranglehold on American business.

      The more Randy Johnson’s in front of TV cameras, the better for Romney.

      General public is livid that there are Union employees paid off the taxpayer dime making three times what the president makes.

      Here’s an example.  Stagehands at Carnegie Hall make $450,000 per year!!!!

      1. Richard says:

        Can you say “Cindy Sheehan”?

      2. Vector Template says:

        “making three times what the president makes” – ummm not quite… salary is one thing, but perks and a lifetime of fame and fortune writing books, giving interviews and speeches and doing the talk show circuit are worth far more than any stage worker will ever make.

        I don’t care if Union workers make more than the President – IMO the President shouldn’t get paid a dime, live in the nearest public housing project and take public transportation.  What I care about is that union workers aren’t accountable and think they deserve to get paid for not working because they’re in a union, etc

    3. Anonymous says:

      Idiot!  The dems trash the one they want to win just so you will vote for him to spite them.  The dems want to run against Romneybama.  If they really wanted to trash him, they’d be pulling stunts like they did on Cain, Bachman, Palen and Gingrich.  They are only trying to make you think they are trashing him.  If you’re a repub, you vote for the one you think they are the most scared of and that is not romney.

    4. Hey, the DNC finally created a job. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    So basically, the nos. didn’t work if it was a union shop and did if it was non-union.  And the union member’s complaint is?

    1. Anonymous says:

      They were not paid $50.00 per hr to turn a wrench. I’m guessing. Lazy A** union workers. People who join a union can’t make it the private sector. SLACKERS!

  7. BigBoa says:

    Sounds like he’s living the marxist dream…..”On leave” from work,,,, jetting around the country on someone else’s dime. But of course, he would, no doubt, criticize a CEO doing the same thing on his own money,,,,,,,

    1. Vector Template says:

      Of course it’s Romney’s fault – he’s rich, white and Republican – it HAS TO BE his fault…

  8. Inspections says:

    I’m no Romney fan, but business is in business to make money.  They could have let the company go bankrupt and NOONE would have a job period – low wage, union, or otherwise

    1. Anonymous says:

      Business Should be Business. The problem is that all Businesses are not on a level playing field. Sure there is larger better companies, but Remember Too Big to Fail,  Stimulus, Tax Breaks, Bailouts. Thats what creates theses uneven work environment

      Gogle: DailyJobCuts

    2. Guest says:

      Enough reasons why Government shouldn’t be involved in business…Chevy VOLT, Solyndra!

      1. Old Geezer says:

        Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Post Service, The list is a long one.

      2. peggy george says:

        The post office is in trouble because the internet/email replaced the necessity of mailing documents, bills, invoices, etc.  Plus they are controlled by the government costs that is burying them in debt. 

      3. Mad_irish_Dog says:

        Let’s not forget that the Post Office is also under the burden of a unionized work force. That alone is keeping them from being able to adapt new technology, which would eliminate some jobs while cutting their costs. Unions have outlived their usefulness in this country!

      4. Vector Template says:

        Yet UPS and Fedex are thriving… exactly why is that?

        Could it be that they’re private and therefore have to
        serve their customers and remain accountable to them? Hmmm…. What’s the average wait time on a Fedex or UPS line vs a USPS line….

      5. Toadrw says:

        UPS has a bunch of union employees, don’t know about FedEx.  I have a friend who is a non-union manager over at UPS and it is amazing the stories she tells about these union workers.  The managers can’t get anyone to work because the workers will file a grievance.

      6. None says:

        No they’re in trouble because the government demnded they put huge amounts in for retirement when they had no income to pay. Check what is going on before commenting. Internet and email siphon off a lot but their own work force siphons even more on less income.

  9. Le Trebuchet says:

    So how does he feel about Geroge Soros, ACORN and the SEIU stealing he equity in the American Home Owners homes?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Great post. 

    2. I am a supporter of Newt Gingrich; however I must say that
      this assault on Romney is starting to rub me the wrong way. The unions in
      America are what caused virtually all manufacturing jobs to move overseas.
      Romney basically told the unions, we cannot afford to pay artificially inflated
      rates for shop workers anymore, we are going bankrupt.  The union decided to let these workers get
      fired because they are afraid that other companies will renegotiate as well.
      The union bosses are making money from a lot of recourses. One of their main
      revenue is from union member paying dues; they felt that they would rather have
      people like Johnson fired than risk losing their dues. If not for unions we
      would still be the largest manufacturing place on earth. I must say that
      although for now I’m still supporting Newt, I will now take another look at Romney,
      he just gained a tremendous amount of respect in my eyes, just by the fact that
      he was not going to let the unions run his business.         

      1. Hudson says:

        It isn’t just unions, but I won’t argue that point since it isn’t terribly important and most unions these days are just government sanctioned criminal enterprises anyway.

        The main problem is just the complete and total lack of any sort of economic knowledge in the population as a whole.

        Businesses die and people lose their jobs.  That’s irrelevant (on the macro level) as long as your economy is CREATING enough jobs for the people that lose them (and population growth/immigration/etc).  Keeping the entire economy on life support is just stupid and, in the long run, self-defeating, but that seems to be what a lot of people expect the government to do.  The real question is – why aren’t enough jobs being created to offset the losses?  The answer to that is relatively straightforward, but I think it will take a decade of pain for Americans to realize they can’t just vote/print themselves prosperity but instead have to work for it.

      2. You are absolutely correct that most unions are gone. They are
        gone because the company owners showed them the middle finger and went to
        china. However, they still control the large construction projects and like you
        said the government jobs including the teachers. Worst of all they influenced the
        entire structure of our labor laws. The labor laws and regulations in this
        country is anti-business owners it is designed to keep the non-union companies
        small in order to phase off any type of real competition for the unions. The
        only way to make this country viable economically is to abolish the existing
        labor laws and reestablish labor laws that are designed to not only protect the
        employee but more importantly help the employer employ more people. The politicians
        will not do it since they are afraid to offend the masses; their entire
        objective is to win elections. We as a people are selfish; we don’t care how
        our economy as a whole is affected by laws that socially benefit us the
        individual. So, in conclusion you are right, when enough people starve for
        food, they will realize that the government cannot force employers to give….give….and
        give…. And still maintain a vibrant economy. Only then will the politicians do
        what is right and reverse the structure of our labor laws and regulations, we
        will than become the new China!       

      3. Chazz says:

        Well said. If you haven’t already, I suugest you read Ayn Rand’s, “Atlas Shrugged”. Written in the ’50’s it foretold where we are today and where will be if things don’t change. Big book but, force yourself to read it. Good,scary story.

      4. None says:

        No, a lot of companies never went to China, I can name a bunch but the ones that did and never had american employees now make obscene profits. Example Apple for one. Where is Honeywell, CDC, DEC and a bunch of computer makers?

      5. Mike83815 says:

        What is an obscene profit? Be sure to look at ROI. Big companies generate big numbers. But the rates of return may be less than many companies with smaller numbers but better profits. ExxonMobile, for example. HUGE numbers but merely “okay” rate of profit. Learn some business and financial analysis. Then you can talk about whether a profit is obscene or not… whatever “obscene” is.

      6. Mpillemer says:

        Umm you better look behind your Mac or under your iPhone,

      7. guest says:

        Amen, bro. 

      8. Skywalker says:

        Yeah, the guy said he worked at Smith Corona. Are you kidding me? He should have just said he was a buggy whip maker. Or a cotton weaver. How is Romney supposed to ensure that 1000’s of people can be employed in the 21st century making typewriters? This is so pathetic. I would laugh except I fear too many people in the US actually believe this excrement.

      9. D h says:

        Best comment yet.

      10. Right! Mitt Romney single-handedly killed off the entire American typewriter industry! What’s next, Mitt? Mimeographs? Dictaphones? 8-track tapes?

      11. brian says:

        that’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are;  that’s funny!

      12. Stormer1 says:

        I hear Rolodex may be in for hard times as well.  :/

      13. N in Alaska says:

        Finally, a thread that gives me hope. I was starting to worry that there was no one left in this country who was capable of independent critical thought.

      14. David Mowers says:

        IKR? Now all we need is to do away with minimum wage and child labor laws and America has regressed back 120 years but hey, billionaires will have more money to not spend here on luxury goods.

        Brilliant guys, just brilliant.

      15. Good job! You really beat the straw out of that man!

      16. richreilly says:

        Don’t forget slavery. We’re right back to slavery. I mean..SLAVERY!!!!.
        Me? I’m clinging to my Smith Corona typewriter.

      17. Mark Craginm says:


      18. Doctor Duhh says:

        “The answer to that is relatively straightforward, but I think it will
        take a decade of pain for Americans to realize they can’t just
        vote/print themselves prosperity but instead have to work for it.”
        Please explain just how this country can survive for “a decade” with the type of political leadership we now have and the type that is being offered.

      19. David Mowers says:

        Work for it? Like the companies and individuals who received 29 trillion in taxpayer assistance since the financial crisis began “worked for that”?

        Rough having to accept free money all the time.

      20. Monsoonpws says:

        Unions are mostly bad, however, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. is what moved our manufacturing base offshore. YouTube search Larry King Ross Perot Al Gore, Perot explained what was about to happen. Gore laughed. Newt aided in every way he could. And also read Newts forward to the Alvin and Heidi Toffler books where they talk about ending the US, the family unit, etc etc and how a new global system is need instead of individual liberty. It’s called the New World Order and Newt is an operative.

      21. Richard says:

        Lay off the Kool-aid.  Why did business ex-patriate production?  Because of taxes, regulations, and the insane expectations of the nation’s workforce.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but putting glass eyes in Barbie Dolls isn’t a job that can support a $60 an hour “burdened” labor cost. 

      22. Anonymous says:

        in a drawer full of knives and forks…monswoonps.. are a spatula.

      23. I believe the anger by the American worker is aggravated by the enormous bonuses the CEO’s/board members receive while they down size or completely eliminate jobs.

        Yes, the Unions have a hand in the destruction of the manufacturing bases’s in America, but come on. Sunday, I was listening to the radio on ESPN and they had an interview with Jerry Jones son that runs his sports apparel business and his company, of course, has their merchandise made overseas in Indonesia. Harder to keep an eye on the slave labor I guess. Theses women were documented working 10 hour days for 29 cents and hour with mandatory overtime. You have got to be kidding me. Do you want to work slave wages? D o you really think these huge businesses will come back a pay a “living’ wage and ‘benefits” to American’s?

        We can’t compete for 29 cents an hour. Maybe we should all stop buying all this crap we don’t need and maybe then, Nike and Co’s will get the message. We don’t support slave wages. We want jobs that pay a decent living for all workers regardless where they work and if you want to sell your product, I sure as hell don’t want to see slave children sewing up your soccer balls.

        Stop buying, protest the company’s, write letter’s to the companies and congress. We need tariff’s to help American companies that want to do business here. Buy American…

        Rack it, I’m out.!

      24. I respectfully must say that you have no clue what you are
        talking about. The CEO’s should make ungodly amounts of profit, it is their money!

        American companies do not have a problem paying fair wages.
        They would rather pay more than .29 and work in the States. However, they do
        not want to pay $60.00 an hour for a shop worker either. They also do not want
        to get sued because the union makes a portion of every wining law suit so they lobbied
        some discrimination BS laws and then found law suites.

        You are the reason politicians are afraid to talk the truth
        and fix America. This why I said that when we all starve to death is when you
        will understand my point, till then remain selfish, we all are.

      25. Rocketman says:

        I agree. The unions extort business owners and use their dues to bribe politicians to back them. This is one special interest the country would do well to eliminate. They were going the way of the horse and buggy until this 1920s socialist got elected. He revived them, mainly because they have proven to be a valuable source of campaign funds. When he goes, which will be soon, the unions will once again return to their well-deserved obscurity. Let them go to China where they can organize all the workers whose jobs they made possible by squeezing every penny out of American businesses until they were forced to go overseas to survive. I’m sure China will welcome them with open arms, as in firearms.

      26. I respectfully must say that you have no clue what you are
        talking about. The CEO’s should make ungodly amounts of profit, it is their money!

        American companies do not have a problem paying fair wages.
        They would rather pay more than .29 and work in the States. However, they do
        not want to pay $60.00 an hour for a shop worker either. They also do not want**************

        Get real, the business was built in the board room AND workroom. There are American Corporations paying fair wages to both, take UPS for instance, compare the to Fed x. The UPS worker is union, teamsters and FedEx is not. UPS pays great wages to the worker and management team. Nearly all the management came up the ranks of the driving  force so don’t tell me the two can’t be simpatico. You speak of what you do not know.

      27. Anonymous says:

        I didn’t realize that FedX wasn’t union. But I guess that explains why UPS wanted to charge me twice what FedX did to ship a package cross country last week.

        Needless to say, FedX got the business.

      28. brian says:

        um, I used to work for UPS, and it SUCKED!!  first, they don’t pay “great wages.”  the pay kinda sucks, but the benefits are phenominal.  as long as you don’t mind working as a part-time employee for 12 years just to build seniority in the Teamsters so that you can bid on a better job, it’s great.  oh yeah, and don’t work too hard or too fast, because then you are “taking work from somebody else with more time in.” 

      29. steve8714 says:

        CEOs are mostly hirelings, it is not “their money”, it’s the stockholders.Investors, pension plan members, insurance policy owners, take a look at the companies in which you are invested.  Is their executive compensation process transparent?  Is the CEO a founder or major investor?  Is the compensation committee stuffed with cronies? 
        Corporations may be just as corrupt as the government, so keep a close eye on YOUR money. 

      30. Ward Tipton says:

        I have seen first hand these “slave laborers” you are referring to here in the Philippines. My wife and her sisters worked in just such a plant for ten or twelve hour days for less than five bucks a day … that is until some real good, feel good liberal decided it was evil and slave. Since my wife refuses to take “charity” or be supported, she and her sisters are now back working in the fields for less than two bucks a day. Many of her friends are not so fortunate as to have a foreign husband like her. Now, instead of making what you claim to be slave wages which is actually good pay here, they are often struggling and turning to more desperate, sometimes even criminal behavior in order to feed their kids. Yeah, you are really compassionate and your intentions I am sure are great … but your actions put literally hundreds of people out of a good paying job and back into abject poverty. 

      31. Please, if we keep buying the products that support the slave wages, it will never change. Change is not without sacrifice. We should not let them sacrifice alone…

      32. Ward Tipton says:

        Those “slave wages” comfortably support a family of four here … and yeah, I do agree with you as well … When I lived in the US I bought US Made Products whenever they were available … the only exception was my stereo equipment as I could not find any decent ones made in the states. I did not own a television so I did not have to worry there. Having gone Galt in 2004, I buy locally here as well. How many people at home can say the same though? There is a price to apathy and you have hit the proverbial nail on the head … the cash price may be cheaper but the actual cost is much more expensive.

      33. So, would you prefer that they have NO wages?

      34. brian says:

        my only real problem with these companies is not that they pay such low wages in other countries (being that a “living wage” in Indonesia is FAR lower than here), it’s that those football jersies made by women making $0.29 an hour still cost $300.

      35. David Mowers says:

        So you are FOR an America where low wages are the norm and no one can own a home, send their kids to college, retire or have a decent life?

        Smart, keep kneeling down and kissing the feet of your masters.

      36. imntacrook says:

        David, I have been reading your posts and I suggest you start your own business and then re-read your posts after two years, you will see how absolutely stupid you sound.

      37. steve8714 says:

        There are lots of reasons not to support Romney in the primary.  Romneycare, judge appointments, just don’t like him, hate the GOP establishment, etc.  This probably isn’t one.  Having said that, Obama is surrounded by skilled mass marketers and liars.  They’ll hammer Mitt with this.  Everyone who ever lost a job in a Bain buyout will be on your TV.  The one man I see who knows how to get government out of the way of the people is Perry.  Somebody better coach him on public speaking, however.

    3. Anonymous says:

      barney frank and chris dood should be cellmates.

      1. Vood says:

        +1 I absolutely agree! Those two were  by far the most responsible for the banking industry meltdown, but thanks to the corrupt media many Americans are convinced it was Bush’s fault.

  10. Mzurawski says:

    1994……. give it a rest buddy!

  11. Hudson says:

    He is ‘the job creator’ and he tells us how he does it,” Mr. Johnson said. “I haven’t seen anything where he works in shop, has been a manager of a shop.<<

    Romney should've been a community organizer.

  12. zeffer says:

    Hello – you went on strike, you got fired. Man up and stop complaining.

    1. N8_jones says:

      You make it sound like he’s just complaining and not gainfully employed.  Big Daddy DNC is Randy’s boss now.  He’s being flown around the country like a rock star!  He’s got lemonade from those lemons!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Sounds like capitalism to me ; )

      2. Tim says:

        So, then, isn’t Romney the guy who got him the DNC job?  Case closed.

      3. ez says:

        He owes everything to Romney!

      4. Kevin Kelley says:

        Romney can’t win.  Conservatives won’t vote for him, Christians won’t even look at him. 
        As a long time Republican and Christian I can’t wait to vote for Ron Paul

      5. F. B. Shutes says:

        Ron Paul may be good on national issues but on international issues he is without a clue.  Anyone who thinks you can sit down and make nice with Iran and they will quit hating us and wanting to wipe Israel off the map as well as taking over the United States is definitely off his rocker and will have us all being either nuked or living under sharia law.

      6. guest says:

        f BS… “us all being nuked’? think of step two in the equasion here. Iran nukes Isreal and or us is no the end fo the story,step to is what happens to Iran after that? They know what would happen and thus wont do it.  Just like N. Korea doesnt use them exept as a deterrent. Iran wants a deterrant to invasion and or national pride. not to use them to commit suicide.  Iran wont throw the punch because they know they would get beaten down.  Think beyond “pretend” step one.

      7. Anonymous says:

        You are forgetting that the Iranian’s want to hasten the “end of days” because they think it will be to their benefit. They would love to be in a nuclear war with anyone. 

      8. Guest says:

        Apparently, you are unaware that the highest virtue of Iran is martyrdom.  This is just strapping a larger bomb to themselves.  The reason mutual destruction works on other countries is that they do not believe they are going to be rewarded with eternity in heaven and 77 virgins.  All you are doing is helping them strap a bigger bomb to themselves.  I agree with Shutes, domestically Ron Paul has some amazing ideas, but as soon as he controls foreign policy he might very well do more damage to this country than Obama and 9/11 combined.

      9. paula marshall says:

        Guest, you are wrong, I am afraid.  An EMP would do it, and actually, nobody would even know who to strike back AT, because it will likely come from some tanker off the coast in a shipping lane… Guest, TMOTECH is correct.  I just read “one Second After”, and I am currently reading the “Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the US from EMP Attack,” executive report to the US government, which, BTW, came out the same day as the 911 Commission’s report, so nobody seems to have paid attention to this, and it is FREAKING scary!    -oh, and if they all die “martyrs”, just think how happy they will be!   Gee whiz.  Your self-assurance frightens me, but I wish I had some!

      10. Mike83815 says:

        I thought it would have been a hoot if Romney had won the primary and picked Cain as his VP. The evangelicals would have wet themselves (while wrapping themselves in piety) and the racists would have gone nuts. It would have been Bigot Heaven. And the Democrats would have been going nuts trying to be figure out how to hate Cain without being bigoted and they wouldn’t have even bothered trying to hide hating a Mormon. And all over what were probably the 2 most capable and talented men on the ticket.

      11. Gsan201 says:

        I thought it would have been a hoot if Romney had won the primary and picked Cain as his VP. The evangelicals would have wet themselves (while wrapping themselves in piety) and the racists would have gone nuts…ummm those racists you speak of are already i the demoncrap party so how can try ad hide their bigotry towards him? You state it as if the republican racists wo’t vote for Cain IMHO most of the bigots and racists i America are clearly othe Demoncrap side!!

      12. Nunya Bizniss says:

        Romney IS a Christian, you insufferable bigot.

        More accurately said:  Bigots won’t even look at him.

        And so we see that we collectively get the government we deserve.

      13. Emmanuel says:

        um, no, Mormons want you tho think they are Christian, but they are not.

      14. richreilly says:

        Yes..and Obama is really a wonderful “Christian” leader..when it suits him.

      15. Your Friend says:

        On the cover of the Book of Mormon it clearly states “Another testament of CHRIST”. If you actually picked up the book and read it, regardless of your beliefs, you would come to the knowledge that the entire foundation of the mormon faith is built off of Christ. So Emmanuel, rather than calling you any kind of hurtful names, I would implore you to become more educated before you make false claims.

      16. Thomas998 says:

        Simply saying you are a testament to Christ doesn’t make that statement true. If you look at the history of Mormons, they are based on a dude claiming that a golden salamander told him where some gold scrolls were which the guy then reads but doesn’t bother to take with him… Then he uses this as the basis of a religion that allows him to marry multiple women…. Think about it,this whole “religion” was just a clever plan for some horny dude to bag more than one wife and be a swinger…. But Christian? No, not by a long shot.

      17. Your Friend/Teacher says:

        Thomas, your education like Emmanuel’s is once again based off of ignorance and stereotypes. If you truly believe the words of your last comment I feel sorry for you. You should learn the differences between “fact” and “truth”. You have all the facts and truths wrong. I think this should be your foundation upon a better education. I’ll start you off.
        Part of this rhetorical game of “fact-speaking” is picking out certain details “from the whole” and exposing only “the part” that gives factual support to a selfish agenda. Thus, facts can be used in the service of lies, while truth cannot. A “fact” being that the religion at one time in its past allowed a man to have more than one wife, but not practiced by the “whole”. “Truth” being that the religion was based off of the belief in Christ and man attempting to discount due to a small fact in the larger picture of truth. Joseph Smith was far from a ” horny dude” and a “swinger”.

      18. Apjohns says:

        LDS members believe they will eventually become gods of their own planet.  They also believe in a heavenly father and heavenley mother.  Those “facts” don’t exactly fit with the Bible or Christianity.
        That being said, I would vote for Romney over Obama any day.

      19. Anonymous says:

        Only the men get to be gods of their own planet.

      20. Emmanuel says:

        You are an idiot.

        Mormons believe Jesus was the son of God, who was an exalted human – who was granted godhood because of his good works on another planet in the universe. This is why you tools go to temple and do good works, so you will become god like (look up eternal progression). IE, Mormons beleive that a person can achieve godhood.

        This is entirely at odds with the Bible and Christian beliefs. There is only 1 God.

        Isaiah 44:6, “Thus saith the LORD the King of
        Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the
        first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no

        Mittens has no chance to win the presidency. His own father wasn’t even born here. And he is a decedent of polygamists in Mexico. His ancestors fled the US to avoid prosecution.  

        The Mormon’s have a long and very recent history of abuse (Mountain Meadows, Coleman affair).

        Negroes could not hold the priesthood until 1978…. less than 25 years ago, long after the civil rights movement.

