Greg Kelly, Fox 5 News Anchor and Son of NYPD Commissioner, Accused of Rape

14 21 350gregkelly Greg Kelly, Fox 5 News Anchor and Son of NYPD Commissioner, Accused of Rape

Greg Kelly

The New York Times is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney is investigating charges of sexual assault leveled at WNYW (Fox) anchor Greg Kelly. Mr. Kelly, son of New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, allegedly committed the act in October 2011 in Lower Manhattan.

Mr. Kelly issued a denial through his attorney, Andrew Lankler:

“Mr. Kelly is aware that the New York County District Attorney’s office is conducting an investigation,” the statement said. “Mr. Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind, and is cooperating fully with the district attorney’s investigation. We know the district attorney’s investigation will prove Mr. Kelly’s innocence.”

According to the Times, Mr. Kelly’s accuser reported the incident at the 13th Precinct station on Tuesday. She said she met Kelly on October 8 and had drinks then went to her office, where she said the rape occurred.

The victim told police her boyfriend found out and in his anger confronted police Commissioner Ray Kelly about it during a public function. After the irate boyfriend supposedly told Commissioner Kelly that his son had “ruined” his girlfriend’s life. The commissioner told him to write a letter about it.

To avoid any appearance of conflict of interest, the N.Y.P.D. has turned over investigation of the charges against Greg Kelly to the Manhattan D.A.

Greg Kelly has been co-host of Good Day New York since 2008. Previously he was a Fox News anchor and Fox White House correspondent between 2005-2007.


  1. Anonymous says:

    this woman is a disgusting pig.  there are sooo many holes in her “accusation” or should i say lie!!!  ill be damned that if i were sexually assaulted by anyone in october, i certainly wouldnt wait til january to file charges!!!  i see financial scam written all over this!!!  another b@#$h trying to ruin someones life!!!!

    1. Enough1 says:

      Really? And were you raped in October? Because 60% of rapes go unreported, and it’s probably because most women who accuse someone of rape are called “disgusting pigs” by someone hiding behind a computer. Shame on you.

  2. Mominabox44 says:

    Hang in there Greg…The truth will come out and your name will be cleared.

  3. Mfi says:

    Oh my heavens I was raped…………… 4 months later, I get around to reporting it to police…….what a crock………..whose her attorney on this one? 

  4. Ibedatchick718 says:

    OMG I love Greg…he, rosanna, and mike get my morning started. I really hope its untrue.

    Either way for him or for her…Karma is a mean b!tch

  5. Deb says:

    It seems that, at this point,  no proof has been disclosed.   I really enjoy watching Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto, so I am going to believe that Greg is innocent.  It’s just very strange that this woman, who from what I heard works in a law office, would take this long to report an assault.  Something just does not sound right. 

  6. Mrsluongo says:

    I love to watch Greg in the morning.  I hope this is not true…..but just because he is a tv personality does not mean he didn’t do it.  I WAS raped as a child and I have only recently been telling the story.  That was 40 years ago.  I am conflicted on this one.

  7. Dolores E Reed says:

    I like the way Greg/Rosanna interact with each other.  I do not believe this woman AT ALL.  Greg/Rosanna hang in there.  It does not matter if Greg’s dad is the commissioner….it’s about his character.  Everyone should continue to pray…..Peace be still!

  8. Bafna2 says:

    I don’t believe a word of it! It took her this long to report a rape. Good grief!!! Hope for Greg’s sake this gets sorted out quickly.

    1. Cats007 says:

      1 don’t believe it either. if she works at a law office , she should know that if you’re raped, you need to call the police ASAP, before you take a shower or clean up. This is critically important in order to preserve the evidence. Since this alleged rape occured almost 4 months ago, I strongly assume that she has taken a bath since then.

  9. Fudgiemonkey says:

    The thing is, regardless of the who, what, when, where, when a woman says “stop” or “no” – that’s it. She may have felt intimidated by his local TV celebrity status and/or his father’s position thinking it would be swept under the carpet. Who knows. He does have a snarky, arrogant personality, so it’s not hard to imagine he would force himself on someone.

  10. Eddieftw3 says:

    I enjoy watching him in the morning. She’s doing this because her boyfriend found out. So he want leave her she’s doing this. OR JUST FOR THE MONEY. I hope he gets cleared.

  11. Veronica Ross says:

    I do not believe it either. He is one of the few respectible people i have seen on tv. He is a very handsome man and many women would probably like to hook up with him and can’t. I miss him on the show in the morning on Fox. Nobody can take his place as far as i am concerned. Please come back Gregg. Don’t let anybody chase you away! 

  12. Rachaelmarcos says:

    I’m mad as hell. I want my morning Greg fix. I just can’t wrap my brain around this. I’m sticking with Greg on this one until he’s proved guilty. I read that the accuser and Greg continued phone and text contact after the alleged incident. Please don’t tell me that Greg was foolish enough to document anything that can be construed or misconstrued as wrongdoing. I NEED RECEIPTS OR, PUT GREG BACK ON MY TV!!!

