Melissa Mark-Viverito Greets Scott Walker With Not-So-Warm Welcome to New York

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is facing a possible recall after widespread protests over his perceived anti-union proposals, will be in New York tonight for a fundraiser sponsored by the state Republican Party. Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito released a statement expressing her “grave disappointment” with the GOP for hosting “the poster child for the austerity movement in the United States” in the five boroughs.

“Tonight, New York State Republicans will hold a fundraiser for Scott Walker, the union busting Governor of Wisconsin,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said. “At a time when people across Wisconsin prepare to submit petitions for the recall of Governor Walker, it is disheartening that Republican New Yorkers would gather to support him in an effort to subvert the democratic process.” Read More


  1. The New York GOP hasn’t figured out how to raise money for their own idiots, good luck finding any money for an idiot from another state.

  2. Terrischw says:

    Mark-Viverito ROCKS!!! Mayor Mark-Viverito has a wonderful ring to it. 

  3. Theresa says:

    You wouldn’t put an ‘X’ beside Scott Walker’s name if it was a high school vote.  His lack of intelligence and offensive way of ‘leading’ should offend most people’s sensibilities.  WI has had 0.2% job growth under Walker – pathetic.  So much for creating 250,000 in 4 years (well, maybe lawyer and federal investigator jobs…).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, lots of jealous people here.  If Walker is so stupid, why is he governor and the rest of you people are hanging around here?

    1. Wissieruth says:

      Probably because he lied about what he said he would do when elected and got folks who were fooled by him to vote him in.  The collection of approximately 1,000,000 recall signatures in two months’ time says a whole lot to us outsiders.   He’s not a friend to the average Wisconsin citizen.  I couldn’t be less jealous.  I actually FINISHED college.  AND grad school.  AND I haven’t given up what integrity I might have to take billionaire dollars and eff the people of my state.

    2. Bettykerr says:

      He won’t be a full term governor per the million plus recall petition signers and I am one of them. 

  5. hablasvenska says:

    @badgerlvr  hes not governor because hes smart, he’s governor because hes easily manipulated by special interest groups. 

  6. Betty Kerr says:

    Gov. Walker  turned down 800 million for high speed rail in Wisconsin….he is not interested in creating  jobs he is interested in big business at the expense of low and middle income people.  While cutting earned income tax credit and home stead credit for low income and elderly homeowners he gave huge corporate tax breaks.  His most recent blunder was giving back 37 million in Medicaid dollars for the state of Wisconsin, while 50,000 low income adults will lose Badger Care Health insurance coverage.  One really good thing he did do is wake up people who were never involved in politics and make them advocates.  I am a Wisconsinite and recall petition signer. 

  7. Bmdl77 says:

    no one likes this Turd. he is pond scum…