      21. ness says:

        LOLOLOLOL “a golden salamander”!? BWAHAHAHA!!! I’ve been mormon all my life! Never heard that one. Nice. Hee hee. OK that’s totally going to make me laugh all day long.    Thank you Thomas for showing me some other rather interesting things that people think we believe.  Weird but funny.                       I and all the other Mormoms I know believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and my personal Savior who suffered in Gethemane for my sins, died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day.   Whether that makes me a Christian in your view of the word I don’t know.               It’s still funny to see what people think of us sometimes… hee hee a golden salamander?! awesome. 

      22. paula marshall says:

        A golden Salamander?  What will you think of next???  Someone made up stories to you and you were suckered.  Sad for you.  That’s completely false.  Please dont lie.  Your eternal integrity depends upon your telling the truth about ALL things, even your politics. 

      23. Wool-Free-Vision says:

        Paula, would you mind taking a moment to enlighten me as to the meaning of “milk doctrine” and “meat doctrine?” Thanks.

      24. paula marshall says:

        I have neverheardof eitheR, i am afraid.  I simply cannot help you there.  I have studied The LDS faith, but have neverheardof either.  Sorry.  

      25. Guest says:

        Mormons believe that the holy spirit came down and had sex with Mary.  Jesus was born a man who later became deity, not the eternal Word made flesh, nor the Alpha and Omega.  But simply the next in a line of an endless string of gods, each a ruler of their respective Earth like planet.  The doctrine of the trinity is also rejected, so instead of one What (God) and three Whos (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), Mormonism teaches three separate and distinct lesser gods.  Furthermore, if we reject the bible, and accept the beliefs of the Joseph Smith we too will have our own planet to be god of.  These are not the only heresies of Mormonism, but some of the most important.  So, no, Mormons are not Christians, they are a cult.  And like many other cults they are leading many, well intentioned, devout and good people (by man’s standards) to hell.  I specify by man’s standards because the bible teaches that apart from God we can do not good.

      26. paula marshall says:

        Guest, You are wrong.  Perhaps this is the beliefs of one of those pseudo-LDS faiths-  those odd takeoffs that some faiths sprout.  Not the mainstream LDS faith.  Also, I never heard of “having one’s own planet as a GOD” in my years of education, either.  To Mormons, Joseph Smith is no different than Abraham in function.  You’re goofey!  I cant help but wonder who fed you that malarkey. (Embarrassed for you for eating that garbage!)  Maybe YOU are my 
        brother’s silly pastor.  Humm!  Or, its possible that you  are simply a paid blogger and are hired to try to discredit anything you can about Romney, even tot he point of misleading people.  No.  They believe in the Trinity.  They believe there is only ONE GOD, not any “lesser GODs” , and I could go on and on, but its sleepy-time here.  May GOD give u some wisdom and a BIG dose of honesty!

      27. paula marshall says:

        Emmanuel, you have been listening to too many fear-mongers.  They ARE Christians.  Silly thing.  My brother’s Pastor squalls “Fire and Brimstone”  about the Mormons, he tells me, and that pastor is completely acluistic.  Hasn’t a clue on what he is talking about.  Even seems to make up things as he goes along!  Now, that is NOT right, and Emmanuel, you seem to be doing the same thing.   Let honesty be your guide, Emmanuel.  A man without honesty is not a man at all. Still needs growing up.  Honesty is EXPECTED of you, regardless of your plot.  

      28. richreilly says:

        And there KK throws his vote away……..(in favor of Obama). Good Job!!!

      29.  Ya, but how many “Christians” voted for a guy who is only the religion who is voting for him. If he’s talking to the populus of Hispanics…he’s Christian. If he’s trying to get the Jewish vote…he’ll wear their Yamika…If he’s trying to get the Muslim vote…he’s one of them…..He can’t make up his mind What he is. He’ll be anybody for your vote.

      30. Anonymous says:

        kevin – remember ross perot?  why waste your vote on ron paul, just cast it for obama, because it will have the same effect that it had in 1992.  third party candidates just split the ticket and cause the worst case scenerio to win by default

      31. Gsan201 says:

        Too true!! The problem with a lot of Pauls supporters is that if Paul loses the Republica od  they wil stil write him i or vote for him third party or just ot vote at all ad givig us Obama for another 4 years…Is’t that what Paul did i 2008? Sayig if McCain ca’nt win with me in the race the oh well..I blame Paul very much so for giving us Obama!! 

      32. Anonymous says:

        Do as the rest of us, vote your conscience during the primaries, vote ABO during the general election.  I could stomach anyone remotely conservative over Obama.

      33. paula marshall says:

        I’m a Christian, and I am voting Romney.  -Who is also a Christian.  His Church is the CHURCH of JESUS Christ of Latter Day Saints.  C’Mon!  It is Christian if  it worships Christ!   Work that brain!  Now, DEEEEP breath, try again…  Your argument on the Christian end is sorely lacking…

    2. Anonymous says:

      I agree that this sounds like an inability to own up to his own actions.  

      Companies are in business to turn a profit.  If a company does not turn a profit and the prospects of turning a profit are bleak the fail.  Bain Capital provided funds by investing is failing firms that they believed they could save and turn a profit.  They succeeded with some and failed with others.  

      For firms like Bain Capital they have a very good track record.  I suspect that Mitt Romney is selling the number of saved and created jobs short and that the actual number is much larger.  The problem is you can’t really prove these sorts of numbers.

      1. David Mowers says:

        Bain got the company to an on-the-books profit by downsizing, then used their partner Goldman Sachs to get credit lines issued at high margins and leveraged all the companies assets including receivables to the hilt.


        They looted Ampad and destroyed it with no care or concern at all for the lives of the people they were ruining. BTW, You are paying their pensions as well since Bain dumped that responsibility on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. ie: The Taxpayer. Enjoy higher taxes thanks to Mitt “my-hands-touch-nothing” Romney. Don’t bother with facts you have an ideology to support morons.

      2. Mark Dargus says:

        Oh nonsense.  If “nature” would have taken its course, that company would have died a natural death; thanks to the greedy unions and their inflexibility.  The same is true with GM.  They should have been allowed to collapse.  Unions have destroyed everything they have touched; the steel industry, the auto industry, public education, the government…. they should be BANNED from all public sector taxpayer funded jobs.  They are the main reason we have a $16T debt.  And the democrats are in bed with those greedy unions and their locust like ways!

      3. Anonymous says:

        The problem is that facts get in the way of your opinion!

      4. steve8714 says:

        All these leveraged buyouts are done at the expense of employees and creditors.  Check out what happens to open account suppliers in the buyout of a troubled company.  If they are paid at all they are stretched 120-180 days.

      5. Jrbarnes says:

        Creditors of troubled companies are already being paid very slowly, if at all.  If they were able to pay currently they would not be troubled.

      6. Delta says:

        Sounds a lot like how the government handled those owed money by GM. They got zilch, but the unions made out. Given getting zilch and being stretched 120-180 days, I’ll take the stretch.

    3. Guest says:

      I believe labor laws required Mittens to negotiate with the union.  You also missed the fact that a plant that was profitable before Mittens got his hands on it was shuttered thanks to Mr. job creator.

      1. None says:

        And if the union wouldn’t budge, then what? Yup, that’s what happened? They did it to themselves. Law or not law.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I’m sure there’s nothing more to the story. Bain was in the habit of closing down highly profitable businesses just because. That’s how they made their billions.

      3. Sorry, bj, but that doesn’t even make sense.

      4. Mike83815 says:

        That’s ridiculous. You don’t buy a highly profitable company and shut it down. The fact that you think like that is probably why no one ever hired you to manage anything.

      5. richreilly says:

        “You don’t buy a highly profitable company and shut it down.” Oh..noooo…dem capeetollissts is EVIL!!!”

      6. Jonbourque says:

        I’m no Mit hater, but I think there was a pattern of looting companies by running up their credit lines, then selling the companies with unsustainable debt loads.  Like it or not that is capitalism, and history tells us that capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others

      7. paula marshall says:

        Actually, see above, Mike.  Yes, you do, when shutting it down will save the company tons of money as a business loss.  (write off, to offset gains) 

      8. Kelly Knight says:

        How does one make billions by closing down highly profitable businesses?  If you own 10 stores, and one of them is not profitable, you close the one and build the remaining nine.  Yes, people lose jobs when this happens, but no one has ever been promised full-time, gainful employment.  It happens, and those who are strong move on to the next opportunity, and those who are whiners stay in the union and take jobs as DNC hacks flying around the country on someone else’s dime.

      9. David Mowers says:

        Bain leveraged newly created credit lines to guarantee a profit to Bain and force Ampad into bankruptcy try reading a news report.

      10. Anonymous says:

        Your logic indicates that your right in line with the Union Thugs.  The reality is that Companies are in business to make a profit, not just to load up the Union’s slush fund.

      11. Jrbarnes says:

        Most “news ” reporters could not read a financial statement if their life depended on it. Credit lines do not guarantee a profit.  Even the buyer using credit lines has to be able to increase profits enough to pay back the credit lines before they make any money.

      12. richreilly says:

        “no one has ever been promised full-time, gainful employment. ” Except the supremes, professors and union hacks with seniority.

      13. paula marshall says:

        I worked for a hospital that was bought up by a hospital corporation in America.  (ahem) In a VERY short time, that corp took a much-needed, profitable, well-run hospital, brought their shut-down goons in, and destroyed it from the inside, actually upsetting the local people so much by their obnoxious behavior,  that they changed their preference for health care, and by otherwise creating a huge financial loss, these goons shut it down in short order, as an enormous tax write-off.  THAT is how you make billions by closing down highly profitable businesses.   These goons had been previously involved with shutting  down several other hospitals in this company’s holdings, as well, before they got to our hospital.   Everyone there lost their jobs and had to find work elsewhere.   The goons were relocated again.

      14. N in Alaska says:

        Have you looked at yourself lately? There is a war going on for your mind, and you’re losing. Bain bought businesses that were going out of business. Many of those companies went under, and they would have NO MATTER WHAT. Note the line in the story, “owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy,” So the guy lost his job making typewriters! Are you saying that if it weren’t for Bain Capital there would still be highly profitable typewriter factories?

      15. Joavella says:

        the plant was not profitable. It was going bankrupt when it was owned by Smith Corona. Armpad bought them and the the union went on strike. Hello
        You lost your own job.

    4. Right on! Unions have a valid function – protecting employees from abusive employers. Anything beyond that is pure greed. Given the number of states with right-to-work laws, it is economic suicide to go on strike, especially in today’s economy.

      1. EngagingGrayMatter says:

        @ Judy: So let me get this straight…You suggest that unions are there to protect the employees from abuse? Well isn’t the federal government the largest regulatory body in the nation? So why would public (i.e. tax payer funded) sector employees need protection from their own government? is this the evil employer you speak of? They don’t. It isn’t 1920. There are plenty of laws and regulations and boards (OSHA, NLRB, NIOSH, MSA, etc., etc., etc.) to protect the employee. The idea of a public sector union (publicly funded worker program) is nothing short of a sham whether it is local, state, or federal…. It’s like saying we have “free education” in this country. No we don’t. We have publicly funded education (through your federal tax dollars and property taxes, etc.) in this country. But it darn sure ain’t free. And another thought….if unions are there to protect the employee, why so many millions spent to support political candidates with union dues? Why not use that money for its intended purpose and actually support the poor guy or gal down on the shop floor? I’m sure you mean well, but your logic and understanding is quite frankly – obtuse.

    5. Richard says:

      The guy is a paid democrat stooge, just like Cindy Sheehan.  BTW  SOROS, the convicted inside trader,  has caused  REAL job loss in the US. 

    6. Skycop261 says:

      I agree….this is a testimony to greedy union bosses and unreasonable pay and pension demands.

  13. Sakiman says:

    So THE UNION walked and he blames Romney?  Get real.  This is how business works.  Had the origial company gone under he would have lost it anyway.  HIS Union blaked not the company.  A non Union shop would still be there.

  14. Marcus Price says:

    So they all got fired BECAUSE they were a union shop and wanted too much money.  How is this Mitt Romney’s fault?  He came and and rescued a company that was going out of business probably because the cost of payroll was too high.  Then they failed to being down the cost of payroll enough and closed it anyway.  The people WERE going to lose their jobs anyway and they blew their chance at salvation.  That’s the fault of the union and the employees.

  15. Joseph Hooper says:

    I am an idiot who  relied on a union for job  security.   So it is  Romney’s fault that i lost my job?
    Duh…without  a  union, they  could’ve renogotiated  and  kept their  jobs  at a REASONABLE wage commensurate with their  educational level and skill levels.    the company decided to  shut  down instead BECAUSE THE UNION thugs  were  trying to force them to  do  something that obviously had been unprofitable in the past  which is  why they  had to sell  the  factory in the first place….

    1. Healthfacilitator says:

      Why didn’t the union buy the factory so the jobs would have been kept?

  16. Jim000122 says:

    oh i fell so sad for this clown….boo hoo.

    go out and get a job chump, other than being paid by the DNC to follow candidates around.  what a loser!

    1. Anonymous says:

      According to the story, he has taken a leave from the STEEL WORKERS UNION in  Pittsburgh.  Cozy, huh?

  17. Anonymous says:

    So this guy worked for a union that decided to strike against their new owner, rather than work out a solution that might have kept the plant open. And this is Romney’s fault?

  18. Dialla says:

    sounds like the plant was going to close and the union was given one last chance to save their jobs and the union killed the plant. 

    Often when people buy a business, they have new costs they must cover that the old owners didn’t …. obviously the union didn’t realize that the old owners had better places to put their  money. If they were smart, they would have either tried to buy the plant themselves or renegotiated before the old owners sold it.

    Union fail

  19. wayneinnh says:

    Typical union stooge.

  20. Paige Cohen says:

    luv most of these responses…..I still have faith in the future of the country.  I am not pushing a candidate (this time lol) — we must retire Obama.  Let’s just keep our eyes on the prize.  Obama Inc. has attempted to condition us to accept a new normal.  America deserves better than Obama.

  21. Georgemac16 says:

    I can tell you stories of UNIONs costing their members their jobs.  Want to compare

  22. guest says:

    They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.

  23. Sid says:

    So you repay the company that just saved your job by trying to twist their arm, and then are surprised that they decided it was not worth the effort? Pathetic.  Every time I hear the word “shop” it makes my skin crawl. I’ll go to work where and when I want to, got it. I wish I had a picket line to cross today.

  24. Gegsr1 says:

    He sounds like another whining Union man that got screwd by his Union. Romney is looking better every time I here stories like this!

    1. Anonymous says:

      He is currently on a leave from his job with the STEEL WORKERS UNION.

  25. guest says:

    This moron should blame his greedy union.

  26. Adam_ME says:

    A union worker being flown around and put up in hotels by the DNC? Yeah, he sounds like a totally impartial and fair-minded individual.

    1. Anonymous says:

      So,  you don’t think the DNC would pay his way if he were to say that Romney is a smart businessman?  How can you be so unfair to the DNC and the unions?

      Just read that Rasmussen says that Romney is the only one who can beat Obama.

      If that is so, why are so many in the GOP trying to kill Romney’s chances?  We need to all get behind anyone who can beat B.O.  and if it’s Romney. so be it!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Besides if Romney steps to the left, the Repubs , who will control the house and Senate, will get him back on track… win win.

  27. arkansas girl says:

    I stand amazed of the democratic party and how low they will stoop to minipulate voters. This president has caused the loss of more jobs than one man and one company. And yet our press does not seem to care about those who have lost jobs, homes, and futures because of policies that favor his Union buddies and his wall street friends. This country is in a world of hurt not only financially because of this president but also patriaotically. I no longer see the country that we once were. A country where hard work is what gets you ahead and not goverment hand outs and devisive comments from all that sit on the democratic side. The democrats are the party of see it my way or you are not worthy of being heard! I voted for the president as independent but will not vote for him again! I dont necessarly like the republican chosses but I feel like they will at least not continue the game of take from the rich and give to the poor! It has never worked and countries that have tried it are all running the other way now! May God have mercy on this country!!!      

  28. Mike says:

    unions are a cancer

  29. Steve says:

    Sounds to me that the Union decided to shut down operations of the plant and Bain was forced to agree with them.  Sorry Mr. Johnson, but your Union did you in.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Talk to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd while you’re in NE and ask them why they allowed Fannie Mae to kill the US housing market and bring down the economy.  Democrats, I believe?   Oh, the union went out on strike, and as usual, tried the extortion tactic on the owners so they closed it.  What part of shooting yourself in the foot don’t these people get?  I have no sympathy.

  31. R-From-NY says:

    When will union workers get it through their think skull that being union does not guarantee you a job. Go cry somewhere else!

  32. LOL.  The Democrat Party is like a nenver ending romper room episode

  33. 00TATEXAS says:

    The union went on strike so the plant closed they only have themselves to blame they closed the plant by refusing to work i.e. going on strike idiots.  Why doesn’t this loser get a job and quit sucking arounfd the democrats for his living.

  34. 2112 says:

    What a job this guy must have.  I’ve been killing myself with limited time-off working 60hrs a week and lucky to have a job.  Meanwhile dear O’le Randy gets to travel around the country.  Must be nice to get those Taxpayer funded perks and special privileged that Unions get.

  35. Union worker being “honest”,  what a crook.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have a question.  We have a President with no record other than graft and corruption;

    Where has that got us?

    A credit downgrade and an economy growing at 1.5% to 2.5% on the back of a doubling of our national credit card bill, and a deficit that would make Mr. Ponzi blush!

    We need Romney to fire Obama, or any other Republican!

  37. Berta Andara says:

    if i was 57 and was working in a factory making office supplies, i would kill myself  for being a low life shame…

  38. A Yowell says:

    So, the owners decided they would rather close the plant than put up with Union bovine feces?  That is their right as Americans.  How does that make Romney a “Job Killer”?  I see the Union as the job killer.  The Unions demand higher-than-market wages and benefits which causes profitability to drop and owners to think twice about doing business.
    The Unions are the “Job Killers”.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Well Mr. Johnson, for goodness sakes – go to the core problem:  Blame the company failure on Smith-Corona, who failed to keep up with technology and new product development,….kept making typewriters when the world was going to computers!  But then you were one of the union workers, who labored as little as possible for as much money and benefits as possible and sucked up all the dollars for research…and also had workplace rules that made progress and efficiency impossible  at S-C.  

    Scheesch.  Whatta schmuck.

  40. Tom Walter says:

    Go Pound Sand……Union Bottom Feeder

  41. BobP says:

    If this guy actually owned a business and had to make real business decisions he would know that the primary goal of business is to make money.  Employees are hired in the hopes of growing a company to make more money.  If a business is not growing and expenses exceed income then cutd have to be made to keep the business viable.  This often means employees need to be let go.  Why this guy is blaming a business owner for trying to keep a company viable and strong is beyond my comprehension.  I like Romney because the same difficult cuts need to made in government to keep our country viable and strong. 

  42. Bj says:

    What a loser.  Get a job, loser.

  43. MaDdD_dOGgG says:

    So this guy is the poster child for “Unions Kill Jobs”   Sounds like Romney’s group had hired most of them back until THE WORKERS CHOSE to be unionized.  After that, it wasn’t practical to keep the plant open.

    And the DNC is dumb enough to send him around the country.

    I just read an article on Fox Business listing the 8 Beers that have seen sales drop by 30% or more over the last 5 years… all are Union Made beers.

    Unions KILL jobs.
    Unions KILL beer.

    That’s all I need to know.

  44. Treehorn says:

    Why does this guy blame Romney and not his Union leaders for the loss of his job? If there had been no union ordered strike then Ampad would not have, “shuttered the once-profitable factory”.

    1. Anonymous says:

      always blaming someone else, the union stooge’s typical response.

  45. E R says:

    If I had union employees or democrat employees I’d fire them too.

  46. Givemeabreak says:

    maybe he’s really a democrat

  47. jibbajabba says:

    Too bad this piece of trash doesn’t put the same energy into getting another job. 

    1. What? He’s already got a DNC spokes-model job.

  48. Dashark says:

    Romney is Obama in steroids
    Ron Paul  for National Salvation and to regain our rights which Obama’s NDAA law has taken out from us.

  49. Sid says:

    The more the DNC try to tear him down, the better Romney looks. They’re reading way too much into that Ohio vote. The majority of the country is sick of the general union political king making, and of public sector unions in  any way shape or form. Scott Walker for President.

  50. Dtaylorbrown3 says:

    Boo hoo, Mr. Johnson, boo hoo!

  51. Chicago Nick says:

    These business people aren’t running charities.

    Since when did being a Capitalist become a dirty word?

    Since Obama stuck these Wall Street people up for more money than anyone in history  during the last election Chicago Dem Machine/Jesse Jackson style, and now because HE is a usurper who believes in the welfare state all his deadbeat lowlife class warfare soldiers march lock step behind him because he CANNOT RUN ON ANYTHING ELSE.  That’s when.

    The only way these Chicago pols know is bribery. I know, I’ve lived 30 miles north of that decaying ghetto and watched it every single day since 1980.

    RACE is ALL these affirmative action hire black politicians know, and the real joke on these moron followers of Obama is that OBAMA IS MORE WHITE THAN BLACK YOU FREAKING IDIOTS!!!!

  52. Robert Smith says:

    I am shocked. The economy works for Johnson like it does most every other American worker. People get fired.

    I have fired several Doctors, four or give garages, umpteen dry cleaners, four dentists, and one wife.

    Give me a break.

    1. Anonymous says:

      When I was in college, I got fired on New Years Day for being a half hour late at 5:30AM to clean stalls. I got a cup of coffee and by 6:30AM I had another job where I had even more manure to clean up. It taught me a lot about responsability… and not to complain when crap is up to my ankles…it could be up to my knees!

  53. J1024frost says:

    I think it is particularly telling and pathetic that he whines about not having his lunches and his tolls paid for too!

    Not pathetic enough that he is still crying about something that happened in 1994 – almost 20 years ago, but that he cries about the DNC not pampering his spoiled butt enough!

  54. Carhino says:

    Why is he not blaming the Union, which is what really led to his job loss?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Notice:  The Union went on Strike: 
    Then the Company Closed the Plant.  It is easier to shut down than deal with a Union.

  56. stu says:

    what part of bankrupt am i not understanding ?  and this guy thinks he should have had a lifetime job there?  and now the union lets him take leave to follow romney around ? and does the company he works for have to give him leave and a guaranteed job when he returns because of a union contract?   and hes complaining?

  57. Wurbajunk says:

    what a ridiculous article.  The say “Ampad shuttered the once profitable company.”  If it was once profitable then why was it “facing bankruptcy”.  The truth of the matter is that the unions ruined it and when Ampad tried to get rid of the unions to save the business they couldn’t.  Freelander should be embarrassed about the way he spun this.

  58. Jefferson's neighbor says:

    Sad that he allows himself to be used by a political party who couldn’t care less about him. Power is all either party cares about.  Hope-Change blah blah blah. Both parties are run by big government types who change nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Kjohng2002 says:

    Meet the new Cindy Sheehan.   (only nobody asked who paid for her antics).

  60. unionhater says:

    This guy is a paid union mouthpiece.

     “He had to relocate from Indiana to Pittsburgh and is taken leave from a job at the steelworker’s union there”

     Looks to me like the DNC found him a job in a Pittsburgh union unitl they needed him again.  He really would have been out of work if Romney had not run.

