Morning Links: Damien Hirst Fatigue Edition

Damien Hirst “Gelsemine” (2006).

Pistoletto and Zegna foundations present a new award for art that “creates social change.” [The Art Newspaper]

Roberta Smith reviews the three New York shows of Damien Hirst’s 11-gallery spot show. “Some of them are wonderful; some aren’t really paintings, they’re just expanses of inert spots that happen to be hanging in a gallery,” she writes. “The fluctuations in quality is itself a kind of affirmation of the whole idea of quality.” [NYT]

Kelly Crow profiles Yang Bin, one of China’s leading art collectors. During an interview he shows Ms. Crow his remote control-operated painting storage system, which sounds pretty wild. [WSJ]

Hunter Drohojowska-Philp on the second part of the Pomona College Museum of Art’s “It Happened at Pomona” exhibition, which is devoted to gallerist Helene Winer’s work at the museum in the early 1970s. [Artnet]

“The trouble with art-world gossip is that it is often wrong, yet it goes around and around so fast that speculation becomes fact.” A Gerhard Richter lands at the Israel Museum after much speculation. [Inside Art]

A man tried to sell a fake Damien Hirst spot paintings on eBay, but was caught. He pleaded guilty to forgery. [Art Market Monitor]

Morning Links: Damien Hirst Fatigue Edition