New York’s Fashionati As Cartoon Characters

karllagerfieldhomer New Yorks Fashionati As Cartoon CharactersAs a nice break from Googling “Simpsons‘ Characters” on the Internet and ending up on some weird porn site, Milan-based artist Alexsandro Palombo has taken a stab at turning our beloved Homer and Marge into more classy representations of themselves.

It must be some sort of trend: taking Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and Marc Jacobs and turning them into recognizably yellow cartoons. Not only did Vogue UK present us to the Homer-as-Lagerfeld, but Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo spent some time turning other famed fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Terry Richardson into a Spongebob Squarepants mash-up.

This trend of high-brow and low-burp can be dated back to last November, when South Park featured a tiny, tattooed Marc Jacobs as “Muscle Man Marc.” Check out all the cartoons in our slideshow and consider how lucky Ms. Chanel was to not have been born as a Demospongiae Porifera.