  61. It sounds to me like this guy has a bigger problem with the Union that led him to losing his job than the businessman who pulled the trigger.

    1. Not that I don’t think Romney is a slimeball, you understand.

  62. Bandito Incognito says:

    Wait, didn’t Smith-Corona make typewriters?  That was their main business.  Maybe this man should redirect his rage at Al Gore for inventing the internets.

  63. Anonymous says:

    So what? Romney cost one man his job. Obama did far more damage than that in his first week in office. Sounds like this man not only wanted a job, but he wanted a UNION job. Tough luck! 

  64. Rev Right says:

    He is such a great employee.  He takes months -long leaves of absenses from his current job to moan about losing a job 18 years ago.  S**t bum trouble maker.

  65. boatdrink says:

    So, let me get this straight – the company this guy worked for was heading towards bankruptcy, Bain (through Ampad) bought it and kept it afloat, but they wound up closing their doors after this guy’s union refused to renegotiate and went on strike – and it’s Mitt Romney’s fault he lost his job?  And the Democrat party is paying for this goof to hound Romney?


  66. Smith Corona was a typewriter manufacturer.  It may as well have been a buggy-whip maker.  That any company would want to buy a bankruot maker of obsolete equipment and try to turn it around is noteworthy.  That a union would advise it’s members at that plant to then strike is utterly idiotic.  You make your bed, you sleep in it.

  67. Bobebarn says:

    You went on strike – that means you are willing to leave your existing job and go find a job which better matches you’re skill to income ratio.  Your employer felt that your productivity wasn’t worth what they were paying you.    Sounds like both of you got what you wanted – so stop beaching!!

  68. lbits says:

    I don’t care for Romney either, he’s just like BHO but sounds to me he’s now getting a free ride by the DNC, he’s milking it.  Liberals usually do.

  69. Dooki Fried says:

    Union laborers are the same mindless robots that voted for Hope and Change. 
    These are the same mindless retards that now complain about their own unemployment while cheering on the Demoncraps at their Occupy rape camps.I say to you  now, stand back and observe the mentality of your average Libtard.  

    1. Ellie Light says:

      union tards also re-elected harry reid ( the union  bussed them to the polls , makes one wonder about the petitions that were signed to get OBumbles on the ballot   hmmmm???)

  70. Mark Whitaker says:

    The 57-year-old described how he worked at a factory making office
    supplies owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy. Ampad attempted to renegotiate the contract, but the union
    eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the
    once-profitable factory. 

    Let understand the company was going bankrupt Ampad came into safe it and the union decided it was more important to protect the union and not the jobs.  At one time the company was profitable.  When, before the union negotiated bigger wages and benefits.  Smith Corona did a terrible job in negotiating a new union contract.  Shame on Smith Corona

  71. JulieF says:

    Wow, seriously? The union goes on strike and kills his job and he blames Romney. Not only that, but he’s upset because he has to buy lunch and pay tolls on his own dime while he’s getting an all-expenses paid vacation courtesy of the DNC. This guy is a delusional, entitled whiner. No sympathy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Typical DemocRAT Union Slug!

  72. I am a supporter of Newt Gingrich; however I must say that
    this assault on Romney is starting to rub me the wrong way. The unions in
    America are what caused virtually all manufacturing jobs to move overseas.
    Romney basically told the unions, we cannot afford to pay artificially inflated
    rates for shop workers anymore, we are going bankrupt.  The union decided to let these workers get
    fired because they are afraid that other companies will renegotiate as well.
    The union bosses are making money from a lot of recourses. One of their main
    revenue is from union member paying dues; they felt that they would rather have
    people like Johnson fired than risk losing their dues. If not for unions we
    would still be the largest manufacturing place on earth. I must say that
    although for now I’m still supporting Newt, I will now take another look at Romney,
    he just gained a tremendous amount of respect in my eyes, just by the fact that
    he was not going to let the unions run his business.         

  73. networth00 says:

    If he was misled by anybody, it sounds like it was his union. Williams Sonoma was headed for bankruptcy, AmPad came in and offered an opportunity at a turn it around. To do that, they had to cut costs and lower expenses.  The union didn’t want to participate in cost cutting and went on strike.  As a consequence, the plant was shuttered.  How is that Romney’s fault?  The guy would still have a job (albeit at a lower wage) and an opportunity if his union hadn’t played stupid. Instead, he bounces around on unemployment and paid junkets by the DNC. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Williams Sonoma? It must be fun to live so far out of touch with reality. Seeing half of what you hear and hearing half of what you see. Your posts would be far more credible if you could read and remember what you read.

      1. Wool-Free-Vision says:

        Wow, way to BE THE STEREOTYPE. Your liberal debate tactics expose you. You took an honest mistake of mixing up the proper names of two companies, Smith Corona and Williams Sonoma, and then you proceed to make THAT your point of contention in the debate? Hahahahaha. Lefties. What an absolute masterdebater.

  74. Hughcity says:

    He lost his job in 1994?  Are you kidding me?  Move on.  I was layed off in 2002, during a bad job market.  I wasn’t happy but thats life, no one promised me a job till retirement and i don’t expect it.  I am better off anyway and i don’t even think about it anymore.  

    1. Anonymous says:

      Right on.  I’ve worked for 3 companies since 94, one of them was a layoff, the others my own choosing, that’s how it works, nothing is 100% secure or assured, especially if a company is having financial challenges and labor/benefits is a cost factor contributing to being in the red.  Move on pal.  The union mindset is so alien to most hard working Americans, that’s why they only account for 7% of today’s workforce and declining.  It’s a big bad world out there, work hard, wear a cup, be smart, save when you can, always be ready to jump to something else in case your company goes bankrupt and move on buddy. geez.

  75. Fed Up says:

    What a worthless article – and this guy is taking a leave from his job, to be a DNC hack???  Seriously, what is the point of publishing non-information like this crap?

  76. Poguemahonelibs says:

    Wait…do the liberal lunatics think they will get away with this?

    1. Company goes bankrupt
    2. Romney related company buys it
    3. As new owners they attempt to renegotiate their labor costs (WHY DO YOU MORONS THINK IT WENT BANKRUPT IN THE FIRST PLACE
    4. Union doesn’t want to renegotiate goes on strike and prevents the company from operating.
    5. Company closes the plant because they can’t make a profit.

    This is a “gotcha’ in liberal land?

    You would have to hit me in the head with a two by four to make me as stupid as a liberal. Several times. Really really hard.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “This is a “gotcha’ in liberal land?”

      Yes.  Pretty lame, isn’t it?  It ranks right up there with Marcy D’Arcy… I mean, Katie Couric (I always get those two confused) asking Sarah Palin what newspapers she reads.  Palin, incredulous that such an irrelevent (and rude) question is being asked of her, refuses to answer in the way Marcy – – I mean, Katie, wanted.   

      “GOTCHA!!  Sarah Palin doesn’t know how to read!!”  The media actually expected us to believe that. 

      And D’Arcy (dammit, I mean Couric) actually was awarded a journalism trophy for that interview.

  77. Bob says:

    Hope Mitt fires a bunch of federal workers and cuts the pay of most.

  78. Jon says:

    Unions have sucked the life blood out of the US and this guy epitomizes the worst of the unions.
    He deserves to get twice as much as a job is worth just because he got it before, while he demands ever more.
    He is the true reason jobs have run away from the US. Pay him $15/hr + $7/hr more for benefits or get it done in china for $1/hr total.
    I’m sure he buys his gas at the cheapest station but feels a company has no right to get its labor at the best price?
    We must be competitive or die. The unions promote the latter.

  79. Sbanks0048 says:

    lets see the company was profitable but was facing bankruptcy  it was sold and to make the company profitable again it need to renegotiation  a new contract so that the company would be profitable and the union stopped it so they closed the plant. sorry chief why would you take on a bad deal to keep losing money . what a jerk it’ the union stupid that cost you your job.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Cry me a river you union scumbag.

  81. ThoreauHD says:

    Did he miss the part where the Unions made it impossible for the factory to survive?  Or did I just have an epiphany that he’s missed all these years.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Typical Union mindset… they think their jobs are sacrosanct!  And that’s the reason so many Union shops produce crap… just look at our schools!

  83. John Benson says:

    How does Randy Johnson afford to traipse around the country to tell his story?

    Sounds like he has landed a no-show union job 

  84. Guest says:

    WHINER. WEINER. WIMP. WOG. Union pantywaste

  85. Pattskean says:

    Evidence in this story indicates union unwillingness to adjust salary and benefits to match market onditions led to the plant being shuttered.  Romney did nothing wrong in this case.  The DNC is just a rat outfit creating a story-line for the media to run with.  Fact:  People like this useful idiot have lost more since Democrats took control of the House and Senate back in 2007 than any period since the Great Depression.  the last time the middle class was hit this hard happened to be the Great Depression, when Democrats had control of the economic agenda.  

  86. qtrmiler says:

    So, Randy Johnson worked for a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. The nearly bankrupt company was sold. The union forces the new owners to recognize the old union contract. Company gets closed. It was not a profitable company when sold. It was almost bankrupt. Like too many other companies, it was probably strapped by a union that looked after its own self interests instead of protecting the worker’s jobs. The union refused to renegotiate so the new owners had to reevaluate their position and therefore cut their losses. The choice was simple. If you are loosing money and refuse to change, you still lose money.

    I am NOT a Romney supporter. I don’t trust him for other reasons. But in this case, you can probably blame the union. Obviously Ampad bought the plant thinking it could once again become a profitable company.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Union scum.  Think because that muslim-loving, union bag-BOY is in the whitehouse they get special benefits?  Welcome to the real world bottom-feeder.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Paid by DNC is all I have to know about this one.

  89. Unionbuster says:

    f–king idiot dosen`t have any problem blaming everyone but himself and his union commi buddies you are a bum you will always be a bum until you take responsibility for your own life and your own Job .I see you still don`t have a real Job , your just a union loving commi  SLUG
    GO TO HELL cry baby

    1. Anonymous says:

      Obamna DRone!!!

  90. Audrey says:

    The second paragraph in the article puts the lie to everything Mr. Johnson is complaining about: “The 57-year-old described how he worked at a factory… which facing bankruptcy, (was) sold…
    to another company, Ampad, that has recently been acquired by Bain

    Johnson and anyone else Bain “put out of a job” was going to be out of the job anyway. In the meantime, Bain also invested in other companies which thrived and created jobs. It’s called BUSINESS. This line of attack will only work on people too stupid or dishonest to think they’re responsible for finding a way to make their own living in this world.

  91. Brians440 says:

    ” so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.”

    It wasn’t profitable when the union was involved with Smith Corona, so there’s no way re-installing the union at previous benefits would have meant any money for the company. You went on strike, sack up and take it like a man.

  92. Aron says:

    Its looks like a 4rth grader wrote this article. Anyone else have trouble following?

  93. moonlight bill says:

    what is really sad is this poor man really thinks that most people will agree with him.  So ingrained into the union system and the DNC that he will never see things differently.  I wish that he would read the comments that have been left here, but that is doubtful.  I actually feel very sorry for him, not because of his union imposed position, but because he is so self-absorbed that he thinks he has been unfairly put upon.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Unions are the problem here.  Jobs aren’t guaranteed in this world.  If the Union had agreed to some cuts to wages/benefits they probably would have remained profitable.  It’s the classic case of public or private unions where they won’t agree to tweaking pensions or wages to avoid having to fire 5%, 10%, 30% or 100% of the workforce and move the work elsewhere (often overseas).  Unions are about unions and union dues, the employee is their tool.

  95. Mike Gino says:

    Mr. Tool has nothing to say that I want to hear.

  96. D says:

    So, Bain re-hired all the employees yet because the Union would not re-negotiate its contract, the shop was closed.  And this guy (being paid by the DNC while on leave from his union job) still blames Romney.  And the irony of all of this is that this story comes out on the same day Ms. Wasserman-Schulz tells us that the 1,000 lost Solyndra jobs are not Obama’s fault.  Nice timing!

  97. Patrick says:



  98. Johnlabounty says:

    How does the guy afford to travel around to tell his story?

  99. Anonymous says:

    This guy is an idiot. Unions took his job not Mitt Romney and I am no Romney supporter. SmithCorona made typewriters. How may typewriters are for sale today? Couldn’t the left find a better shill than this? No Romney No Rino’s Vote for a conservative Santorum or Perry since Herman Cain was slandered out of the race.

    1. Anonymous says:

      My vote goes to the only person who is NOT a Washington or Wall Street insider and who is an honest, straight talking DOER.  Rick Perry isn’t a flashy Debater but he knows his stuff when it comes to Jobs, Border Control, Tort Reform, Balanced Budgets, etc.  He has more than 11 years CEO/Executive experience and will whip this country back into shape faster than any of the other Show Horses who are running for POTUS.  When he says he will CUT the size of government and REDUCE SPENDING by trillions, you can believe him! 

      Rick Perry for President – 2012  A Real Leader and a Real Commander in Chief!

  100. Evilpa_99 says:

    Mr. Romney and Bain Capital did exactly what they should have done.  If the Union won’t negotiate, shut it down and move it some place where people will negotiate and want to work.  This guy is a sad sack, he needs to recognize that the real world is not fair, you make  your life what it is, and you are not entitled to a job, you have to earn, be reasonable and work hard every day to keep it. 

  101. Don Bistroff says:

    Beside Johnson leaving his job temporarily to be paid by the DNC and then having to pay for his meals this article has huge holes, misspellings and poor grammar.

    Johnson should get a life and then a second job if he has time complaining. Hey Mr. Johnson – NEWS FLASH! Life is not always fair. Bug off!

  102. guest says:

    How DARE they try to run a profittable company by firing/re-hiring and re-negotiating with workers.  Dont they know companies should just run themselves into the ground in order to provide well paying jobs?

  103. qtrmiler says:

    It does not matter who the Republican nominee is. Whoever runs against Obama will get this treatment. Do not, for a minute, forget that Obama won his senate seat in Illinois by (falsly?) getting all of his opponents disqualified. His motto is “If you can’t beat em, then beat em up”

  104. Kelvin says:

    The company was facing bankruptcy and was bought by Ampad (owned by Bain). Workers were rehired, but when union went on strike, Ampad said screw it.
    Mr. Johnson should be protesting his union instead.

    Hopefully Romney will use his Bain experience and apply it to our government,  it’s wasteful spending and bloated bureaucracy.

  105. I wonder how many “jobs” obama will claim for employing this man to complain professionally?

  106. SeanB says:

    He doesn’t say why he was not re-hired.  The only job he can get now is as a Union hack.  Odds are he was incompetent.

    Why doesn’t he fault his union for striking and causing that factory to close?

  107. Helpforsuccess says:

    Where does it say that you are owed a job at the same company for the rest of your life?
    These union workers are really spoiled babies. Take the thumb out of your mouth & get another job!

  108. clever says:

    Cry me a river from a Paid DNC hack. A lot of people lost there job because of Obama to alot more than romney I am sure all though this will be argued by Libtards/useless idiots

  109. rockman says:

    A paid Union crybaby. Steelworkers picking up part the DNC the rest. Lunch ect.
    A real job would most likely kill the baby. 

  110. if this is all you have on romney its going to be over before it starts, nice non-story

  111. ensignricky71 says:

    maybe he should be working harder to find a real job instead of stalking Romney all over the country on the DNC’s dime.

  112. Wreadmd says:

    If the union members want to run the company, why don’t they buy the company and run as they see fit. 

  113. R Cress says:

    Another shuttered factory compliments of the UNIONS!!!!

  114. Johne says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth Audrey.  What Unions, the DNC and worse our President don’t seem to understand is any company in the private sector must, above all other things, make a profit.  Businesses do not exist to provide jobs, they exist to make a profit.  If the union contract was reasonable and allowed for a reasonable return on investment (profit) then the plant would have remained open.  It did not and therefore was closed.  We need people running our government that understand the concept that profit is a good thing.  

  115. Anonymous says:

    This was TWENTY years ago.  Not only that, Randy Johnson has taken ‘a leave from a job at the steelworker’s union [in Pittsburgh]’.  So, he’s a paid shill for Obama hired to stalk someone with a REAL job while he has the COMFORT of TWO jobs (the shill stalking AND the union seat kept warm for him in Pittsburgh).  There are plenty of out-of-work people with legitimate personal issues with Romney that the Democrats could hire, and they let this guy double-dip and claim HE’S a victim?!?  What a man-child.

  116. Harry Holt says:

    I’m not a fan of Romney, but I don’t blame him for the demise of the typewriter manufacturers.  Pretty sure that’s just what’s called … progress.

  117. Chris says:

    Unbelievable.  This guys takes a leave of absence from his job to be a DNC shill.  While I’m sorry he lost his Smith Corona job, it was because the company who ran it into the ground in the first place.  This guy would have been gone with or without Bain.  Go picket the Smith Corona CEO and the labor union who threw your job out the window when they wouldn’t renegotiate.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Anybody but Obama!

  119. qtrmiler says:

    He is probably lying just to make a buck anyway. Oh wait…..liberals wouldn’t do that would they?

  120. AccountantCPA says:

    That’s what this country needs…a leader who knows when to pull the trigger and cut the fat. Our national government needs to be lean and cost effective. Who better to lead that fight than a businessman who knows how to streamline bloated companies weighed down by lazy union workers and top heavy management.

  121. Nancyab058 says:

    LOL!!  This while Sarah Palin touts that the democrats and Obama want to run against Romney and that’s why they are “not touching him.”  I think Sarah Palin needs to wake up and smell the coffee.  The DNC is paying this guy to tell his story all over the country, hello!

  122. Bobtheguy says:

    so what’s this guy want anyone to do besides feel sorry for him?  I guess he’s the only person who’s ever lost a job…and I guess Obama has the experience he got working in a shirt factory in Taiwan as a small child, huh?  Lovely.

    1. Allen Clark says:

      No,  I think he is getting paid to do this.  

  123. Jd says:

    This should help Romney.

  124. Confused.  Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy, or am I supposed to be angry at his union.  Because what I see here is a company that tried to keep these people working and a union that wouldn’t negotiate – the same union that probably was responsible, in part, for bringing down his former employer, Smith-Corona. 
    Obviously, this is Mitt Romney’s fault, just as George W Bush is somehow culpable in the recently acquired 4 trillion dollars of new debt or  how Barney Frank was completely powerless to avert (or be aware of) the failure of Frank Mac and Fannie Mae.

    Gotta love libs, they’re only there to take credit – never responsibility.


  125. MontanaSon says:

    The very definition of a useful idiot. 

  126. Brad says:

    Sounds to me like Bain was making a go of it, until the weight of the union, and the government regulations that support the union, were too much to bear.  Bain made the right business decision and the union is whining.

  127. Iam Sigmond says:

    When a business loses money, where does the money come from  to keep the business  afloat?  Trees?  The sad fact is if you unionize a business, it will go bk in all probability.   Capitalism works and has created the wealthiest nation on the planet.  Look what a capitalistic form of economy has done for China.   Socialism is an historic loser same as communism.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Police are the worst. They will tell you their job is dangerous when it is not even listed in the top 10 most dangerous job, Try store clerk, truck driver, taxi driver, fisherman. All these jobs are more dangerous with no pension. Union idiots will tell their barely educated union police officers that officers die young and only live 10 yeaqrs in retirement. Simply untrue. CALPERS show that most cops live 30 years in retirment. The California pension system has clearly debunked this. Most cops will say you dont have the courage to be an officer. I say I dont have the correct skin color also most cops are barely high school educated and get paid way higher than their skillset would pay in the market. So much for the hero factor.

  129. Ericgrun33 says:

    This guy is  Union Operative and nothing more; the Union killed that factory, just like the Unions killed the steel industry in Pittsburgh…

    1. Wool-Free-Vision says:

      Ding! Well said. So concise and so true.

  130. Anonymous says:

    People like this remind me of the lead character from the movie Rocketman….

    “Wasn’t me!”

    Take some responsibility and stop mimicking Comrade Obama.  Blaming everyone else will get you nowhere.  

  131. Guest says:

    What most Obamatards don’t understand about the Socialists workers’ paradises like the USSR and DDR, which is their goal, was that if you didn’t want to work for the wages the government said you should recieve as your ‘need’ regardless of what your production quota was or your ‘ability’, then you worked in a gulag with quotas set but with no payment for your work. If you couldn’t meet your gulag quota they doubled it and worked you until you met it or died. THEY WERE NOT WELFARE STATES! NO SQUEEGIE GUYS! They were Marxist-Leninist dictatorships where the scum of the human race rose to the surface like Joe Stalin nad Eric Honiker. These workers’ paradises didn’t tolerate dissent either. This union sumbag would have been compost by now. He dosen’t want to work and likes to complain. BUM! 

  132. WriterDudeLA says:

    The company was sold not because it was profitable, but because the the products it produced were becoming obsolete.    While I agree that Romney doesn’t have any real job creation experience, it is disingenuous to claim that the factory was profitable, it wasn’t.    It was the union that killed the company, not Bain Capital.    

  133. Blue Ridge says:

    No love for unions here…their greed and corruption are unbounded, not unlike that of Barack Obama

  134. Anonymous says:

    This ‘Rat would have lost his job anyway.  What a SLUG for the corrupt Obama Regime!!

    I am not voting for Romney but I detest unfair PROPAGANDA  by the Scourge in the White House!

    “WE CAN’T WAIT” to rid the country of this communist punk who thinks he is Hugo Chavez!

  135. Terry Bass says:

    Great posts.  This guy has no credibility, sour grapes and clearly does not understand business.  You innovate, cut costs or die.  Just as GM and the big banks should have died.  Too big to fail!?!??!?  Give me a break.

  136. Schistopherschiss says:

    so creating jobs isn’t good enough? he wanted romney to create jobs that over paid for employee services….so his greed is the reason he doesn’t like the guy he insinuates is greedy? sounds like union member logic to me

  137. Dunce Biden says:

    Union parasite – cry me a river and give the private sector a try (assuming it isn’t completely destroyed by Obama)

  138. Dave says:

    They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided
    to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.

    Sucks when your UNION BLUFF is called!!!

  139. Anonymous says:

    Smith-Corona had a huge plant in Cortland, NY.  They shut down because Algore invented the internet and forced everyone to buy a computer.  There also was a Mac Truck factory in Cortlan, and a buggy whip company, all gone!  Oh, the humanity!!!

  140. Allen Clark says:

    “operative with the Democratic National Committee directed reporters ”   I wonder how much they are paying him to tell his story.  Does everything have to be directed or munipulated with the DNC.   If this mans story is correct, and I have no doubt that it might have some fact behind it, why does the DNC have to direct.  It just shows how deceptive they are and what they will do to skew the voting.  that is just plain wrong.

  141. Griz says:

    DNC paid hack.  Yep

  142. DaMav says:

    Sounds like the unions managed to get everyone laid off and the company closed.  Shouldn’t he be telling his story at the Big Labor Obama camp instead?

