Networks Rally For Grossest New Year’s Eve Coverage (Video)

Kathy Griffin bares all

As television stations fight for viewers home alone watching television as the ball drops to midnight like feral dogs fighting over scraps of decayed meat, anchors and hosts have had to ramp up their “disgusting” quotient in order to add enough shock value to their programming to warrant next-day coverage.

For a long time, CNN’s combination of foul-mouthed Kathy Griffin alongside her disappointing gay best friend Cooper has held the top slot, and this year Ms. Griffin really went out of her way by waving around her B-cups, sans shirt.

But even that might not have beat ABC’s ball-dropping moment when the camera panned to Jenny “I believe that innoculation children gives that Autism, which can be fixed with love and a good diet” McCarthy sucking face with a random NYPD officer.

Oh man, did you see that interview she gave afterward, holding on to that officer’s jacket so he couldn’t escape? Jim Carey is going to be so pissed!

(Both videos via Mediaite, God bless them, which stood sentry all night to record the horror show.)

Networks Rally For Grossest New Year’s Eve Coverage (Video)