New York Times Kansas City Bureau Chief Is Hungry

When Arthur G. Sulzberger was named the Times Kansas City bureau chief, then-national editor Rick Berke worried about the vegetarian’s dining options.

“Arthur may be hard pressed to find vegetarian food amid all the barbecue joints, but he’ll have no trouble finding stories,” Mr. Berke wrote in an internal memo.

As it turns out, how hard pressed Mr. Sulzberger is to find vegetarian food amid all the barbecue joints is the story.

Today he published “A Vegetarian’s Struggle for Sustenance.” It begins:

IN an ideal world, vegetarians would be built like camels. Not humpbacked, of course, but able to sustain themselves through long stretches by tapping stored energy reserves, like previously consumed soy products.

But after the first three dinners in my new hometown, where I moved from New York to cover the Midwest for this newspaper, even this veteran vegetarian was flagging.

Someone airmail this man some Angelica Kitchen!