  143. Renee says:

    This happened in Western New York in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.  The Trojan factory (heavy equipment, not prophylactic) was sold to another company.  The union made demands on the new company.  The company said they couldn’t afford it, so the union threatened to strike.  The company told the employees that, if they went on strike, they’d just have to close the doors.  The union declared a strike, the company folded.
    Union members were damned fools then, they’re damned fools now.

  144. Anonymous says:

    I think Romney should figure out how many jobs Comrade Obozo has lost through Solyndra and all the other bogus, wealth redistribution schemes he has diverted OUR money to!

    Throw it back in their smarmy, ugly faces!!  Union Goons make me sick!

  145. MissouriJack says:

    No sympathy here, Mr. Johnson. You’re employment problems were clearly the result of union actions. Stop being a cog and think for yourself.

  146. Anonymous says:

    he is another Hippy throwback from the 70’s who is an Obama Drone. 

  147. Blame everyone but yourself says:

    Union employee.  Union Shop.  Union Strike.  Now Mr Johnson believes this is Mitts fault?  Seriously?  No wonder he has been unemployable since 1994.  Mr Johnson, welcome to the unfortunate reality of the Darwinism that liberals so openly embrace.  Apparently you were embarrassingly spit out by predators  and even more humiliatingly expelled by your own herd.   

  148. Mr. Spooge says:

    I guess the unions screwed up again, n’est pas?

  149. Lemoncurry9 says:

    Understand what this man is saying: the company was moving its operations to Mexico and all of the jobs were going to be lost.  Bain came in and proposed rehiring 80% of the workforce, thereby saving 80% of the jobs.  The union, however, chose to strike and shut the plant down permanently and yet it is Mitt Romney who is to blame for the loss of jobs.  Union corruption and greed closed this company, not Bain Capital.

  150. gorilla says:

    The “once profitable” Smith Corona made typewriters… and then what? IBM made typewriters, personal computers, mainframe computers. They don’t do that anymore. Why not? Because they had to change to survive. People got laid off in the process. Smith Corona was fighting bankruptcy. Duh! If Bain couldn’t negotiate a deal with the union, they would lose money. You know, those things called profits. Why keep the business running?

  151. Ron Lewis says:

    Stupidity.  Smith Corona??  Are we gonna next hear that Romney killed the 8-track tape industry?

    Don’t mistake this propagandist’s line – “once profitable” – to mean that it was profitable in ’94, or that it had any chance of succeeding if it had to pay bloated union wages and benefits.  It was profitable in 1932 or some such.

    Profits create jobs.  Bain was hugely profitable during Romney’s tenure.  That translates into jobs, whether they are union jobs or typewriter jobs doesn’t matter.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Obviously the DNC knows which GOP candidate poses the greatest threat to them. The right wing Republicans should be so smart.

  153. Dusty Crash says:

    Johnson cannot see the forest for the trees.  It was the high demands of the union that kept the business from opening the doors and being able to sell its products at a reasonable amount of profit!

  154. kbill says:

    So this was the union chief who called the strike that got all the workers fired. His reward was a transfer to a PA steel plant where he has a job as a “STEELWORKERS UNION” official. Now on a leave (doesn’t say paid or unpaid) to harass Romney and all he has to complain about is the DNC not paying his tolls or high priced meals. He must be used to living high on the hog as a union official, with the rank and file dues  picking up the bill. Cry me a river union stooge.

  155. Jjwolfaine says:

    I do not understand how he blames Romney when clearly his lack of a job is the result of his unions actions.  The same happened in our town, we had the highest per capita income in the state, the unions roll in and convince the shops that they should be making much more, they go on stike and the companies move away…now no jobs.  Every industry in trouble seems to be heavily unionized.  Except those that can go to the public trough when contracts are inappropriately negotiated.  I say unions had there place but no more, I would rather belong to an employee association.  I bet Romney could find hundreds of people that could testify to the fact that they had a good life until the union went on strike.

  156. Traveldan says:

    Good to see the DNC supporting ex-union workers.  But Paid Shills at Republican events?!  Propaganda is one thing.  Hiring sad-sacks like Mr. Johnson speaks for itself.

  157. Cplatt says:

    Unions are the bane of Bain capital and other investment companies because they’re filled with folks like this.  The reason his company was going broke?  The union and the market.  These were folks making typewriters – to you younger folks, that was a product nearing its productive end (people would actually type straight to paper).  Despite the slumping demand for the product, and the fact that these folks held manufacturing positions with no higher education degree required – they could not face realities and wished to keep the higher wages and benefits when economic reality said it simply wasn’t possible.   They went on strike, and the company ended up in Mexico.  Nice going union.  There’s a similar story out there about a “photo album” company that Bain invested in during the early 90’s that went broke.  Same thing happened.  Digital cameras made the use of photo-albums arcane.  Yet, Bain was supposed to magically keep the company afloat.  


  158. Anonymous says:

    As I read it, the union demanded too much, Ampad couldn’t pay, and shut the plant down. Way to go union! Thanks for losing your workers their jobs!

  159. Brocato1 says:

    Used and user! What a fool, if I gave him $100 he’d spout any screed I chose. Little minds and little vision.

  160. Jebstuart says:

    Union scum!!! Send them to China where the rest of the commies reside.

  161. Bemused says:

    He’s being escorted around the country by labor unions and the DNC? This is someone we should be taking seriously?

  162. the other ken says:

    The Smith Corona said they were relocating to Mexico in 1992, it happened in 1995.  When did Bian by Smith Corona? 

  163. steve fitzpatrick says:

    so lets see… the company was going bankrupt (may be the fact it was unionized, just asking) so a company owned by Bain saved it and rehired 50% of the former workers and recoginized the union. then tried to renogiate the contract (which probally contributed somewhat or completely to the first company going bankrupt) the union refused and went on strike and the company closed. dont you think the union had more to do with this person losing his job than Romney had. this is typical liberal and union BS blame everyone but themselves. as a former union member who had an identical  experience in the 80’s   blaming a company thet tried to save as much jobs as possible is just plain wrong.  unions have outlived their use in a global economy

  164. James St Raymond says:

    If Randy  Johnson is so unhappy, tell him to start his own business and stop bitching. Nobody owes Mr. Johnson a job. It is about time that Mr. Johnson grow up, stop being used by his greedy union and by the Socialist Democrats. It is time for Mr. Johnson to get up off of his ass and take control of his own life. Mr. Johnson is your typical loser Democrat. It is lazy welfare dependent losers like mr. Johnson who are destroying this Country.

  165. Al says:

    Good argument for right to work states. All union institutions are tools of the corrupt DNC which FORCES anyone that wants a Job in a UNION state to give dues to the UNION whuich then make there way to DNC politicians during campaigns.

  166. Kevin says:

    So what is this guy “crying” about. Shouldn’t he be mad at the Union.
    Since they were a union shop, and over half of the employees had been
    re-hired, the new owners were forced to recognize the union. They tried
    to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on
    strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.
    The Original Company went Bankrupt… at this point..they where not so Profitable now where they.  Ampad did what they needed to do. The former Smith Corona employees, could have had Jobs, but they decide to be greedy and unreasonable. The fact that anyone can read the above article and come away thinking that the Unions were the Good Guys in all this, is well beyond my understanding. The facts do not bear that out. Liberal, Union  Butt Kissing, Pinky Ring Union Workers….your Days are numbered………..

  167. Will Malven says:

    So let me get this straight.  This clown worked for a company that was going bankrupt, it was bought out by Ampad, a company owned by Bain Capital which then rehired most of the employees that had to be fired in the reorganization, but the union, to which this clown belonged wouldn’t play ball.  So Ampad had to close the factory.

    So the truth is, the union killed this guy’s job, not Mitt Romney, Bain Capital.  That sounds about right and it proves, once again, on how willing liberals are to lie in order to win.  This joker is nothing more than a DNC apparatchik.  He’s no victim, he’s a union thug who got what he deserved.

    Time to break all unions–especially the SEIU–and sever the flood of kick-back money that is feeding the DNC coffers.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Another Obama union LOSER  who’s too stupid to see that it’s his Democratic Party-backed unions that are killing  jobs, not Romney. ALL of the “right to work states” do much better than the “union” states, both in terms of jobs and fiscal responsiblity. This union goon is just going to HURT Obama, now that he’s been exposed………..

  169. Frwilcox says:

    Maybe the union should have given some ground and Johnson and everyone else might have still had a job.  Many people survive with reduced benefits and a company that doesn’t give its investors a worthwhile return on their investments won’t be around for long.

  170. JTSAKALIS says:


  171. Phocus Please says:

    Hey dude…we’re getting pretty good a spotting shills…and you are a shill for the Dems and the union that cost you your job.  You’re pathetic and a dupe.  We don’t have time for guys like you that are riding in the wagon the rest of us are pulling.  Buzz off.

  172. Mike says:

    I’m not sure how this guys story will resonate with anyone who isn’t already planning on voting for Obama.

  173. Anonymous says:


  174. Anonymous says:


  175. Kbill says:

    This is off the United Steel workers website. The real Randy Johnson. You don’t go from building typewriters to a job like this. A union hack all along.
    Previously to being hired with the Steelworkers in the Strategic Campaigns, Global Bargaining and International Affairs Department, Johnson worked at American Pad and Paper (Ampad) factory in Marion, Indiana.

  176. Rough times in a blue state says:

    Talk about a biased report. A bankrupt company fires it’s union employees, tries to renegociate so the comapny can exist at all, and Romney is to blame? They didn’t make it the first time around with that agreement. They shuttered the plant… of course! What do you expect? These socialist idiots don’t get it. Business is about making a profit. No profit, no jobs. The business owners take the risk not the unions.

    This is the main reason I am writing a check to the Romney camp. Cut where cuts are needed no matter what union complains!

  177. Bullseye says:

    He was laid off 17 years ago (when he was 40) and now is a professional whiner.  Man up, reinvent yourself, pick up and move on! 

    At the age of 51 I have reinvented myself multiple times to move forward in my career.  Your union said “take it or leave it” and went on strike.  Bain said “Leave it”  You chose poorly.

    Why don’t you go ask your union where all your dues went?

  178. Anonymous says:

    Just another union drone! Yes, now for the rest of your life you can sit with other unemployed union members and take comfort in your stand. But your a dumb**.
    You all had a shot at job; but you proved you weren’t smart enough to work there.
    Congratulations you didn’t just screw yourselves you always screwed everyone else
    that did business with and around that factory. Nice job. Soon some chinese guy will
    be grateful for your dedicated union stand.

  179. perseus317 says:

    Unions only think about making as much money as they can.  They don’t worry about how that affects the profitability of the company, or whether the company can effectively compete with the higher costs of workers’ salaries.  Companies don’t TRY to go bankrupt.  If unions impose costs on a company that are high enough that the company can’t make a profit, then there is no reason for the company to continue.  This man, and most unions in general, simply refuse to see this side of the equation.  When companies go out of business because they can’t make a profit, unions blame it on management, and refuse to recognize their part in the situation.

  180. Jgoff22 says:

    So the original owner was facing bankruptcy and they sold the plant to someone else. They come in try to make it profitable so they could continue keeping people employed. The union says no we won’t work with you. So they close the plant. What were they supposed to do keep losing money? It’s to bad these people listened to the bad advice the unions was giving them. He should be pissed at the union leaders!

  181. Richard says:

    Hey! DNC! I got laid off by GE! Hire me to hang out at the White House and tell whatever you want me to say about JEFF!
    Hey! RNC! Same as above.
    I need a job.
    Your just jealous the voices talk to me.

  182. Anonymous says:

    I bet anyone that the steelworkers union is paying this guy his full weekly pay, while he works against romney.
    So, his company was bought out by another company and then they shutdown the plant, when the workers went on strike. Big deal. happens all the time and it is the company’s right to shutdown and get rid of any union that is costing them money. That is the way this country has operated for 200 years and will continue to do so after all the unions are gone.
    Unions are nothing but trash operations designed to make union officials wealthy at the expense of the rank and file.

  183. Anonymous says:

    The company could not afford the Union contract and stay competitive.

    Only in a planned economy where wages and jobs are set by a 5 year plan can a company sustain jobs that don’t produce more than they cost.

    By the way, we know how that worked out.

  184. Anonymous says:

    If the DNC continues this line of attack the RNC should go down to Louisiana and find some oil rig workers that lost their jobs when Obama halted all drilling in the Gul,f instead of directing restrictions just at BP. I bet they could even find some who lost their house because Obama put them out of work. Most of the rig workers are Union guys so this would even make his Union buddies think twice before voting for that community organizer again.
    They could also find some Union guys that were laid off because the Keystone XL pipeline has been put on hold to appease Obama’s tree hugging friends.

    1. Anonymous says:

      you have the atitude we need in our canidates man, sometimes i think the repubs don’t know what game they are in.

  185. Sounds to me like Mitt Romney is following in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps.  When the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike – Reagan fired them.  What’s the beef?

  186. Michael Kelly says:

    He worked for Smith-Corona…  The type writer makers.  Get a clue.

  187. User1386 says:

    Unions were necessary when industries enjoyed healthy demand and phenomenal financial successes…the owners rubbed their wealth in society’s nose. The only remaining gluttons left today are bankers and their cadre of manipulators…but how many banks have unions or employee associations.  Unions today serve no useful purpose…they are merely political appendages of the Democrat Party used to gather and distribute dirty political money…supply violent personnel to beat Americans who resist them,  and disrupt the free exchange of political ideas…anything having to do with workers today is, frankly, laughable.

  188. Erepper says:

    I like how this guy is letting the democrats treat him like a political prop. He should be embarrassed, instead, he is walking around like he is somebody important.

  189. Anonymous says:

    These posts show real hope for this country.  Appears a LOT of people are intelligent enough to see who the real villains are here!  And this guy, johnson, who works for the steelworkers in the what…the strategic campaigns, global bargaining and international affairs department!?!  WTF.  This country would be better off without a single f-ing union.  They and their ‘massa’ in the White House are killing us all.

  190. Chumpmagnet says:

    I wonder why the original plant when bankrupt, when it was so “profitable”  

  191. Anonymous says:

    If this story is not the Poster Child for RIGHT TO WORK states, I don’t know what is!

    Every state in the union who wants better job creation had better throw out the Union Scum and vote in Right to Work!

  192. gotapartments says:

    For those who remember, Smith Corona was known for making Typewriters. Nobody makes typewriters anymore, nobody! Computers took over! After being in business for over 100 years and still generating significant revenues into the late 80s they did not come to terms with the fact that typewriter technology would be eradicated in less than 10 years and eventually they fell off the map as a contender of any kind. Bankrupt, no longer viable, innovative or visionary.

  193. Jonesed79 says:

    “Hello – you went on strike, you got fired. Man up and stop complaining.”

    A – F*&*&^G – men Brother!  Our political discourse has become so Brain-Dead that simple logic such as that can only be found in the comments on some invisible corner of the internet.


  194. Anonymous says:

    This guys is a Union shmoe, eating out of the DNC’s bowl, has NO REAL job and says of Romney “I haven’t seen anything where he works in shop, has been a manager of a shop. He has only worked for Bain.”?   Well…. at least Romney… IS working!  And, since when is office work,… NOT A REAL JOB, Bain or otherwise?!??!? 
    You’re just doing the same thing you’ve always done, waiting for someone ELSE to provide you with something.  This is the same thing you hear all the time from these guys, as if “working” is only sitting in a shop, or holding a tool!?!?!?   PLENTY of people hold office jobs, and they ARE WORKING TOO!  They don’t like getting up and going in any more than you do, but somehow they are excluded from the notion of “working”.  pathetic…..
    One other thing while I’m thinking about it, THE UNION “killed” YOUR job, not Romney or Bain.  They do that quite often to people like this guy.  You’d think that working would be MORE important than politics since a family’s welfare is on the line, but it’s not that way for a Union.  If they don’t get the cut THEY want out of this contrivance, they throw guys like this on the pyre.  They are PERFECTLY happy killing a competitor of the OTHER shops that did capitulate to their demands, it only makes the UNION stronger when they kill a shop off.  They could care less for the owners, and killing off a shop that is not under their control only means the workers have to go to another shop THAT IS UNDER THEIR CONTROL.  It’s always win-win for the Union whether they coopt the owners, or kill off the shop, they still win.
    The owners see it from their perspective, “You want to work or not, cause we can take this somewhere else?”.  The Union sees it from theirs, “Either way we win; if the GVT makes the owner deal with us, we get what we want, a cut of the profits, or we kill them off and strengthen our hand with the next smuck that gets driven into the fire!”.  The only one that gets NOTHING are the SOBs stuck in the middle, if they go with owner they can work but the owner is going to have to pay less to sustain the jobs and GVT is still going to get a cut, if they go with the Union, GVT and the Union get a cut, and the owners end up closing after awhile anyway!
    You see who wins in ALL scenarios?  GOVERNMENT….  Either way they get a cut and/or a kickback from the Unions in the form of political donations.
    You’re daft if you help the Unions…..

  195. Terataspis says:

    When real men lose their jobs, they learn new skills and find new jobs.  When coddled union pussies lose theirs, they make videos of themselves whining and standing around in empty parking lots.

  196. steve5150 says:

    This incident happened in 1994 and he hasn,t moved on? Talk about a loser.

  197. Ben Anderson says:

    Sounds like sour grapes. It also sounds like the company he worked for originally was on it’s way out and had Bain not done something to save them he’d have been out anyway. Then his union screwed him over by negotiating for too much. I think his anger is misplaced. He should be mad at the union. 

  198. Anonymous says:

    Interesting because the Steelworkers Union works with businesses to keep costs down and not hire LOCAL union members.

    So this guy ended up with good company the crooked and corrupt, besides his allies with the DNC
    They help set up a a union with the company then pay less than half of the area’s local union rate.

    I know what I speak of because I was a member of a local 210 out of Norwalk, CT when the Bridgeport Peck bridge was being rebuilt by Balfour Beatty and Co. It made a company sponsored Steel Workers Union to hire anyone but local Union members.

    This is all documented was in the news, when our local 210 sued the company and the bogus Steel worker union.

  199. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could take leave of my job and travel around the country harassing people.  I wonder how much that gig pays?  But more important, by whom?

    Let’s face it, the union tried to hold up Ampad for tons of perks and Ampad said , China will do it for half with no perks.  So Ampad should have lost money on the deal?  I think not.

  200. JOE says:

    Very simple, another overpaid union thug. How funny.

  201. Ronald Ceres says:

    This free-loader, the union, and the Democrats… perfect together. I have never been guaranteed employment and neither should this a-hole expect it either.

  202. Anonymous says:

    The guy worked making type writers. He blames Romney for destroying his job. Thats like Obama blaming atms for high unemployment. When is the last time anybody bought a typewriter?

  203. Duck-boy says:

    The first paragraph in bold type pretty much tells anyone anything they need to know.
    The factory this guy worked at was facing bankruptcy, and sold itself off to a Bain Capital owned company, Ampad.
    Ampad fired everyone, probably to eliminate any claims on seniority and to make it easier to rehire a leaner organization consisting of the subset of employees deemed best likely to turn things around.
    Because more than half were in fact re-hired, the company was forced to deal with the union, but could not come to an agreement.
    As a result of the failure to come to an agreement, the factory was permanantly shuttered.
    The article claims that “Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.”
    But let’s be clear here.  It wasn’t profitable when they were sold off.  The company was facing bankruptcy, meaning that everyone would have lost their jobs had Ampad not acquired them and attempted to turn things around.
    Ampad (and Bain Capital) must have thought that the factory could have been made profitable, else they wouldn’t have invested in the place only to shut it down.
    But because of the impasse between ownership and the union, Ampad determined that closure would cost less money than operating the facility.
    This story is intended to make Romney look mean-spirited and heartless, but in reality (to the extent that he even had anything directly to do with it whatsoever) it can only illustrate a leader’s capacity to know when to pull the plug rather than overly invest in a losing cause (Solyndra, anyone?). 
    The federal government needs someone capable of trimming the fat from the federal payroll.  It needs someone capable of trimming the budget.
    Apparently the Democrats believe that any sob story is a good political story, without giving a lot of intelligent thought to the big picture.

  204. james thomas says:

    I have watched thousands of workers at good plants commit financial suicide by going on strike at the behest of multi hundred thousand  dollar per year union heads when the company said we want to keep it open and will if we can get modest modifications of the contract.The union decided to go militant egged on by local left wing politicians that had absolutely nothing to lose if the plant closed. The strike guaranteed the plant was now a money loser and it was syonnara.This guy is stuck on stupid and is being pimped by the DNC wich is pretty common for that group.

  205. orlandorays says:

    What are they trying to accomplish? This only gives Romney anti-union cred, which in these days only HELPS him.

  206. ToddTattebery says:

    Smith Corona ?  Wasn’t that a type writer company ?    What did this guy do… sell them, build them ?   So maybe Mitt and his fellow BAIN employees come in, take a look at all the unionized typewriter workers and say… “Well, if these guys had some skills we could have the build keyboards…. at $300 a piece”.  “No, let’s lay off all these people, take what cash they have left, and sell the buidling.”  Sorry folks that’s capitalism.  At some point you have to close the buggy whip and typewriter factories.  That’s why we succeed and the soviets failed. 

  207. Jonathan says:

    Blame the unions not Romney or Bain.  The unions made the company bankrupt in the first place.  Had they not held the company hostage after the takeover and worked for a fair market rate, they would still have jobs.  You can’t keep failing companies alive.

  208. Pavteam says:

    Don’t blame Romeny – Blame the UNION!

  209. Міша says:

    Unions are monopolies — trusts whose sole reason to exist is to maintain and ever raise the price of what their members are selling (their labor).

    The sooner we give them the same treatment corporate monopolies are getting, the better.

    If the Federal government blocked OfficeDepot from merging with Staples for fear of the resulting entity becoming a monopoly in the office-supplies market, why do we not only allow, but encourage monopolies in the markets of fire- and crime-fighting, teaching, health care, and construction labor?

  210. Bondud says:

    I would have fired your a$$ too.  Loud mouth paid off whiner.

  211. Anonymous says:

    Biaaching seems to be this guys job.  What is whining about.  He has a job and we all know it is PAYING!  If not, how can he aford to travel/vacation like he is doing.  Poor little stooped fellow.  What a joke.

  212. mr_charlie says:

    the union did this poor slob in and the corrupt democrats use him as fodder. 
    the masses truly are asses!

  213. mr_charlie says:

    the union striking did this poor slob no favors, sucks to be building typewriters nobodys uses anymore
    c’est la vie 

  214. and obama will count this as a job saved.

    libs would LOVE to employ the entire nation to complain…. professionally.

  215. Gadzilla54 says:

    Randy Johnson is the new cindy sheehan. don’t worry  Mr johnson. when the DNC is done with your usefullness you will be cast aside like a dirty rug or puh under the bus because that is how the Democrat Party operate. they claim that they are for the poor people but they fact is they use poor people to  gain power. The winner is the union  boss and the Democrat politicians. ask them what soluteon do they have without  destroying business- NADA!

