Mitt Romney Makes Tom Brokaw ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’

Even his attack ads are awkward.

NBC and Tom Brokaw have criticized Mitt Romney’s campaign for using NBC Nightly News footage from 1997 in a Newt Gingrich attack ad.

“The NBC Legal Department has written a letter to the campaign asking for the removal of all NBC News material from their campaign ads,” NBC News said in a statement to Politico, adding that a similar note had gone out to all other campaigns that had used NBC materials.

The clip shows Tom Brokaw’s coverage of then-Speaker Gingrich’s ethics charges.

Mr. Brokaw, speaking for himself, said, “I am extremely uncomfortable with the extended use of my personal image in this political ad.  I do no want my role as a journalist compromised for political gain by any campaign.”

Today Romney’s camp told reporters they believe the ad falls within fair use standards and do not intend to take it down.


  1. Cjkit says:

    Boo! to Mit

  2. Just4scorpiodc says:

    I’m afraid Mitt. He’s dangerous.

  3. Notfromtheisland says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the smirk on Tom Brokaw’s face as he “reports objectively” the salacious news of the day getting in the digs of hypocrisy of Newt who took out Tom Foley with the same tactics used to undo him (Newt). Brokaw is probably more embarrassed by the obvious bias reporting and upset that they had this waiting for The One’s own political campaign.
    Romney did nothing wrong but re-reported the new on that day.

  4. Nowunwashome says:

    mitt is a dipshit and if he wins, america will lose everything.