More Rupert Murdoch Art World Witticisms Via Twitter

Today in Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter news, the jowly owner of The Wall Street Journal offers some free advertising to Kelly Crow’s article on the growing Chinese art market:

“Art market ablaze. See WSJ today on China, and eleven simultaneous Damien Hirst shows in Gargosian galleries. Flight from cash?”

Someone call 911, because this art market is on fire! (Really sorry about that one, reader.)

Ms. Crow’s piece is a really nice take on the Chinese art market bubble, but we don’t see exactly what that has to do with Gagosian’s spot extravaganza, other than to say that Damien Hirst proliferation has reached beyond those scoundrel culture reporters to overtake the consciousness of the owners of the newspapers themselves. Is Rupert Murdoch suggesting that spot paintings replace the dollar as currency? Hey, why not? That would make Gagosian something like Fort Knox, we suppose.

As is often the case when Mr. Murdoch talks to the Internet, the responses on Twitter here are–oh, let’s just say vaguely unimpressed [sic throughout]:

“some call that art… most would refer Damien Hirst ‘artwork’ as disgusting, demented glorification of death.”

“If I were fleeing from cash I don’t think buying work by Damien Hirst would be on the list.”

“Who says billionaires are out of touch with the people?”

And here’s our personal favorite: “No.”

More Rupert Murdoch Art World Witticisms Via Twitter