  216. Michael says:

     The plant you worked at was owned by a company who bet on type writers and failed. If Ampad hadn’t purchased the assets, you would have been out of work earlier. Sounds like  Bain capital gave you guys a life line and you slapped the hand by playing union games. If anything, this supports Romney’s position.

    This guy needs to put on his big boy pants and own up to his bad choices.

  217. Glenp says:

    let’s see  you kill a company  and blame someone else—typical brain dead union member.  Anyone remember EASTERN AIRLINES and how the machinists union thugs killed it?

  218. Glenp says:

    UNION WORKER —isn’t that an oxymoron?

    1. Anonymous says:

      UNION…the dirtiest 5-letter word in the English language!!

  219. Gadzilla54 says:

    Oh before I forget , Barack Obama’s solution is to send  factory jobs  like car in Findland and preventing our country from opening the keystone pipeline that would really provide million of jobs  and give this country cheaper energy.You know why ? because behind the BS talk of Obama , he only care for his rich donors bundlers and elite rich environmentalist  mainly the Hollywood crowd who own pristine beautiful properties. And guess why these job  was send  abroad- They don’t want the union themselves interfering with buisness.

  220. Anonymous says:

    Smith Corona was a typewriter manufacture.  I would think that IBM and Microsoft had more to do with this man losing his job than Romney and Bain Capital.
    Here’s what happened to Smith Corona:
    The company moved its typewriter manufacturing operations from Cortland to Mexico in 1995 and announced it was cutting 750 jobs as a result of continuing sales declines. Shortly thereafter, the company declared bankruptcy. Since 1995, the company has concentrated on sales of portable electronic typewriters, as well as typewriter and word processor supplies. The company’s current electronic models feature LDC displays, built-in dictionaries , and spell Check and grammar check features.

  221. Hardley Davidson says:

    Since when is 57 “LATE middle age”?

  222. Bullseye says:

    Union Sheep – not even good for wool.

  223. Jrterrier says:

    so was Romney even working at Bain when this happened?

  224. Mike says:

    Go cry in front of your union offices Randy.  Isn’t it obvious that if one company cannot make it with the contract in place, a new company could not as well?

  225. Anonymous says:

    So…this guy is taking time off from his union paid job…why didn’t the media report the fact that he is still getting full wages while he is on his anti-Romney tour with the DNC?

  226. Gary says:

    Will that is what happens when you work for a union. Cost you your job didnt??????

  227. Anonymous says:

    The guys at the buggy whip plant probably blamed the fat cats for their woes.  Some folk just can’t see the forest for the trees.

  228. Michael says:

    The DNC is flying this guy around to show nanny state on display. This story makes me like Romney more. Americans need to buck up and realize that no one owes them anything.

    You know why American manufacturing can’t compete? Because unions push the cost of labor extremely high and the cost of goods skyrockets as a result… As products age, the market gets saturated with competition and the profits retreat. So the only way for American companies to stay ahead of it is to innovate. Smith Corona did not innovate and companies like Bain come in and try to reset the calculations to keep it going. This wouldn’t happened so rapidly if our government would’nt spend our dollar into being worthless and worked to protect our trade with emerging countries. All of these problems can be traced to DNC platform.

  229. It sounds as if he was going to lose his job anyway as the company was headed for BANKRUPTCY.  And then when the new company took over and tried to negotiate a new contract HE and his fellow UNION buddies went on strike and KILLED the factory.

    He has no one to blame but himself.

  230. alan says:

    Have any of you heard of a single liberal fired because he was a liberal? It seems if you are a conservative, you can lose your job. We have heard that many times from hollywood stars. If you are a con, keep your mouth shut or never work again

  231. Anonymous says:

    “Speaking at union halls.”  Preaching to the faithful.  Good luck on that one.  This reminds me of how union members used to haul an exploded water heater from one union town to another, trying to smear non-union Sears. 
       That is like spending money trying to get ghetto blacks to vote democrat.  Waste of time.

  232. Anonymous says:

    Hey Randy, I got a jo for you. Its a great job and the company is not a leader in its field and they are losing billions. In fact, Obumma mentioned them in August of 2009 when he was going around in N.H. stumping for his gunment healthcare bill. Did you guess the answer yet. Give up. Ok I will give you another huge hint. THEY ARE UNION.  Give up ok. Don’t tell anyone but the USPS is hiring casual clerks. They make so much money on operations. Ok, so they don’t the gubment subsidizes them but hey its a great gig because its UNION and you get a PENSION. Come on Randy, apply now they will love your work ethic and mental acuity and agility.

  233. Anonymous says:

     I overlooked your mental ability USPS is United States Postal Service. When they go under , you can blame Romney too.

  234. Lakerake says:

    Whiner. Man up and go find a job. Easy to see why you were expendable.

  235. Majorsleeper says:

    Snith Corona was a well-known typewriter company.  Is this guy saying that Romney ruined his “typewriter” job for something low-paying?  This is how a good economy works.  If your speciality is gone because the world has grown past it, if you want a good paying job, you need to get re-educated (hopefully in computers).  This guy is a whiner.  Nothing more. 

  236. Anonymous says:

    Trying to save typewriter jobs in a computer world, the unions screwed it up again by demanding wages higher than what the market would bear.  This makes the unions look really really bad – unions are job killers.

  237. Ronreich says:

    What a dick. 

  238. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that the Union had anything to do with Smith Corona going under?   I do, and the same for Bain Capital.  The Union would not negotiate a fair package and everyone lost out.     OMG

  239. Rick says:

    This poor dupe.  The DNC will use anyone, anytime to grab power.  IF the DNC really cared about their puppet, they would give him health care and a job for life.  But true to form, the only thing the DNC cares about is power…no matter who they harm to get it.  Imagine how disillusioned this guy will be be when Obama loses the election….the DNC will drop this guy like third period French.

  240. Anonymous says:

    And your point is? I don’t see the relevance of a personal experience in the face of a general election. I’m interested in policy and strategy, not what your mother’s great uncle’s best friend heard from someone in the gas station bathroom

  241. Trusty says:

    Seems clear to me, you form a union and strike and the factory closes – what have you won?  Fools, should have taken the job as it was offered, the prior owner was going to close it anyway.  Fools.

  242. this little man even considers himself a celebrity now.

    libs are scary.

  243. Jf2424 says:

    ya and look all of the rnc joe the plumbers posting under various nicks. “ya’ll” know the holy roller types spousing one thing and doing another. Um, i hate fags..oops but i am one, airport toe tapper that is.  pathetic frauds all.

    1. D says:

      When you post, it is nice to have a point!

  244. Karenmango says:

    Can I demand every steelworker pay $500 for a typewriter for their kids?  I doubt their kids have ever seen a typewriter, but this guy wanted a job making a typewriter that no one wanted?

  245. Trusty says:

    What we need to do is bust more of these unions, especially state employee unions.  
    You think it’s bad now, wait 20 years…

  246. govdonogood says:

    blame the union – had you not listened and crossed the picket line – and had there been enough to do so – maybe it would have stayed open.
    decisions sometimes have consequences. you made yours…

  247. Bobkatcatale says:

    I grew up under the distinct impression that it was the individual’s responsibility to train themselves for work in our society and not wait about for some politician–Republican or
    Democrat–to give them a job.  What happened in your case Mr. Johnson?

  248. guynextdoor says:

    It was the union contract that bankruped Smith-Corona’s plant. They were done–finished. If Bain hadn’t tried to resurrect it through Ampad, Bain would have been money ahead. The outcome for Mr. Johnson would have been the same. I’m glad he has a new job in Pittsburgh. However, since he got a letter from Governor Romney, he must have been a union official–I note that he works for the union now and not a steel mill. Sounds like the usual bedfellows, profesional union organizers and Democrats.

  249. Nobamacustserv says:

    Gee I wonder why this moron was fired?

  250. TXPatriot says:

    I can’t stand Willard Romney, but these people just take the cake. No understanding on how capital firms work. They buy companies, sometimes those companies are profitable. If they are more profitable broken up and sold, then, that’s life.

    Who uses typewriters anymore? No wonder this guy lost his job. I’m sure the last buggywhip factory made the BEST buggywhips in the world…but when nobody needed them anymore, was the government supposed to stimulate demand by requiring all automobile owners to buy buggywhips?

    That’s the DNC and UNION solutions.

  251. BillV says:

    I’ve done the non-union warehouse jobs before, and what I’ve found out is they like to give raises. I started at $7.05 an hour, went to work everyday, on time, and busted my ass for 8+ hours within 3 months I was making $10 an hour. Within 6 months I was offered a salaried position with benefits. If that shop was unionized I probably would have gotten a 1 dollar raise in a year and been passed over for the salaried position for someone that had been there longer, simply because they were there longer. Unions only work for those that don’t.

  252. Rocco says:

    what a typical hack union loser. The only thing that this article tells me is that the Democrats and their union thug sponsors are once again pandering to the biggest degenerates in our society to win elections. Death to unionism and the decay that it engenders.

  253. Tina Ferrer says:



    Mr. Johnson? In October 1994 Smith Corona reported that its first quarter
    profit had decreased 70 percent. Poor sales of $4 million in the fiscal quarter
    ended September 30, 1993 to $1.2 million in the same quarter in 1994 after Smith
    Corona moved the last of its U.S. production from New York to Mexico. This is
    when your ex bosses, Smith Executives decided to file for Chapter 7 Liquidation

    Bottom line is Bain deferred the liquidation purchasing the assets trying to
    keep pumping air into the lungs of what was considered a buggy whip manufacturer
    as the typewriter was very much antiquated technology that would not be
    returning. Don’t tell me Bain didn’t want to keep you folks open if nothing more
    than to begin producing computing peripherals but once again your union
    leadership somehow convinced themselves that the typewriter was still cutting
    edge technology when the reality is it was obsolete. Bain was going to invest
    in retooling and new technologies to try and resuscitate a brand name by
    updating its product offerings. In reality Mr. Johnson you should have been out
    of your job in 1994 before Bain even got involved and you know this. In 1995
    your doors were shut. Out of all Smith Corona’s competition i.e. IBM, Brother
    and Olivetti, IBM was the only company that survived this transition from typewriter
    to computer. Smith Corona was a public company and all information regarding this
    time line can researched online where the above information can be confirmed.  


  254. Menlo Bob says:

    What’s his complaint?  He now works for the Democratic Party.  Is it time to ask if their workers are all unionized?

  255. DJH says:

    How utterly pathetic! So, the unions decided they were going to show the company who was boss and the company showed them! Now, you’re going to whine because the union chose to strike and the company chose to prove they don’t have to succumb to the extortion of unions?
    I’m not surprised the dnc is so desperate that they have to go back to the early 90’s but if you really want to push the union thing by all means – go right ahead! The overwhelming majority of Americans aren’t union, NOR DO WE WANT TO BE!
    Unions had a time and place and that time has long since passed – they have done nothing but hurt business and those they allegedly represent.

  256. Gerry Santo says:

    So he’s a disgruntled union hack. Big deal.

  257. A job with any company is NOT A RIGHT! what Romney did with Bain is CAPITALISM and I despise Newt Gingrich and now Rick Perry for making me defend the liberal Mitt Romney over this POPULIST attack, shame on them both and shame on their supporters who spread this crap.  Bain bought one of the companies I used to work for and it became PROFITABLE, so we all kept our jobs, that is how it works, period!

    1. Anonymous says:

      The purpose of a company is to make a profit and if can create jobs that’s great.  When a company has to downsize it keeps the best employees and the others are let go.  If you have cancer you cut out kill the cancer cells to save the life.  Romney was not the manager who decided who to fire just saved the company and the CEO management of company decides who to keep in order to be able to save the company and be able to survive and become healthy again.   It is an embarassment to see (R) candidates Huntsman, Newt & Perry repeat liberal taking points bashing Romney.  Shameful they are not conservatives to be able to spew this liberal  garbage.

  258. Anonymous says:

    When was the last time anyone reading this used a REAL typewriter? I haven’t seen one in over 30 years! Ok, how about the pseudo-electronic typewriter? Bought one of those for my son when he started college, again over 30 years ago!  It is sitting in the basement, works, but needs a new ribbon. Hasn’t been used since he graduated.  And he wonders where his job went.

  259. ez says:

    What a union whinner and idiot. Now his job is to follow Romney around complaining!

    With China making almost everything the world needs this guy voted for a strike! Genius.

  260. Drtritsch says:

    It seems to me that all of these workers would have lost their jobs if the company had not been bought by the Romney group.  His group tried to save the jobs and the union, obviously, did not.  Therefore the workers got what the asked for.

  261. Anonymous says:

    This guy has as much class as the 3+ bimbos that Axelrod hired in Chicago to lie about Cain.  Democrats bible the Saul Alinsky end justifies the means even lying, bribery or registering dead to vote.  Shameful.  Democrat pollster Pat Caddell correct when he said Democrat party is the corrupt party Republican party just the stupid party.

  262. MSC3509 says:

    Unions…who needs them..maybe China…

  263. 60sUnionmember says:

    So a company going bankrupt sells a plant to another company, which recognizes that they have to cut costs and lay off all the employees, hiring back those they feel they can afford, the employees decide they need the union and go on strike over the new old labor cost structure.  Now none of the have a job.  Have they never heard of Eastern Airlines.  They didn’t get fired, they negotiated themselves out of a job.

  264. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t he hounding Bill Gates?  Microsoft Windows killed the typewriter, not Mitt Romney!

  265. Jason Kahl says:

    So its Mitt’s fault the union would not accept the contract…He had a JOB! to make the company profitable…people get laid off all the time..only when its a UNION do you hear this much WHINING!!! He could have BUCKED the union and went BACK to WORK but he did not want to be called a “Scab” so RANDY! and RANDY ONLY put himself out a JOB!

  266. buckup says:

    A real wimp, now employed by the DNC.

  267. Nemo says:

    What a dick. He could spend his time looking for a job. 

  268. Maplesmart says:

    So Smith Corona would have been fine, but for Mitt Romney? Give me a break!

  269. Buckjones355 says:

    This is all Obama has, you just wait its going to get nasty. Obama is running with numbers lower than anyone ever trying to get reelected. He for sure can’t run on his record. The Country is going to hell in a hand basket and its all on him.

  270. Dosadoe says:

    The guy is a stalker who took leave from his union job to ba a DNC operative!  If you agree with this sort of political shenanigans, then vote for Obama and grab you ankles in the coming four years!

  271. ForcedToBeAUnionMember says:

    Sounds like you had a job and decided to follow the lemmings off the clif. Unionism is in decline and it is a good thing, otherwise our jobs would ALL be heading south and overseas eventually. I worked for General Electric in the UE and saw so many “do-nothings” working possibly 3-4 hours out of the 8 hour day. Pathetic, simply pathetic. You could KILL somebody and the union would go to bat for you. I’ll say it again…P A T H E T I C ! ! !

  272. Jeff Locke says:

    I was in the office equipment business at that time.  Other than IBM goof ball machines, what was left of the typewriter business had been taken by the Japanese. Those Smith Corona machines were consumer junk. 

    The company was facing bankruptcy anyway.  If they Smith Corona had just gone out of business, who would this DNC prostitute be following? 

  273. So the union screws you, and you run around blaming Romney for it.  How much is the DNC paying you for this?  Loser…..

  274. Defins says:

    Blame the Union not Romney

  275. Steve in Missouri says:

    The super-rich class, Romney and his cronies, are attacking the working class. This started in Britain with Thatcher, and in the US with Reagan.  It is well underway, and the 1 % is doing very well.

  276. Anonymous says:

    This guy is an obsessed loon. Everyone can see that clearly. No one but a loon who is “obsessed” in an un-natural & unhealthy way would “stalk” a politician.
    He must be looking for some pay-off. The Left is paying him to stalk Romney.

  277. Anonymous says:

    Nothing Mitt Romney did or has done with Bain Capital is anywhere nearly as  bad as what Obama and the democrats have done to the American Economy creating huge debts and deficits and taking America to the brink of total disaster that the people will be burdened with for  decades to come. 

  278. Holistic says:

    Randy, I ‘m so jealous that you have no life and are so desperate for you 15 minutes that you would stop this high. I hope I can some day be as loathsome as you but I doubt I can be.

  279. groupguy says:

    I used to have a factory with US customers, their and our costs were too high to compete globally (where the rest of 96% of humans live, and where real growth markets are). Our customers and we had to put a plant in Mexico or China where pay was 1/8th here to compete and stay in business, which we did- and stayed in business designing and making products to sell to the rest of the world while allowing the Chinese to get better living standards.  Just in my small company we saved 100 jobs in the US. 

    Now the Vietnamese and Filipinos and Kenyans will work for 1/8th the Chinese, and work is going to those countries- allowing the Vietnamese and Filipinos and Kenyans to have better living standards.  The extent that it is US companies building those factories instead of European, Indian, or Chinese will determine how many US jobs can be saved vs. how much of global resources will accrue to non-American interests.  Reagan understood this, which is why we’ve seen 30 years where US living standards have increased some while living standards of the rest of the world drastically improved.

    It may be a race to the bottom, but we better be racing- else, we’ll become just spectators in the race for global resources…

  280. Moop says:

    Or he could get a job…

  281. Jim says:

    I wonder if the 500k troops that Obama just announced he was going to lay off will follow him from event to event this year…

  282. Rocketman says:

    Let’s keep this guy out there. For every person he tells his story to, you can bet that’s another vote for Romney. Socialists and unionists are all the same. They will bite the hand that feeds them and then scream and holler when the body attached to the hand dies. Good riddance to this worthless bum! The pity is that with Romney in office, this worthless person may just be rehired in a business that makes it. Socialists, on the other hand, want nothing to do with losers like this.

  283. Vector Template says:

    Spoiled Union Brat – if you don’t show up for work, why shouldn’t you get canned or outsourced?! Duh…

  284. BadMan says:

    Finally, acandidate that will not cave to UNIONS. Unions are the path to non-profit and closures. Detroit is a great example of a union led campaign. Unions are infiltrating government jobs and now the government is caving in to union demands to shut down offices by striking. Please, union members strike, I know a boat load of more experiences and non-lathargic employees that would love to have your benefits. Go Romney or ANYONE against UNIONS. Lazy, pathetic union workers are the only ones I have encountered in America. Unions are one step short of socialism. Why can’t these members ever get a job and keep one on their own? Because they are about themselves first, then the business. Hence, why so many union businesses are colsing and moving overseas. Thanks Unions!

  285. Goingupyonder2 says:

    So as usual the DNC is PAYING OFF Obama supporters to work for his campaign.  Not much differet than paying the poor to vote for him or raising the dead to vote for him.

    2012–The End of an Error!!!

  286. Let go some workers to save the business. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve been laid off in two recessions, and it sucks. But we never hear about the people who are able to keep their jobs because of the cuts made. Would it be better to keep everyone employed only to see the entire business go under?

  287. the lord says:

    The 2 million people out of work because of the Obama administration policies should be sent around to all of BOs speeches.  

  288. Il Bui says:

    “They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.”

    Typical stupid libs.  Wiped out their own jobs.  Sub-50 IQ types.

  289. John Gray says:

    Ok, I’m convinced.  It’s everywhere and always wrong to lay off people. QED.  Oh, and created jobs have to be high-paying to count.    Oh, and unless the CEO of a finance company is physically in the shop where Randy can eyeball him, Romney’s job creation doesn’t count, either.  Ah, all clear now.   Please, I can make a better argument against LBO’s than this moron.  Media, this is a slow softball going over the plate.  Please expose this fool for what he is.  Should take bout 5 min, unless he’s hiding his good arguments from this reporter.

  290. Jacob says:

    Boo hoo hoo loser.

  291. Anonymous says:

    “He said he can barely watch Mr. Romney on TV.”

    But he can’t get enough of him in person.

  292. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t it be clear to Mr. Johnson, the Dems and anyone with half a brain that the unions refusal to negotiate is what led to the loss of his job?

  293. realistic_01 says:

    Big demand for Smith-Corona typewriters in 1994, huh? Doubtful. The “once-profitable factory”? When? Before the advent of the PC and word processing software in the 1980s? Buggy whips were a profitable business too, at one time. Sounds like Ampad tried to renegotiate the union contracts to reflect the realities of falling demand, but like normal, the union would have no part of it, expected typewriter sales to maintain their overpaid, over-benefited lifestyles forever, so Ampad closed them down in the interest of the stockholders.

  294. libs caused the problem.

    now, pay the poor man to think he’s part of the solution.

    useful idiotss.

  295. GolfP says:

    Shouldn’t he be protesting the ones who closed up the shop? Typical lefty, blaming someone else for his misfortunes. This is what is wrong with this country and what will bring it down.

  296. Djsmywife says:

    Hmm, yet ANOTHER person with a lost job!  Wait, the Union couldn’t have been responsible could it?  …..

  297. Rascal69 says:

    Smith Corona…they manufactured typewriters for God’s sake!  Why couldn’t he work for a Buggy Whip factory, same difference.  In case anyone is too young to understand, typewriters are what businesses used before word processing was invented for computers.  You can find them in the Smithsonian.

  298. It would seem as if the Dem/Newt plan of attacking Bain Capital is not working.

  299. Lance says:

    His company went bankrupt,,, then union went on strike as they reorganized.  How is that Romney’s fault.  Perhaps the union should have backed up, woken up and smelled reality.

  300. Krispyatthebeach says:

    This is too funny for words. This man has held this grudge since 1994? That’s 18 years ago and he’s still upset and following Romney around? The Dems must be desperate if this is their best bet to “get at Romney”. And yes, Mr. Johnson, I imagine if you knew the whole truth of what went on, you would find your union had the most to do with your “fate”.

  301. Daltexasone says:

    I worked for Ampad during that time and on the “SCM” acquisition.  I will give you an example of how strong the union was.  The union had such a strong presence at that plant that people were allowed to casually smoke while driving fork trucks, around the paper converting machines and paper inventory.   Paper-based office products was a tough business in 1994 and that plant was not run well at all.  We tried in good faith to negotiate with the union leaders, but they wanted to continue business as normal.  The bottom line is that the jobs lost in Marion, IN due to closing that plant were picked up at Ampad’s other plants in Massachusetts, Illinois and Utah.  Nice try DNC, but I know the facts. 

  302. Sandy says:

    He made type writers now he works for the DNC, he still has a job.

  303. FLirishPM says:

    I wonder if the RNC can do the same thing and come up with someone who worked indirectly for Barack Obama and pay them to travel around and attend his speeches to “set the record straight”? Uh, good luck with that one. Obama doesn’t even have anyone who remembers him from college let alone anyone that’s ever worked along side of him in the private sector.

  304. Sheila says:

    MSNBC is partners with Bain as well.  They are all in the same bed.  Ron Paul

  305. Daja615 says:

    I guess when Romney wins the election it will be Mit’s fault when the DNC fires him too.

  306. Myviewpt says:

    Isn’t this guy embarassed that the most important thing in his life at almost 60 is that he was fired from a typewriter plant when he was 30? Pathetic.

    1. Myviewpt says:

      Maybe he can see if he can find a job at a buggy whip plant.

