Michelle Williams, In Character Yet Again, On GQ

Michelle Williams does Marilyn.

Michelle Williams does Marilyn.

Is method acting now extending into the realm governed by the publicist? While we don’t recall Nicole Kidman shooting any Vanity Fair covers in early 2003 dressed as Virginia Woolf, Michelle Williams is on the cover of GQ (un)dressed as Marilyn Monroe, complete with peroxidey hair. If this cover looks familiar, it’s a less-dressed take two of a Williams-as-Monroe Vogue from late last year. (This isn’t, at least, Lohan-esque self-flattery; Ms. Williams just won a Golden Globe for playing Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.)

We encourage you to look past the cover line “Who Knew Michelle Williams Had This Body?,” for the confusion about just which body–Ms. Williams’s own? Monroe’s?–it will necessarily evoke. The interview, in which Michelle Williams breaks a short-lived silence about Heath Ledger, smiles and cries simultaneously, and frets over young Matilda, is not overshadowed but complemented by the images of Ms. Williams playing dress-up in the persona of Hollywood’s most famously broken person.

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