Meet the Dude Who Does IT Support For Drug Dealers

He'll also fix your Foursquare results . . . for a price.

Looks like Gawker’s Grand Pageview Experiment is already paying off, in the form of this intriguing feature from the fringes by IRC enthusiast Adrian Chen. Mr. Chen tells the story of “Martin,” an underground digital fixer whose technological-savvy and lack of scruples are in demand by both high-net worth individuals and drug dealers alike.

Martin, who fancies himself a “mercenary hacker,” has come up with a low-tech cellphone network to keep internal communications of, say, a tight-knit gang of purveyors of illicit substances, away from he Fed’s prying eyes. It’s sounds like an updated version of something Avon Barksdale might advise using prepaid phones (or burners, familiar with even corrupt Wall Street traders), dozens of SIM cards, and plastic pill organizers to keep said SIM cards straight.

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