  307. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like this guy is not smart enough to hold down a job, if he were, he would know it is the unions fault he lost his job, just like the hundreds of thousands who lost jobs in the garment industry and other manufacturing competing on the world market. Further, it was not so much of a matter of pay but, work rules that caused much of the problem. The primary interest of unions was not their members but, getting hold of the pension funds.

  308. Anonymous says:

    Union cost him his job

  309. Cromulent says:

    Sounds like Mr Johnson is doing a bangup job with his new employer.

  310. Mr. Johnson, according to your story, you might WANT TO LOOK AT YOUR UNION for not allowing the renegotiation of the contract with the NEW OWNERS as the reason for you losing your job. Also, it looks like you are now being paid by the DNC for telling this story. When you go on strike, the value of a company goes down. It go down enough, the company goes under. Are you this stupid that you blame the new owners for not wanting a failing company? Or is it now that you are a party or union hack?

  311. TexasBob says:

    Ummm…isn’t Smith-Corona a typewriter company? You’re following Mitt around because you lost your job a typewriter company? You lost your job at a typewriter factory because you worked at a typewriter factory.

  312. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Johnson it seems fails to explain the fate of Smith Corona – it went the way of the buggy whip and that is supposed to happen when one produces obsolete products. Mr. Johnson should have looked for a job making computers but I’m sure he wanted more money than Dell, Apple, HP would pay or maybe it was just they didn’t set up a factory within a mile of his house. 

  313. Anonymous says:

    Well Randy that’s what you get for being a “good” union man. Didn’t get $35.00 per hour to stand there and turn a screwdriver? GO ON STRIKE! And these union rubes are the first to scream when jobs go overseas. Don’t believe that unions are a pox on modern business?  Go look at the sticker price of a new pick-up truck, twice as much as my parents first home. Thank you unions, or should I say the collection wing of the democrat party.

  314. Zeph says:

    I have never read worse writing than this.

  315. Judgedonaldo says:

    Smith Corona made typwriters.  Nobody uses typwriters anymore!  Is the nation supposed to subsidize product manufactors that make extinct products? God help us all.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you listen to Newt Gingrich and the unions and socialists like Barack Obama, the  answer is yes. They never seem to know where these failed businesses will get the money to make the payroll but those are just unimportant details I guess. Right Newt?

  316. UStupidAmericanVoterMorons says:

    Romney is a Demoncrat operative who is being used to crush the republican party.

    He always has and always will hold utter disdain and hate for conservatives. He spit upon Reagan and will continue every BHO policy.

    He fully supports govt. run and controlled health care and will energetically advance and promote it nationally. He hates Christian conservatives especially southerners.

    There is very tiny differences between the nightmare now or the nightmare phony running as a republican

  317. Paul says:

    Mr. Johnson it seems simply has an axe to grind and the DNC is only happy to help. The guy is a phony and nothing more than an operative for the DNC. Unfortunately, he is too stupid to realize that the labor unions are primarily responsible for all of the factories that have been shuttered across the last 40 years. Big Lab0r=Communism=DNC=Randy Johnson.

  318. fred c says:

    Is it possible Randy’s being used? … Is it fair to ask who is paying him for all the expenses he has to cover to travel around and hang-out at political meetings and all the work-time he’s missing? … Must be a very well off man to be able to afford to travel around and tell his story.

  319. Ban Sammers says:

    Typical media hit job.  So convenient for Mr Sour Grapes to be available.  That said, I’m not a big Romney fan.  Might be a cool dude but he’s not really so different from Obama.  I’ll vote Ron Paul whether he’s on the ticket or not.  Really, Mitt or Barack and we get pretty much the same policies. 

  320. Doug says:

    Somebody clue this loser in…..the “union” forced the closing of the plant.

  321. TB says:

    So where’s the problem? You attempted to negotiate a contract. Apparently set your requirements higher then the other party was willing to go and the deal fell through… Since your job hinged on the deal it went away too. Common sense would say, it ended exactly as you would expect. I own a business… If I bid to high I don’t get the work… It goes to my competition. Bid consitently too high and I’m out of business. If you can’t price your services appropriately then you can expect to be sitting idle. That’s just the reality of business. It’s time these union folks realize that before they price all of their jobs out of existence.

  322. Rich Bees says:

    Let’s get this guy the Demotivator poster with the ship sinking.  Underneath it says “MISTAKES – It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”  Fits this loser to a tee.

  323. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly, the story starts out … “The 57-year-old described how he worked at a factory making office supplies owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy”.
    What does Mr. Johnson or the DNC operative (apparently this guy does not want his name known – what a fearless individual) now paying his expenses think
    would have happened had the company not been sold at all?  At least it
    had a chance to survive by doing so.

    The story is also absent any detail as to whether Ampad fired all the workers before or after Bain Capital acquired them. It tries to give the impression that Bain Capital was in charge at the time buy covers its bets by saying “Ampad, that has recently been acquired by Bain Capital.”  My bet it was after the acquisition. Guilt by association.

    The author of this hit piece then goes on to make some other point and then returns to the story to report that the new owners “… tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided
    to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.” So the DNC apparently thinks that the firm, which was going bankrupt at the time this whole vignette began, is what defines “once profitable”.

    Every time I think the DNC and the union thugs have bottomed-out and can go no lower, they prove me wrong. 

  324. Diane Scarpelli says:

    In reading this man’s story it seems he holds the unions blameless.  They apparently were a contributing factor in the decision to sell the business, the reason for the mass firings and rehirings and ultimately played a role in the decision to close the business for good.  The purpose of a business is to make profit, not to support unions. So I would ask him, what exactly does he see the role of Romney to be in this scenario?  The new owners bought a non-profiting business with the idea of cutting costs and making it work. It was the union that blocked the attempt to save on labor costs and hence cost everyone working there their jobs. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are right. Unions seem to forget that if they push a company to bankruptcy their jobs go away.  In the case of  union big shot Randy Johnson, his company was pushed to the point where they could not compete.  And then he blamed Mitt Romney when the company folded.  

  325. Anonymous says:

    His company was going bankrupt…a good sign that the expenses are too high relative to the amount of product being sold. A competent manager would seek ways to increase sales as well as reducing costs. Since labor costs tend to be a large portion of the costs of goods produced in the US, lowering them by moving to non-union states or overseas is something likely to happen. Hard core union people seem to have a hard time grasping these realities.

  326. Fernando says:

    Sorry, Randy, I’m not buying your story. Businesses have to be profitable in order to run. Yes, it’s very nice when we have good paying jobs with benefits, but not all businesses can afford to do that. My wife wanted to start a business, but realized how expensive it was. We didn’t have the capital to do so.

    Most unions demand excessive wages and benefits for the work people do. I happen to work in corporate America and the fact of the matter is that many people aren’t really adding much value, but corporations still keep them on, trying to find something meaningful to do. Over time, though, it’s hard to justify a lot of people’s positions that aren’t really needed. Usually during recessions, corporations “trim the fat” and try to be more effective and productive with fewer employees. As the economy strengthens, they hire (usually over hire) and the fat builds back up again. This is especially true with mergers and acquisitions. M&As occur because two companies usually think they can synergy and produce more as a single entity. Well, this obviously means that you have job duplication. Large corporations can stomach the excess people (to a point), but part of the reason for merging is to reduce waste and remove inefficiencies. Machines/robots are good at this. As a IT specialist, one of my roles is to automate the low value items, so I can spend more time doing more meaningful work that saves the corporation money. If I can automate my job, I am fine with it. It means that the company was operating inefficiently.

    I dream to be rich one day. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I still have a long way to go, but I only expect to achieve by work hard, being fiscally conservative (i.e., not getting way into debt like many folk), and have a little luck along the way.

  327. Anonymous says:

    This guy is nothing. Just another socialist union big shot with socialist views.

  328. Fish or Cut Bait says:

    The Federal Government is $15+ Trillion in Debt. They borrow over 40% of their annual spending. This would be the perfect place for a private equity restructuring CEO to step in.  Mitt needs to find about 1MM Randy Johnsons on the federal payroll and cut all of them.  

  329. AMR1960 says:

    The DNC & Union goons being what they are I’m quite sure Randy was made an offer he could not refuse.  WOW! let’s promote & support more of that kind of power…

  330. Anonymous says:

    1994?  Bet this guy was still striking when the DNC picked him up.

    It’s time to get off your arse and go get another job.

  331. svede says:

    I think maybe some of these unions should buy these companies and show how they can work at a loss and keep things going. Whether Romney hired or fired is beside the point. If a CEO can step in and make the changes necessary to stay in business is more important than keeping high cost jobs at a closed company.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well there is GM but the union share of ownership was given to them, paid for by the taxpayers. I owned Chevys for over 30 years and you couldn’t pay me to own one now. Our tax money is still subsidizing their cars. Once that stops in 2013 (with our new president and congress) GM will be on the fast track to bankruptcy, again!

  332. K_Teeters says:

    ONE simple question.

    So Johnson had a job that he supported his family…..

    and that CO. was going into bankruptcy   

    Due to UNION WAGES ?

  333. Retired Conservative says:

    Mr. Johnson, you have the right as a union member to strike.  You took your chances and lost.  The plant owner had a right to close the factory.   End of job and end of story.  Now end your whining.  What has your union done for you lately! 

    This comes from someone who never paid union dues and is really enjoying a nice retirement.  I have plenty of time to chide ignorant people and to compliment those making good decisions.  Sadly, some folks are simply ignorant but still make stupid decisions. 


  334. Richard says:

    Another media attempt to distract from President Obama’s record:

    Year …..Unemployment …….….President
    1998……… 5.0%……………………Clinton
    1999……….  4.2%……………………Clinton  2000 ……    4.0% ………………Clinton2001 ……… 4.7% ………………Bush  2002……     5.8% ………………Bush 2003……     6.0% ………………Bush  2004………  5.5% ……………..Bush  2005………  5.1% ……………..Bush2006………  4.6%…………………..Bush  2007 ……….4.6% ……………..Bush  2008 ……… 5.8% ……………..Bush  2009 ……     9.3%  …………….Obama  2010  ……    9.6% ……………..Obama  2011  ……    9.2% ……………..Obama  

  335. Yeeehaawwww says:

    Aaaaahhhhh, the sad sreeching sound of union members losing jobs!  Has a nice ring to it. 

    Truth is, if your product isn’t needed or is not affordable, neither is your job.  But Johnson, you now have a job though it will go away in November.  Again, if somebody is not needed, no job!  It’s not a complex theory.  Unemployed union folks should ponder on this until it soaks in and they experience a eureka moment.

  336. Anonymous says:

    “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”

  337. Paul says:

    Meet Randy Johnson, DNC and Obama stooge. What a pathetic waste of space and how low can the “DNC” get.  Hey democrat’s, proud of your Obama having Johnny Depp piss away your tax dollars? 

  338. Anonymous says:

    So Romney made this guy’s union strike?
    Union jerk.

  339. Anonymous says:

    So some union hack went on strike and Romney closed down his company?  Sounds good to me.

    And now we’re supposed to be shocked that said union hack, still in a union, is still whining all these years later?

  340. Anonymous says:

    Get a Job LOSER!!

  341. Anonymous says:

    Shut up. No one owes you anything. There are literally hundreds of millions of people in China and India who would be very happy to feed their family by earning a fraction of your former factory wages. That is the reality of the world we live in; it isn’t going away. And the more you morons complain as if you’re entitled to receive a high wage job, the more you hurt yourself. You make me sick frankly because you peddle whiney and broken political ideology devoid of any substance whatsoever. You are the enemy. 

  342. Anonymous says:

    someone should have explained to this union-espousing dullard the subtle intricacies of cost accounting. 

    union members typically cannot justify the compensation rates/packages they demand, and are only afforded said compensation rates/packages as a result of their ability to strike (or threaten to strike) which is tantamount to legalized extortion. 

    much to the chagrin of the left, and the mainstream media, corporations are required to make a profit lest they cease to exist.  it’s simple corporate economics (which is exceedingly difficult for the left, the president, and the mainstream media to understand). 

    it’s never easy having to come to grips with having been lead astray by the idiots you elected to represent you, but such is life.  now, not only have you been lead astray by your union dimwits, you’ve also been lead astray by your elected representatives. 

    sucks to be you. 

  343. Nunya says:

    Sounds like another useless union slob with delusions of entitlement.

  344. Anonymous says:

    Who writes this crud, anyway?  The misinformation being deliberately disseminated by the DNC and this publication is easily verifiable as false.  It is publicly available because S/C was a publically-held company.  Come on, guys.  At least do a LITTLE fact-checking before putting out this tripe and please… Try to add a little balance by presenting the other side to the story.

  345. jason says:

    The story points out they closed the “once-profitable factory”.  When you stop making a profit it’s time to shut it down. They also point out the DNC is footing the bill to fly him around and direct reporters his way. Could they get a few of the folks who lost there job working for Solyndra to tell their sob story? Maybe they could get the widow of the slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. She could tell everyone how it feels to have your husband killed with a gun from Fast and Furious?

  346. Anonymous says:

    The only people who would listen to this crap are other union workers.  The rest of America understands when a product is no longer in demand you don’t continue to produce it.  I don’t know of many companies who”cut off their nose to spite their face” just to fire people.  I worked in photo developing lab but digital photography has phased us out.  I guess I should be whining and crying and finding someone to blame.

  347. trajan lodge says:

    If a company can’t self sustain, it dies, period. That’s life. Going around whining about it is absurd. This why competition breeds excellence, out of necessity to survive. This is how the US achieved the highest general standard of living in history. Now the DNC is running around preaching that everybody should be a ward of the state. Sounds like Communism. DNC are deluded parasites.

  348. Stuey says:

    Hey Randy… You thought you could make typewriters until you retired in 2020?

  349. NoMoreMrNiceGuy says:

    He created your job. Without him you would be irrelevant and your little buddy would be sweeping the DNC floor now! Sounds like the Union would not negotiate and killed the company.

  350. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like he should be following the union guy!

  351. Anonymous says:

    Imagine how many unemployed are going to follow Barry around.

  352. HereComesTrouble says:

    Typical whiner.  Move on — pick yourself up and get going.  No one will do it for you — not Romney, not 0bama, not clinton, not anyone!  As for your quote “Don’t tell me you are a job creator when what you created were mostly
    low-wage part-time jobs with no benefits when we had something we could
    support our families on.” — you could be talking about 0bamao.  Really, 60,000 McDonald’s jobs were his best work! 

  353. Dennis says:

    The company negotiated with the union.  Apparently the union wanted more than the company could give and remain viable.  The company closed.  Should the company have stayed open, in business, to lose money so this man could have a job?
    Libs have no common sense.  Feelings suffice for every situation.

  354. Mexican Standard says:

    I am no Obama fan, but the fact is Romney and Bain acquired the AMERICAN STANDARD plumbing fixtures corp., closed the US factories and moved the whole operation to MEXICO. Ironic no? Perhaps a name change is in order. Would you buy a product called “MEXICAN STANDARD?”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why didn’t you negotiate in good faith with management so the company could become profitable, hence remaining open? You could have kept your jobs and would still be working if you weren’t so greedy. Just think of all the union dues you paid so the union bosses could curry favor by giving it to Democrat politicians, and look at yourself now. You wouldn’t know a lie if it bit you on your a$$, you fool. 
      To make matters worse you are still stupidly shilling for the Democrats! You Sir, are a grade A jerk.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  355. Anonymous says:

    Sounds kind of psychotic after almost 20 years…he appears to survived the closure, and where does he get the money to follow Mitt Gingrich around? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on the Union fund for orphan and starving children here and abroad?

  356. dgbee says:

    So, how did the interstate highways and all those skyscrapers in every large city get built? We couldn’t do that again with all the money in the world.

  357. Fairwinds1995 says:

    Wait, they fired everyone in the shop and then rehired most of them back. Then, the union got involved and didn’t want to negotiate forcing the plant to close down. Seems to me like this guy is barking at the wrong tree!!!

  358. Rocketman says:

    Cry me a river Mr. Johnson.  I’ve been on the other side of your union goons and their veiled threats to me, my associates, my clients and my company.  “We will do whatever it takes to keep you off this project.  Whatever it takes!” were their words to me.  My company got bigger in our right to work state and the unions dried up.  I always try to buy American products but otherwise I will NEVER knowingly buy union, use union labor or support unions in any way if I have an alternative.  I very much enjoyed telling the union rep to go ____ himself when they tried to convince me to sign a union contract for labor in years since.  The unions time is long gone and never helped build America anyway.  They were always a me first organization just like the current POTUS.

  359. Bain did do something, they negotiated with the union. They could not get them to face the facts about the the companies need to make a profit, if there is not a reasonable return on their capital, they deploy it to a where it is profitable to them. Businesses exist to earn profits and jobs are the benefits to employees. In a free market you have competitors that will take all your customers if you price your product too high. The story does not say if they opened another factory in another location with labor priced at the market, not coerced by a union.

  360. Duke Chesnut says:

    Typewriter factory=Buggy Whip factory. Come on, who’s he kidding. Eastman Kodak is now in backruptcy because they did not adjust fast enough to the digital age. I still love my 35mm AE 1, but it is a dinosaur and you cannot upload it to your home printer. Adapt or die a slow death.

  361. Spectator says:

    Lets get some of the 20,000,000+ out of work people to follow obama around. I think that might balance out things.

  362. Sean says:

    On leave from a union job to heckle a republican…  Imagine that!  REAL PEOPLE have to work and don’t get the luxury of leaving work to be a malcontent.

  363. Surfer1104 says:

    Strike and jobs will go to China… So what is the issue…. ?  Its all about taxes and government debt… global economy…. Oh but wait… Clinton administration moved the social security revenue to be counted as regular tax recipients to make it look like his administration took down the deficit..  They all lie…

  364. Sean says:

    China LOVES American unions!

  365. Surfacegm says:

    So according to this troll of a human, his company along with the union were headed towards bankruptcy. Bain came along and tried to save it. The union told Bain “we like being bankrupt” so Bain said ” this business model is doomed” and closed the company and sold off its assets. I don’t get how this fool doesn’t understand that his union caused the whole mess? Does he really believe that a company exists to pay out excessive wages and benefits and not to earn a profit? Does he really believe that Bain exists to find companies with ridiculous business models, buy them and then continue bleeding finances off to the union?

  366. Anonymous says:

    what a troll.  get a life and try and accomplish something instead of stand outside political events…

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are correct, typewriters?  I don’t don’t think anyone has used a typewriter since 1979! Maybe he could find a position as a shepherd or perhaps a blacksmith.  He is as out of date as is his rhetoric, his philosophy and his political party.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  367. Guest says:

    Thank you for giving us insight into Romney’s record as a “job creator.”  I’ll be forced to vote for Obama if the republicans nominate this smooth talking corporate raider scumbag.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why not be honest.  You have no intention of voting for anyone other than Obama.  He’s the real smooth talker and talk is all he’s done!  That’s why our debt has now reached 100% of our country’s GDP.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Bite me you lying scum libtard.

  368. Duke Chesnut says:

    DNC talking point: Bain Capital cost jobs. Solyndra dies and cost jobs that were never going to be sustainable w/o tax subsidies and govt. loans.  What every one forgets, ‘Dealergate’ in order to save GM an Chrysler over 1000 small new car dealerships were closed down under the ‘shared sacrifice’ theme of the Obama regieme. Shared sacrifice cost many thousands of jobs across the USA, Mainly dealerships who contributed to republican canditates. Who killed more jobs; Obama. RNC should bring in owners, salesman and mechanics who lost good paying jobs in PROFITABLE businesses.

  369. Jrog says:

    Where are the millions whose jobs are no longer even available that should be bird dogging THE CURRENT President… and where is the media to cover that??? 

  370. None says:

    You went on strike and lost. End of story. It was stupid to do in the first place. But blame Romney for YOUR stupidity. The company I worked for laid off people and never made the connection to less and less income. They got fired in the end too. Sometimes the only way to fix things is to fire all the unhappy people and start over if you can.

  371. Jrog says:

     B.T.W.  This is exactly what they should have done with GM and Dodge, then we wouldn’t have to bail them out with Chinese money…idiots – why am I paying for GM employees’ retirement?  They ain’t gonna be paying for mine because my company is not corrupt and doesn’t own anyone in the white house like GM does. ..pathetic

  372. Mack says:

    What a worthless piece of crap. Typical lib.

  373. donk says:

    Union workers always drop to the level of the least productive members. You can always tell who the shop stewards are, they are the very least productive. Unions were necessary in the 1800s – not now. Obamamamamamama loves unions, he has given them all waivers from his socialist healthcare scam.

  374. Anonymous says:

    This so-called “victim” of Rommey’s “capitalism” is a paid lacky for the DNC!! It is out there;  it is open.  Any one who takes this as evidence of a plot to destroy the “worker” is a fool. If you want to follow the money, follow Randy Johnson.  He is a victim of his own revenge for one of the vissisitudes of life. We may have all been “let go” from a job, but we don’t go get paid for bum rapping the company we were willing to be an employed by!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah, the guy said he worked at Smith Corona. Are you kidding me? He should have just said he was a buggy whip maker. Or a cotton weaver. How is Romney supposed to ensure that 1000’s of people can be employed in the 21st century making typewriters? This is so pathetic. I would laugh except I fear too many people in the US actually believe this excrement.

  375. Cdihector says:

    Unions destroy jobs, this is what Obama in his little mind don’t get. The DNC and the union thugs are animal of the same kind.

  376. Jrog says:

    “He is ‘the job creator’ and he tells us how he does it,” Mr. Johnson said. “I haven’t seen anything where he works in shop, has been a manager of a shop. He has only worked for Bain. He’s a CEO. Don’t tell me you are a job creator when what you created were mostly low-wage part-time jobs with no benefits when we had something we could support our families on.”
    Hey moron, news flash, all these types of jobs are low wage part time.  I guess those jobs could have gone to China or Mexico like all the rest because they are UNSKILLED O.K? Sorry for the truth but you are a liar.  You telling me everyone at those jobs are part time?…B.S. I’m sorry if your job can be done by a high schooler part time and that you are not a GM union worker (many of which fit this same job scenario) and that you cannot pay off the white house to bail you out with Chinese debt notes.  But why do I have to pay for all of that with you too??? Where does the bail out end…waaahhhh!

  377. Buck O'Fama says:

    A liberal idiot union worker who follows Romney around while grifting off the DNC and lamestream media.   Yo Randy, dude,  tuck it in and you might be able to do a Cindy Sheehan and double your 15 minutes.   

  378. Wait he is blaming Mitt for his UNION killing his job? Cause thats what I got out of this story. 

  379. Huuf Arted says:

    Let me start by saying I started and ran a profitable business for over 30 years in hard times and good. With that said Randy Johnson seems to have hit the mark on old Mitt and here is why.

    The Vultures on Wall Street who broke up companies in the 80s and 90s are NOT what made America great! Companies making goods and services the rest of the world wants are what made us great and the likes of Willard (Mitt) Romney made a fortune selling American Assets; Patents and Technology to the highest bidder overseas. I lived in Michigan when his father was Governor and can tell you the apple didnt fall far from the tree when it being a self serving jerk. In case my point was lost, being a Financier is a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT than being an ENTRPANEUR and Mitt has ZERO knowledge of how to create jobs and fix our economy unless we need him to FIRESALE the USA to the Chinese to pay our Debts! Mitt aint da sh1t!Just say NO to Willard (Mitt) Romney

    1. Anonymous says:

      blah blah blah.. an OWS Obamaville is missing an idjit.

    2. Anonymous says:

      and if companies like Bain didn’t put up the investment money for companies that were failing.. producing their goods and services…. where would those companies be?  Bain turned failing companies around.. somehow you in your narrow understanding of business… can only see Wall St.  Look Wall St. isn’t a Wall… dude.
      Yeah, the guy said he worked at Smith Corona. Are you kidding me? He should have just said he was a buggy whip maker. Or a cotton weaver. How is Romney supposed to ensure that 1000’s of people can be employed in the 21st century making typewriters? This is so pathetic. I would laugh except I fear too many people in the US actually believe this excrement.

  380. geo says:

    Mr. Johnson  is a whore who has pimped himself out to the DNC, offering to give them the ‘around the world” treatment if they pay for his room.

  381. Anonymous says:

    OK now – Smith Corona was acquired as they were facing bankruptcy, the union goes on strike rather than renegotiate their contract, and the Bain subsidiary closes the factory rather than lose money.

    I’d say that Johnson is providing (unwittigly of course) testimony to management’s astute business judgement. We’d benefit dramatically from this type of thinking in Washington.

  382. Tymwltl says:

    The guy is absolutly WRONG. If the company with the union had been profitable it would still be in business. I spent 30 years in  union employment, and the owners had to bid against non union competion. That meant we had to out work, out produce, and out perform in order to make a profit to keep ourselves a union shop. We did it year after year. Do’nt compare all union shops as if they are public unions or municiple unions or mafia controlled unions. The unions that gain controll of companys deserve the negative comments, but all unions are not all bad unions.

    1. Art House says:

      Where unions have an edge is when major projects can only be bid on by union shops. That keeps out the right to work folks with often the best pricing. In the meantime only the union shops can bid the work – whereby only a union shop that “out bids” another union shop will be the winner of the bid. Not really fair to the local economy and or to non-union workers who could do the same work even cheaper. Not even a fair example of fair play. $75 per hour guys bidding against each other is still more costlky to the public than $30 per hour guys. Get it?

  383. Anonymous says:

    another one of those lunatic libturds… now stalking Romney, when it was the unions that closed the company down… this guy has been stalking Romney since 1994?  What a lunatic.  And of course “takes a leave” .. and the DNC is paying this guy to look like a stalking lunatic.

  384. Barfy says:

    Screw him!

  385. Barry OCarter ll says:

    So he’s a union guy who is being paid to take a leave of absence to “bird dog” Romney. That says it all…

  386. Huuf Arted says:

    Ill tell you what will be the end of our country is the attitude of the average American at all levels wanting to get over on the next guy…

    The Welfare Class expects Big Govt to get over on the working voters. Union workers expect their Union to get over on Management. Management tries to get over on their workers. In the simplest of terms we have become Europe with Serfs fighting Owners and the Elite class playing both sides against the middle and screwing both sides. A pox on ALL your houses, enjoy the financial collapse coming to America cuz there isnt any fixing things here.

  387. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the DNC can send someone who used to worked at the Chrysler engine plant in Kenosha, WI to follow Obama around.  The plant closed and Chrysler moved the jobs to Mexico after the government bailed out the unions out with our tax money.  That happened in 2009, not 1994; and they made engines, not typewriters. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      GM  opened 2 small engine plants in Mexico.  “Adios” American jobs.   You out of work union guys Keep paying your Dues Obama campaign needs the money.

  388. Guest says:

    It’s been nearly 20 years… get over it & get a real

    1. Anonymous says:

      He has a real job.  The DNC pays him to travel and speak.

  389. Homerfinn says:

    unions made this Country great, but they have become so large and expensive
    that they hurt labor rather than help it.  The employees of  tech giant, Foxconn located in China and
    pumping out 300,000 IPads a month, requires 13 hour days 7 days a week of their
    workers.   Workers live at the factory n 10′ by 10′ rooms
    with up to 14 beds stacked so close that one cannot roll over.  They  commit suicide at an alarming rate.  The factory has almost no automation as labor
    is so cheap.  It does not matter how many
    times we renegotiate contracts with American union workers, the reality is that
    nearly free labor in China, will eventually eliminate most manufacturing jobs
    in the First world.  Have your kids be lawyers,
    doctors, finance majors or robotic repair men. 
    And teach them Mandarin and Spanish. 
       The labor pool will continue to grow as jobs
    become more scarce.   Cities  will buy their  labor from these pools as the cost of unionized
    labor will increase to the point that there will be no more money left in the
    budgets.   This won’t happen in the future, it started happening
    about 30 years ago.     

  390. Jane Fulmer says:

    It sounds like his company went bankrupt because the UNION would not deal. The UNIONS have chased manufacturing out of the US with their bankrupting demands. The UNION does not put workers first and they have become Marxist operatives, creating crisis’ and causing disruption and division around this nation.. You have to collapse a nation to rebuild it into a Marxist Utopia where there are two classes of people, workers and rulers. 

  391. Soreneagle says:

    Loser – Randy gambled with a strike just like Mitt did in buying a failing business. Randy you should vote for Romney so he can fight the China battle and bring back some jobs.

  392. Noneofurbusiness says:


  393. Go whine to your union bosses. They are the ones who cost you your job.

  394. Anonymous says:

    All you doubters of Romney… who would you rather have, lame duck Obozo, controlled by Republican house and Senate, or Romney controlled by Repub senate and house…hmmm ?
    Thought so.

    1. Anonymous says:


      Anybody But Bumbling Barry Oblamo.  Better Ronald McDonald than Barry – at least the one clown has real world experience and integrity.

  395. Paulj1938 says:

    I think the man should be blaming his UNION for his loss of work. Like all unions they only benifit the union hacks not the working stiffs.

  396. Vail1985 says:

    mr johnson just has a case of the a$$ which has apparently been festering for quite some time – companies are generally not purchased by Bain-types unless they’re in trouble (smith corona – typewriters?) – mr johnson lost his job because of the union strike – shame on you union for depriving mr johnson of his livelihood

  397. Roesterle says:

    exactly what is this guys point?? so confusing. sounds norma Bought and paid for by the DNC for a real life story… BLAH BlaH NOTHING new here

  398. Chuck Sims says:

    Randy Johnson gets rehired by a company fighting bankruptcy and then he goes on strike. He gambled, he lost. Suck it up and quit complaining.

  399. Anonymous says:

    So who is paying for this gentlemans travel expenses now?  Is there an additional salary involved? 

  400. Capnmerica says:

    Wait, so Mitt stood up to the union and was even willing to close down an unprofitable plant rather than cave to the Union? Why is this bad again? The Dims are helping Mitt, not hurting him. 

  401. CommonSense says:

    Did anyone in the media think to ask this big johnson-head what products Smith Corona and Ampad made?   Typewriters and writing pads and typing paper!!!!  He should have gone over to the buggy whip company or the rotary telephone plant and gotten a job.  Hey johnson-head, your product went obsolete due to personal computers and the plant closed. 

    This is your typical dumbocrat, union robot and the moronic reporters who elevate people like him.    I am constantly amazed at how stupid this country is becoming.  

  402. Fran says:

    This guy was fired in1994 and still is unemployed? And still bitching about his job? I got laid off twice during this period and managed to get jobs quickly. By the way what is a type writer? Is it compatible with Microsoft office? Lol. He is working for DNC now, he knew Kennedy in 1994. Nobody could find him a job for this parasite? I sympathize with this guy. DNC is flying him around the country, making him eat that crapy airline food and probably paying him lousy 10000 union dollars a month to keep him happy. Occupy walstreet guys can learn a lot from this guy! Or did they already know how to steal from the rich?

  403. Art House says:

    Sounds like Mr. Johnson learned a lesson he does not want to forget. He lost his job because the UNION pushed a strike on a struggling company. He wants to blame someone – so why not Romney? When I had a glass business in 1978 in West HAven CT – I bought the company from ole Sonny Cobdin – it was open shop. The employees wanted to vote in a union – I told them if they did, I would close the doors. They did – and so did I. Who was to blame for 17 lost jobs? The UNION and those who thought they could force themselves on a small time business owner who was only 27 at the time. The UNION cost those jobs and they cost Mr. Johnson his. Too bad – wawawa. Venure Capital firms buy into failing businesses. They take risks and not everyone is worth it. Johnson took a risk and joined a strike. Bad choice – now just suck it up and shut up! You lost your own job.

  404. Skibum says:

    Meet Randy Johnson….Fired striker….

  405. Anonymous says:

    And Obama blamed ATM machines for people losing their jobs… and it’ s Romney’s fault typewriters went obsolete?  Mr. Johnson.. you are an idjit.

  406. Skibum says:

    For every Randy…Repubs should put up 20,000 unemployed because of liberal regulations against job creating industry..  And Union hard heads who caused shut downs rather than conceding anything…

  407. Anonymous says:

    Randy Johnson–what a piece of work you are!  Better yet, you’re setting yourself  up to be a poster child of deadbeat complainers–people who continue to blame someone else for their misfortune–“lurking” closely to successful people–trying to “haunt” them, all the while you are a “victim” of the realities of world of business.  Are you really proud of this?  Do you really think you’re going to get the sympathies of  this nation just because you’re being used by Newt and the DNC???   How about going out and getting a job since it’s obvious your helpful local union destroyed your business with their greed–and you imply it was Mitt Romney?!!  How about taking a serious look at your union officials and all the jobs they cost you and your “friends”.  They’re the ones you should be “haunting” and “lurking” around…I suggest you start following Newt and the DNC as you are their patsy of the moment.  Shame on you, but this is probably your “fifteen seconds of fame”–hope you like being used!

  408. Padutch says:

    I will vote for who ever runs against “O” just because I do not want to be like Europe. I like being free and will fight for that freedom.

  409. AUNTRAINES says:

    What really gets to me about this guy who is dogging Romney, HE TOOK A LEAVE FROM HIS CURRENT JOB TO FOLLOW ROMNEY AROUND!!!!!! DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT?

    1. Anonymous says:

      More like being paid by the DNC to run around dogging Romney….

  410. LOLA says:

    The article states he started dogging Romney in 1994. That’s 17 years ago. Lots of people have lost good jobs through no fault of their own. We can’t force companies to stay in business just to keep employees working. We don’t live in a Communist country. Ya’ have to get over this and move on. I’m not a big Romney fan but really–to condemn the guy because he was an investor. They tried to give the company a chance. They recognized the union when they rehired more than half of the employees. You can’t expect companies to run a non-profit business because you need a job.

  411. overandout says:

    Without Bain, this fella might have been out of work a few months sooner….”he worked at a factory making office supplies owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy, sold his plant to another company”

  412. GaltTX says:

    mmm mmm that’s some tasty class warfare. This will pale in comparison w/ what they come at Mitt w/ if he gets the nomination.

  413. Anonymous says:

    So the company this guy was working for was about to go bankrupt and everyone would have lost their job. Romney’s people bought the company, but the union insisted on everyone losing their jobs by forcing the plant to close. So how is Romney to blame for any of this?

  414. Jon says:

    Maybe if the union had renegotiated their contract they wouldn’t have shut down the company. Mr. Johnson seems to think that unions should be able to drive up the cost of labor until it puts companies out of business, but it’s the CEO’s fault for actually firing the workers when he doesn’t have any money left to pay them.

  415. Bladernr1001 says:

    Hmmm…Smith Corona…for those of you old enough to remember that was a typewriter company…they made typwriters.  Typwriters have gone the way of the buggy whip if you have not noticed…..having been replaced by computers and other more advanced word processing devices.

    So SC was going down anyway….this is just so tranparent…it is stupid

  416. Shepherd says:

    Meet Randy Johnson, another sad sack, libtard, cry baby, poster child for idiots.  No soup for you.  NEXT!

  417. Steve Andrews says:

    Quite a long time ago economist Joseph Schumpeter described the capitalist principle of “creative destruction.” 

    Because we are imperfect and sometimes make bad decisions, it is sometimes necessary to liquidate or attenuate bad investments and employ the proceeds elsewhere in the hope of making a more successful investment. 

    Sometimes it is just a matter of laying-off part of a company’s workforce, and / or a remix of equipment and facilities and employees — and in some instances it is not possible to save a company — resulting in the layoff of the entire workforce and the liquidation of assets in favor of the highest bidder, freeing the remaining capital for investment elsewhere. 

    In the dynamic free-market economy — the greatest wealth engine in history — we are free to succeed or fail. 

    No other system has raised the standard of living of human beings, by the billions of people, in the shortest time in all of human history. 

    Today, however, we are not “capitalist,” and that anti-capitalistic mentality in the White House hopes to destroy capitalism, even while lying that this is not his goal. 

    As with Bush Jr, OhBummer argued for taxpayer bailouts of companies which tried to “privatize” [keep] their profits while “socializing” [sharing] their losses. 

    This is not “capitalism,” however. This is fascism, and those who accuse OhBummer of being a “socialist” forget that both of these tyrannies are “statism” — and that all statists are brothers in the war to hijack your wallet, take up residence inside it — and shut you up and silence your complaints. 

    Oh, and to forbid private ownership of weapons and ammo for self-defense — a confiscatory measure DOUBTLESS unrelated to their dictatorship.

  418. Anon says:

    He’s only doing it to get Wasserman to agree to a date at Red Lobster, but she never will.  He disgusts her.


  419. Everton Ferreira says:

    Union mentality.   It is rather immature.   To start feeling so entitled is foreign to me.  It really is a difficult world in my view and not made any easier by union types that act as though I should play second fiddle to others cause they are union thugs.

  420. JKR8 says:

    Sounds like this LOSER can blame his sissy a$$ union for losing  his job, not Romney!  And who is paying for this LOSER to fly around to all these places?  I smell Al Sharptounge and the SOROSDNC spending obutteads crack mopney on this L-O-S-E-R!!!

  421. Indylator says:

    Wow, What a pitiful figure and an absolutely lame story. I say fly him everywhere with this ridiculous attempt at manipulation that the American people will see through and the backlash will benefit conservatives.

    Did I read correctly that he is on leave from his Steel Union “job”? Does this mean he doesn’t actually make anything and is one of the army that they send out every election year to “volunteer” even though they are being paid which is their cute way of circumventing elections laws. He and they should go to jail!

  422. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me? The company went under because the union would rather its slaves lose their jobs than they lose power. The union bosses played a game of “chicken” with their members’ lives and lost. And you blame Romney? And then the guy latches onto a cushy  union job with the steelworkers because he’s a shill for unions, and then the DNC parade him around like a puppet. Why not dress him up in a chicken suit like that idiot who stalked H.W. Bush? Why not have him wear a sandwich board saying, “I’m a paid shill for the DNC”? He’s bought and paid for and I don’t care a whit what he says. Go back to your no-show job at the corrupt  steelworkers union that you got despite having come from a manufacturer of stationary products. But it’s just the underhanded, corrupt tactics we expect from the corrupt DNC.

  423. Viarlastic says:

    Got the look of a useful idiot

  424. Indylator says:

    I can’t even stand to look at the guys picture.  What a loser.

  425. Anonymous says:

    What a little issue for a person to be fired.  Omg….How many other job creators have fired people?  Get a life.  Obama has put about 10% of this economy out of work. 

  426. Firstsergeant04 says:

    Your Company Was Bankrupt Another Company Bought It Tried to Turn It Profitable Your Union Wouldnt Negotiate So Factory Was Shut Down And You Are Bitching it was Romneys fault ???? Get a Clue The Union screwed You and You Blindly Following you screwed Yourself

  427. Martin Weiss says:

    Lets get this straight.  The company he was working for was going bankrupt.  Were they just supposed to lose money year after year while continuing to pay employees ?   And then later the union doesn’t renegotiate even though the company was losing money.  Sounds to me that the union’s intransigence  lost this guy’s job.

  428. Rocket Man says:

    If this loser spent as much time seeking employment by relocating to one of the locales he likes to trapes around badmouthing on the DNC dime rather than whining his “woe is me” tale to state controlled media, he’d be successfully employed by now. He’s the poster boy for the union controlled nannystate.

  429. Rocket Man says:

    If this loser spent as much time seeking employment by relocating to one of the locales he likes to trapes around badmouthing on the DNC dime rather than whining his “woe is me” tale to state controlled media, he’d be successfully employed by now. He’s the poster boy for the union controlled nannystate.

  430. I have a dream to.  I dream to work in a right to work state.

  431. LJ says:

    There are three, relatively small steps tht could turn the US econoy around so fast,it would make your head spin:

    1. Reduce corporte tax to zero. Corporations do NOT pay tax, they merely build it into the price of their services or product. So consumers like you and me end up paying it.

    Outsourcing is  pain. You have to deal with foreign cultures, languages, bureaucracy, long supply lines, time differences. It would not take that much to make it attractive for companies to bring their plants back here. All those newly-hired workers, no longer receiving unemployment, food stamps and other taxpayer-funded welfare would becom taxpayers, consumers – Tax revenues would go way up at all levels.

    2. De-politicize the unions.They need to get back to their roots. Represent workers fairly and reasonably. This would also make us way more competitive again.

    3. Start a program to exploit OUR resources to reduce foreign cash outflows, pay down debt and make REAL viable alternative energy work – not the subsidized joke boondoggles we now have. It would also reduce world pollution.

    3½. And while we’re at it, let’s cut the Federal government way, way back. The “land of the Free” has become the “Land of the over-regulated” There are MANY whole departments in DC that have no buines being there. Close all but those actually needed for soiety to funcion.

    1. DAVID MOWERS says:

      U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its
      electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it
      wishes at no cost.”

      -Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve

  432. JoyB says:

    Newt doesn’t need to spend any more of his millions in donations to distort Romney’s record. The press is doing it for him. I was curious about this subject so I did some research. Bain did a lot better than most companies of their kind but some plants were doing so poorly they either had to go bankrupt or drastically lower costs. One has to put in some study on economics to get how this works. 

    Socialism is the opposite and when it artificially supports unsuccessful companies, it eventually drags down the whole economy. Bain created a lot more jobs than they cut and most were American jobs.

  433. Anonymous says:

    So when the Dems say they’re afraid of Romney what they really mean is …’Whatever you do, don’t throw me in that briarpatch!’  Don’t worry it won’t be my vote throwing you in a briarpatch. My vote for Newt will throw Obama in a soup pot to stew.

  434. They had their chance to save their jobs – but the Union refused to make a deal.  Old company couldn’t survive with the Union – so went BK.  The Unions drove them under.  Wiped themselves out.  New company tries to finesse the Union and give the workers back jobs – but whoops – The Unions finessed them back because the rehired more than 50 % of the former Union workers.  – Then the Union promptly crushed that attempt to save the business and their jobs.  Oh Well.  Tell all those Romney people how you and your Union cronies destroyed two companies and wiped out your own jobs.

  435. Suds54 says:

    ??? and union greed had nothing to to with the closing.  what is he a paid demo-rat whiner

  436. Allen_osborn says:

    So, Romney fires union workers? He’s got my vote!

  437. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we can get the 1200 employees of bankrupt Solyndra to follow Obama around when he is out campaigning. 

  438. In2frets says:

    Another one for big money, large corporations and oblivious to the comon man. Greed is unattracvtive to most, hopefully that “most” will show up in droves to vote

  439. Levi Strauss says:

    Lets see, Obama’s realistically’s only cost us about 12 million jobs when you figure the real unemployment numbers and its only cost us five trillion dollars?  What’s not to like?  

  440. The Grey Man says:

    Sir, you got laid off by a TYPEWRITER company in the computer age.  Go figure.  And it happened 18 years ago.  What have you been doing since then besides whining?  I you’d gotten laid when you were laid off, you could have produced another anti-Romney vote by November’s election………

  441. Anonymous says:

    He needs to join OWS now, and become an even more useful idiot.

  442. Anonymous says:

    Hummmm…  the UNION insisted on renegotiating a UNION contract that the employer wanted nothing to do with it.  The UNION decides to strike, and like good little UNION lemmings, you went on strike and the company closed the plant, therefore you no longer have a job.


    The company refused to be strong armed by a UNION and you all lost your jobs because of the UNION. 

    I fail to see what a politician has to do with your UNION costing you your job.

    1. David Mowers says:

      “NO ONE OWES YOU A JOB.” …even when WE pay for it?

      The Fed Audit

      July 21, 2011

      The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve
      uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping
      $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and
      businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
      An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law
      passed one year ago this week directed the Government Accountability Office to
      conduct the study. “As a result of this audit, we now know that the
      Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial
      assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and
      corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” said
      Sanders. “This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged,
      you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

  443. Anonymous says:

    I revile Romney for many reasons, not the least of which his comment that is FIVE (!) (creepy) sons didn’t need to serve in the Armed Forces because they were helping him get elected (in 2008).  HOWEVER, the REASON all the jobs are gone is because of “free trade” with low-wage countries.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for one company to pay its American employees a living wage when its competitor pays its employees 40 cents an hour (with no benefits) to do the same work in China.  THE ONLY SOLUTION is to end “free trade” with low-wage countries.  NONE of the candidates are even talking about that, which is why I understand that America is finished.  God help us!

  444. Unions destroy economies says:

    From the article – “The DNC, he says, pays for his flights and for a hotel room, and he needled the DNC operative following him around for making him pay for tolls and buy lunch as they travelled around New Hampshire.”

    This guy is a total loser who would rather complain all day then get a job. I’m glad he lost his job. Too bad we can’t send him to Cuba or North Korea where he could really enjoy his ideology in action.

  445. Aaron says:

    How can a company be profitable if it is in bankruptcy! This whole article is a bunch of democratic balony(99% bull and 1% lony)

  446. Kent Betts says:

    I don’t think the American people ever considered Romney a leading choice for the presidency.  The main person who likes the idea is Romney himself.  So he goes around acting charming and saying whatever people want to hear.  As long as he is beaming his smile around and talking jibberish, no one has a chance to consider what a weak choice for president that he is.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If he is the one opposing Obama, he is far more qualified than the one he is running against.  I have trouble understanding how anyone but a far left loon could even consider voting for Obama.

  447. Mark Dargus says:

    The company was bankrupt.  It was bankrupt (like GM) BECAUSE of the union.  This stiff, and his new employer the DNC think that people are ENTITLED to union jobs making top wages, gold plated benefits, and generous pensions in spite of the economic reality.  Without Bain capital, the company would have been liquidated, period.  Instead, “most were rehired”.  Randy Johnson needs to stop being such a loser and get one with his life.  Nobody owes him anything.  Not Romney, not the taxpayers.  It’s people like Randy who have DESTROYED this nation with their entitlement mentality.  Oh yeah, and cynical politicians like Obama and the DNC have exploited this childish mentality for their own gain.

  448. Anonymous says:

    No sympathy from me.  Just one more business run into the ground by the unreasonable demands of trade unionists.  If Mitt Romney was jacking them up, I want to vote for him even more.

  449. Aaron says:

    Obama would have bailed them out and the taxpers would have owned the company.

  450. I am no one. says:

    Mitt Romney is a big government, big entitlement, tax and spend, global warming liberal.  He’s still a better choice than Obama, but not by much.

  451. Ajdarwin says:

    People from my generation were taught to find a good company and go to work for them for thirty years and then retire.  Worked for the last generation.  It did not work for us.  Like many of the people out there, our jobs were sent overseas.  They (the government) sent most of the jobs either directly or indirectly by their actions and legislation.  It made for short term profits.  Now, no one has a job making anything.   Companies change as times change, Hewlett Packard is now known for calculators, or computers, whereas before they made parts for cars.  Companies can’t change if it is so cheap to relocate somewhere else.   I believe most of the people denigrating this man have not had their life ripped out by circumstance the way his was.  Not to worry, if our economy continues the way it is, many of you  will get to share the experience.  Once the middle class is gone, there will be no market for anything the rest of you have to offer.

  452. Anonymous says:

    this is common sense…….when a company takes over others in trouble. sometimes its a success and sometimes not. 

  453. You priced yourself out of the market!!! 

  454. Anonymous says:

    Meaningless stuff when we look at this….Romney’s handler,Orit Gadiesh, the daughter of a Berlin-born Israeli general, served in Israeli military intelligence and has worked closely with Romney since at least 1993. Romney appointed Gadiesh to his transition team when he was governor of Massachusetts. Romney’s close relationship with Gadiesh and Israeli military intelligence is the real reason he is the chosen candidate of the Zionist establishment.He is being supported by high-level Zionists and their controlled media network….sent from my buddy to me this morning…

  455. John Clement says:

    Smith Corona? they made typewriters and since computers hit the market the typewriter market has dried up. it is like the buggy whip industry going broke when automobiles hit the market. the market changed and you get mad when you refuse to change your job or skills to meet the challenge? no sympathy here, it is the Serengeti Plain out in the real world. adapt or die.

  456. Anonymous says:

    Another union crybaby.  I’m glad the plant was closed and a bunch of union jobs went away.  It’s obvious that they can’t compete in the real world.

  457. Anonymous says:

    Wow…..ran one company into the ground, forced the closing of a reorganization and now wants to cry about it.  Union labor is s t u p i d labor……and ya just can’t fix s t u p i d.

  458. Joe Bob says:

    Most are missing the point, Smith Corona and AMPAD makeing office supplies? Sounds like a doomed industry to me.

  459. Anonymous says:

    So basically the story is how the unions caused a whole factory to be closed and everybody lost their jobs. Time to get rid of unions.

  460. Cape Cod paulie says:

    Capitalism can be as painful as it is pleasurable.  When a company is failing, it needs to be re-structured.  Unions can kill a company….because like anything else, they may start with good intentions but they can cause as much pain as they create pleasure.


  461. Pesmith12 says:

    Just makes me love Romney more.

  462. Doubting Thomas says:

    Of course the union made no unreasonable demands of the company.   Like no contribution to health care, ridiculous paid holiday schedule, no contribution pension, etc.  This is a global economy and the union concept is just not competitive.  Wake up!

  463. Krisppusa says:

    Lets see if obama….wants to run on his record DNC?

    Four more Years…..Huh!

  464. JP says:

    What an idiot.  Your company is bankrupt and your union is unwilling to negotiate.  Romney should use this story to his benefit.  Romney can tell the country how unions are destroying  jobs because their greedy leaders could care less about workers.

  465. Cncart says:

    Mitt did create a job for this guy. It looks like he unwittingly accepted a “community organizer” job because of his experiences. I wonder why he sat out the 2008 campaign; maybe because the economy was doing better, and the opportunity cost for protesting was too high. What a tool!

    1. Anonymous says:

      No, I think the DNC wasn’t willing to pay ‘union wages’ so he sat it out.

  466. I don’t see what Mitt has to to do with the fact that unions are like a bad case of tapeworms: they take and take until there’s nothing left and both host and parasite eventually die.

  467. Common Sense says:

    This guy and his union buddies are the ones who kill jobs. Parasites who kill their host and then whine about not having jobs. Price a product out of the market, kill the company- oh that’s alright, but it’s somebody else’s fault. 

  468. Mac says:

    Smith Corona?  The typewriter people?

    I had a great job after high school, “putting up” calls for the phone company.  Essentially an incoming call would light on a circuit board and I’d have to “peg up” the call by connecting a wire to an outgoing circuit so that the call could leave my home town and go to its destination.

    It was a great job, but like the Typewriter, it was no longer a viable one 10 years later.

  469. DapperDon says:

    I wonder when, or even if, these 99%ers will ever learn that businesses are in business to make money.  They are not in business to create jobs, give something back to the community, or supply people with 6 weeks of  paid vacations every year.  These things may happen, but they are not the primary goal of any business.

  470. Cjmas65 says:

    He had his job back when Ampad (Bain) took over, but the UNION wanted more and went on to strike.  How different was the pay package from Bain or what the Union wanted.  The employees choose the union rather than a job.  The company was facing bankruptcy obviously the old way did not work.  Why would Ampad continue with a failed business model.  Who was greedy, I would say the employees who thought they were entitled to make anything they wanted.
    Business is business not an entitlement  program.  

  471. Wow- a spoiled union worker is blaming someone else other than the union who drove the company out of business for the loss of his job? And Obama is paying him to whine about it? I am shocked. Shocked I say!

  472. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he should be bird-dogging the union that got his factory closed.  The U.S. got to be the largest economy in the world by producing the most efficiently and always getting better … yes, that does mean producing as much as possible with as little as possible … which does mean paying the lowest wage to the fewest people to get a given job done.  

    For those who support unions, let’s say you were having your roof re-shingled and you found someone to do it for $2900, but then the union came in and said NO, that will take 8 men, 7 days and it will cost $9000 … who would you choose?  …hmm, suddenly you stop caring about the workers lifestyle when the cost will impact your family finances … that is the same situation businesses address ever single day.

  473. Is it true that the Democrats have an ex-buggy whip maker on call to whine about his loss of job too?

  474. Bill Haire says:

    His company “Rehired” most of a failing company and the union strikes. I’m confused about who I should be upset with……….

    1. Jim Vertein says:

      The company probably hired the good workers back and let the bad ones go, but leave it to the DNC and the union to hire the bad one back. Wonder if this Johnson guy is bright  enough to realize hes being used as a tool, i mean they even hirre  “handler” to keep him in line, what is he a dog? also would union funds be better used to help out union members that are un employed instead of paying these two to travel around the country. If I were a union member Id be pissed

  475. df says:

    So did Romney destroy your job, or the union.  I think it was the union.

  476. Not entirely off topic, but 325,000 expected votes seems painfully small, even in a state with 1.5 million people.

  477. Spirit88 says:

    the once profitable factory, that was sold due to the fact it was facing bankruptcy.  when was it profitable, in the 1970’s?  The surely don’t say.

  478. Ness says:

    Does this guy (johnson) have a real job?? or is he one of the 48% on the Gov’t (DNC) payroll

  479. Redhandpaddy says:

    Just another union whinger with his begging bowl out.

  480. Jim says:

    Excellent conversation below….. good job folks.

  481. Snyderanne says:

    who is paying for the unemployed worker’s travel?

    1. The DNC. He has a DNC handler who stays with him at all times. I just heard the NBC spin of this story, which started something like “The New Hampshire primary is today, but Some Critics (the capitals seem appropriate) are saying Mitt likes companies that fire workers”

  482. Thecinks1 says:

    Smith Corona!?  Ummm, do you think maybe a TYPEWRITER company had a few problems with the bottom line!  I haven’t seen an American using a typewriter in 15 years!

  483. Anonymous says:

    Political animals love to violate the rule of logic that states “you cannot argue from the specific to the general”.  Bird Dog lost his job when Mitt was CEO.  Therefore, we will all lose our jobs when Mitt is President.  Perfectly logical.

  484. Anonymous says:


    The guy worked in a TYPEWRITER manufacturing plant! 18 YEARS ago! 

    That’s right up there with Buggy manufacturers.

    More of Obama’s cutting edge technology.  

    AND he gave up a FULL-TIME job to follow Romney around, COURTESY OF THE DNC. 

    Dude, get OVER IT and GET A LIFE. Loser.

  485. Terpin92 says:

    Sounds like a whiner to me.

  486. TK says:

    Talk about Democratic spin!   The UNION fired him, not Romney.  The UNION decided to place the factory in jeopardy by striking.   But, then, I guess the union did have his back…the UNION got him a job with the DNC!

  487. Anonymous says:

    Today the DNC rolled out 165 year old great-great-great grand-dad of 264, Jeremiah McCreedy, who recalled that in 1897 BAIN CAPITAL took over the failing BUGGY INC. 

    With tears running down his leathery face, the 165 year old said to anyone the DNC could grab that: “The heartless basterds sacked everyone on the ridiculous premise that the so-called Horseless Carriage had made their business unprofitable… and I have not worked since.” 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Would be funny if it wasn’t so close to the truth.

  488. Anonymous says:

    The line, company about to go bankrupt… SOMETHING had to be done, even if it meant losing a few jobs to save THE REST OF THEM.  We’re going to use Obama logic here, Mitt didn’t remove any jobs, he SAVED a large percentage of them.. Isn’t that what the Stimulus did?

  489. Mr. Urban says:

    If I read this article correctly, the company in question is Smith Corona?  Didn’t they make typewriters?  How many of you are writing your comments on a typewriter…probably the same number that are on their way to the buggy whip store.  Creative destruction…read up on it some time!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Obviously even the writer realized the laughable idiocy of the story, which is why he wrote that Smith Corona was an OFFICE SUPPLIES manufacturer instead of TYPEWRITER maker.

  490. Sparticus says:

    Not a big Romney fan, but his company hired and fired people, that is what companies do.  Even the left wing New York Times admits that Romney and Bain hired more people than it fired.  The DNC folks have a problem with free markets, which means hiring and firing people, and sometimes people actually have to get laid off, sometimes labor strikes mean everybody loses their job, that is how life works, that is how the free market works.  Obama never worked in a business, never even managed a government agency.

  491. iamcrm says:

    Sob story! A company about to go bankrupt and a bunch of union losers who brought it to that end, and this guy wants to blame Romney. I am not a Romney fan, but this guy needs to let it go and stop begging for union dues to fund his grudge.

  492. BettyO says:

    DNC at work here!  SCUM!

  493. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    THis is what unions do:  bankrupt companies and wait for a government bailout.  Can’t always have a sugar daddy in the WH so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory which was facing bankruptcy.  Of course it was ‘once profitable;  Once before the unions bankrupted it.  This boob must really be worried about his retirement if he’s ‘on leave’ from his job.  “Hey boss, I’m going to leave you short to go whine about a job I once had.”

  494. Jimpvalentine says:

    The most dissapointing thing here are bums like Gingrich and especially the daddy’s boy Huntsman are attacking Romney for being a VC. I work with VC’s and they are some of the smartest guys you’ll come across. They are purely profit motivated, but that shouldnt be a problem. This hack is just another example with the problem with this country. A company cant make it due to union labor costs, and the company that comes in to fix it is blamed? Where does capital come from to these myrmidon democratic voters. The narrative is to blame everyone else for the fact that you are a financial wreck with no job skills. Who’s fault is it? Im sure this loser was too busy smoking refer and driving around listening to Boston in the seventies instead of developing his craft. Wealth envy is destructive enough, but when it becomes a platform, its downright dangerous. Entrepreneurs dont just grow on trees, capital isnt invested in losing concepts, unless you are from Obamaville, and without a opportunity for profit due to the risk, jobs for the pitiful poor will not be created. When our leaders fan this disparity it is truly tragic. Especially republicans, they should know better. Newt has lost all cred with me, showed his true colors with his rhetoric, Huntsman can change sides for all it matters.

  495. Vincent Crabbe says:

    Is DNC paying George Stephanopoulous too?  He can’t seem to stop talking about this this morning.

  496. Dlmmann1 says:

    Key word… union…this man is being used by the union’s to dis credit Mitt

  497. Tyrus Cobb III says:

    Must agree with YOUR FRIEND. Though I am not of the Mormon faith, I have family members that are. If they aren’t Christians, I do not know what it takes to qualify. I will not be voting for Mitt, however, it is not because I fall in line with the views of EMMANUEL. Sir, feel free to vote for (or oppose) the candidate of your choice, but please refrain from your theological rants when discussing politics. Doing so will make you and this country better.  

  498. 7cedars says:

    Johnson apparently doesn’t understand money, business, nor unions.  One, the original company was in bankruptcy.  Two, the company was bought by another company – folks still had their jobs.  Three, they were union employees, number two company didn’t want to deal with the unions.  Four, it was the union themselves who indeed lost the jobs for these folks.  No one said Johnson and others had to work for second company; nor does second company have to employ union workers.  Johnson, his fellow employees and the union decided themselves they’d rather not work, by having a strike, so second company was within their right to shuttle the company – who in the world would want to work with vermin like that?

  499. cluelessinky says:

    So the union went on strike forcing the company to go out of business and its Romney’s fault that this sorry individual is out of work?  How about following Jimmy Hoffa around and harassing him. I guess the idea of being buried on the 50 yard line of Giant Stadium is the main deterrent for that action!

  500. Anonymous says:

    So his loosing his job had nothing to do with the union going on strike and shutting down the once profitable (but then facing bankruptcy) factory and everything to do with Bain Capital?
    And the guy is taking leave from his current union steelworkers job to follow Romney around and complain about not having a job with high pay and good benefits?

    Curious’er and curious’er.

  501. Tzinser says:

    How do you get a leave of absence to travel around the country to political rallys?

    Oh yeah your employer is a big labor union and the guy you are dogging is a Republican.

    I hate the fact that Mitt romney is probably going to get the nomination but i hate hatchet jobs even worse.

  502. Anonymous says:

    Obama to invest BILLIONS of tax-payer dollars  in cutting edge SOLAR TYPEWRITERS.

    Said the great brain and dear leader Obama: “The Chinese are already investing heavily in this cutting edge technology, and if America is to remain competitive we too must pour even more subsidies into this vital product.”

  503. David says:

    A once profitable company not doing so well sold to another company, unions involved, people laid off.  Sounds like the union should have settled for what the company was offering, you might still have a job.

  504. gmoran says:

    This is a poorly written article. This guy was fired and not rehired. He’s got a complaint there, but thats business.  The high salaries in the Union and loss of profit in the Union strike resulted in loss of profit and forced the company into bankruptcy.

  505. Anonymous says:

    You lost me at Union. That word is poison. The whole idea that in order to be employeed, you have to pay to be in THE club is ridiculous.

    Tell me Randy, you want me to feel bad for you for loosing your job? Do you feel bad about my money having gone to bail out the auto industry unions? Do you feel bad that unions are receiving Obamacare waivers so their not even paying the share THEY advocated for? Do you feel bad that the teachers unions put the teacher before the child? (I could go on)

    No … then why should I feel bad for you?

  506. Anonymous says:

    My home ice cube delivery business in Minnesota was once very profitable.  Dang Republicans put me out of business.

      1. Anonymous says:

        He was counting on Global Warming spiking demand for ice cubes in Minn….and on Obama giving him a free wind-powered delivery truck.

      2. Anonymous says:

        And on the local ice cube delivery Union pension kicking in so I could retire early.

  507. John Howard says:

    So the union did its standard ‘don’t you know who we are? We’re gonna do this OUR way!’ routine and the company said ‘Homey don’t play dat.’  And somehow, it’s Romney’s fault?

  508. Anonymous says:

    This loser is the BEST the DNC could come up with?  A man who worked at a failing TYPEWRITER manufacturer 18 years ago?

    Hey DNC look around…

    There are MILLIONS of people who lost their jobs when OBAMA became CEO of America a mere three years ago.

    There are thousand of bankruptcies after CEO Obama piled on his INSANE regulations.

  509. Anonymous says:

    Just another guy on the dnc payroll…..just like the women accusing Mr. Cain though his story can be verified it is just an emotional personal story and has nothing to do Romney, who didn’t fire him his union caused the company to be shuttered. The Obama has cost millions of people their jobs, going to fire another 1/2 million solders?

  510. 4BlueStars says:

    Seems to me, if anyone wants to  blame somebody for the plant closing, blame the union.  The story is pretty clear:  ” Ampad promptly fired all of the workers at the plant, and then re-hired
    most of them. Since they were a union shop, and over half of the
    employees had been re-hired, the new owners were forced to recognize the
    union. They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually
    decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable

    To link Romney to that requires some creative rearrangement of those degrees of separation.

  511. Anonymous says:

    Romney is not my #1 guy…….but please— this story is about unions destroying this country.

    1. Please read the replies, because you sound like a seminar poster.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I thought I was commenting on the article…..not other posters.

  512. Anonymous says:

    How many people from GM were fired when Obama took over? How many car companies lost their business when Obama took over?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Better question:  How many non-union contributors were fired?

  513. Hoot says:

    Typical Union stooge…

  514. dareisay says:

    I have seen, first hand, how unions that are always wanting to strike, have shut down companies…either they moved out, or they completely went out of business.

    What I cannot understand, is why union members cannot see that constantly attacking the ones that sign your paycheck, while constantly defending the ones that take out so much each month for union dues…..never see that their dues go to help with health insurance or a retirement….it goes to the big Union guy, living high…or to a Democrat politician!

  515. Anonymous says:

    The Obama didn’t cost anyone their jobs…..until he became president ….because he was never in the position to do so….. maybe he didn’t mean for so many to loose their jobs, and maybe you can’t blame him, because he has no understanding of business. But this one sad little emotional story sure doesn’t balance out….one job vs. millions?…

  516. Jrbarnes says:

    His union made the factory uncompetitive resulting in its sale and closure.  It then reorganized and did it again, resulting in his loss of his job. His union is to blame, not Bain.

  517. The DNC brought out their own “Joe-the-Plumber” early.

  518. Anonymous says:

    Nice little gig he’s got… travel paid, expenses paid… It’s kind of like hiring mourners for a funeral. Is this really what the DNC has to do – hire professional complainers? There are many many ‘victims’ of vulture capitalism, and this is the guy they hire? This could be an issue if it were done right, but obviously this is only half baked. Yet another ‘put up job’ perpetrated by our friends at the DNC.

  519. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think too many Americans are still buying the Union whine. If this guy (a union member) couldn’t get re-hired in a union shop, he must have been a real slug. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Americans (not of union persuasion – ie: not stupid) do know the score. Unfortunately, the moochers,  illegal aliens, criminals and dead voters probably now out number the producers.

  520. Rod Miller says:

    Nope it is not MAKING money, it is earning it. The U.S.Mint frowns on citizens MAKING money.

    Could you make the decisions and takes the risks of the whole corporation? Or are you some hourly worm who just wants his paycheck without facing personal loss through bankruptcy?

    Start a company. Start by investing YOUR money, but still split it equally with those who start out with you and the others that follow. Work you arse off 80 hours a week, yet let everyone else go home for dinner and weekends and vacations and so on … Say you get to 10,000 employees and everything is FAIR AND EQUAL in terms of compensation, will you still work all year with little if any vacation away from the job?Problem is, those ungrateful janitors et al will ask for more … like you are right now!

  521. Ajacoid says:

    Why do liberals believe in evolution and natural selection when discussing mankind’s origin from apes, yet refuse to apply those same thoughts to companies whose time has come? Smith Corona made business machines no business had a need for. Same can be said for GM and Chrysler, as well as a number of other businesses artificially kept alive at tax-payer expense.  Companies come and go and if you find yourself working for a dinosaur, you have to evolve and move on, or become a bitter leftist and just complain about what you’re owed and how the man stuck it to you.

  522. Anonymous says:

    Unions in their present format will eventually kill us. When the rest of us suffer they refuse to give up anything. That is why the factory was shut down. The auto unions are a prime example. Going under and they would not budge. If it wasn’t for the bail out GM and Dodge would have gone under too because of the union. I don’t think there will be another bail out so the next time the union will kill the companies. Kind of like a man who drowns because he won’t let go of the heavy bag of gold in his hand.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Eventually ?

  523. old geezer says:

    The important part of this story is overlooked.  #1.  The company was not making a profit and “faced bankruptcy” and was sold.  #2.  sold his plant to another company, Ampad, that has recently been acquired by Bain Capital. Ampad promptly fired all of the workers at the plant, and then re-hired most of them. Since they were a union shop, and over half of the employees had been re-hired, the new owners were forced to recognize the union. They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.  Now it would appear to me the reason he was let go was not Romney’s fault but his union falure.

  524. Anonymous says:

    So the union strikes making the shop unprofitable and that means it’s the CEO’s fault that the plant closes?
     I’d like to see one of these libtards start a business and have to put up with unionized workers who demand to be compensated 3x market value for their work.

  525. JTB says:

    There are millions more like him under Barry’s reign……..

  526. Anonymous says:

    Wait didn’t Ted win   why did he not force that company to reopen and give him his job back……. .oh  wait  the  democrats and his union did nothing for him either

    1. Anonymous says:

      They were not Solyndra and didn’t have enough crony money to buy the gummint handout.

  527. Abu Talib says:

    ObumA’s job creation: Solyndra, census workers, temp help during holidays, Unemployment Entitlement which OB defines as job creation, NO shovel ready projects – and oh yes, can’t approve real shovel ready projects for the Pipeline adn Boeing in South Carolina. And he will put every coal miner in the nation out of work in a Second term.  

  528. Geno says:

    Actually, isn’t what this guy is saying a huge indictment of unions more than Romney. He was in a failing company that was in bankruptcy (likely because of union wages) that was bought by Bain, which gave the company a second chance (to shed the idiotic union wages). The employees chose to re-unionize, which put them right back where they started – an unsustainable cost structure due to the unions. Sounds like the unions are the problem and not Mitt Romney!

  529. Anonymous says:

    Mr Johnson was an overpaid Union worker. Bain made a business decision to move out of these overpaid Union factory jobs by closing a factory that they knew would be uneconomic within a couple of years at most. They used the most opportune time to do it.
    Romney, and i do not like him, had nothing to do with it.
    It was a Corporate economic decision and  most likely the right one.

  530. Bmessier32 says:

    another lazy “Union” guy looking to destroy Americas ability to trade in the world due to the high cost of  Union Shops”.   Get your lazy ass back to work and stop being the lap dog of the DNC.  I am certain that if the GOP were to offer to pay his way next week his entire story would change.

  531. Anonymous says:

    Johnson has no legitimate arguement. A typical leftist rant by an unprepared worker.

  532. Joe America says:

    “the once-profitable factory” … yeah, all profitable factories are sold TWICE and then closed because the are so “profitable”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Innumerable factories were once profitable, but due to market changes became unprofitable.  It’s not just a matter of disappearing markets (as in the case of buggy whip manufacturers).   Very often our relatively high-wage structure has made American products uncompetitive on world markets with items produced in China and the “Third World.”  There’s not always much we can do about that.  If a nation subsidizes industries whose costs of production are too high, that nation will eventually go bankrupt.