  13. Patkatz says:

    This woman is trying to cover her ass with her boyfriend she is a tramp

  14. GINA says:


  15. Benny says:

    Why did she take him to her office after drinks?   Looks like Greg is going to get an unpleasant lesson about the dark side of human nature.  His mistake was being gullible enough to go to her office,  now he has to deal with the accusations of a mental case and her equally bizarre boyfriend!  Maybe he should have just paid for it like Elliott, this makes Elliott’s girls look like the sane ones.

  16. Mybeauty27 says:

    “sitting high in April and you’re shot down in May”……that’s life!

  17. Ryanesmond says:

    I introduce my wife to that fox5 every morning, i think they hang out got drunk and sex the life outer her,than move on,her boyfriend found out and lotto ideas came intheir head, hang in there Greg

  18. zeke199 says:

    Nobody knows anything people, settle down in this trial by media….

    Did she say no or yes, more please?  Did she say anything at all???
    She certainly said come to my office after they had several drinks.
    Common sense begs the question – Why go to a secluded office after having drinks???
    In this day & age, both of them were fools for engaging in this manner.
    If anything illegal happened, she enabled the environment for it to happen.
    No means no indeed, but a sane woman takes measures to prevent having to say no.

    This is a setup, nothing more, nothing less.  Let the legal system run its course & see.
    Chickie-poo & boyfriend too, want to take your money from you…Should have run away fast!

  19. Linda says:

    Greg Kelly always appeared to me as a smartazz….never trusted him regards to his cocky ways shown on TV with his side kick anchor woman.  I am not surprised to read of this…narsistic behavior for sure.

  20. Sheena says:

    I truly feel that Greg is guilty …..he appears on air to be quite sarcastic and full of himself.  I truly feel he used his Name,Position to show off infront of this woman, even if this womaqn has had more hands up her skirt than the muppets, this was no EXCUSE for this man to take advantage of her.  I am certain this guy has many skeletons in his closet growing up with other woman that is yet to be found out.  More women i am sure will be coming forward with similar stories……He is a snake in the grass….

  21. Kpat411 says:

    The story doesn’t add up! First she has a few drinks, then proceeds to take him back to her office where the supposed rape happens. Proceeds to call him and text him afterwards. Waits three months to report. NOT!!!!
    Why would anyone answer phone calls and texts Hfrom someone who raped them. NICE GIRLS don’t sleep with men they never met before. Shes looking for a nice layout. SHE SLEPT WITH HIM AND RECEIVED NOTHING. NOW SHE’S LOOKING FOR A PAYOUT. WAIT TILL THE DIRT COMES OUT IN THIS PIG!!! Give some real proof.


  22. zeke199 says:

    I’m more alarmed by the people (mostly women) who automatically assume an alleged rape is true, especially when a popular figure is involved, and when she goes out drinking with another man while already in a relationship.  This victim mentality rather than innocent-until-PROVEN-guilty are killing our legal system & society as a whole.  How do you know whether ANY of this story is true at all – you simply don’t….

    The woman seems like trouble period!!!  Anyone with an *alleged* boyfriend who goes out for drinks with a guy and then carries on a telephone & text dialog is sorely lacking in the morals department.  The “boyfriend” would do well to flee the situation & move on, unless he’s complicit in a shakedown of Greg Kelly.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ah, you’re right. All women should be kept on leashes by their boyfriends, supervised at all times by their fathers, and banned from spending any time alone with men. Oh wait, I forgot… this is America, where women have the freedom to behave any way they choose without getting raped in the process. 

      1. Anonymous says:

        The rape apologists in this thread are maddening.  Thanks for not being one of them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ah, you’re right. All women should be kept on leashes by their boyfriends, supervised at all times by their fathers, and banned from spending any time alone with men. Oh wait, I forgot… this is America, where women have the freedom to behave any way they choose without getting raped in the process. 

  23. Molly says:

    This supposedly happened in October and she’s just reporting it now. Funny that it’s the same time that the media is also going after his father for the video about Muslims. Can anyone else think this is a smear stratedgy?  I’ll stand by the Kelly’s thank you.

  24. Candiceg says:

    Note: Victim said ‘boyfriend found out’; not she told him. It’s also reported she called and texted Kelly after. PTSD claims don’t fit for me, even if it was cursing him out. Also, this leaves out the boyfriend picked her up from her office the same night. No run to the hospital for a rape kit? I wonder when the boyfriend publicly confronted the dad, just to say he didn’t want to talk in public? He was putting dad on notice for a misstep or realized there were cops around and thought better. Did she tell the boyfriend she met him on the street, went for drinks and took him to her office?; How and when did she she explain/rationalize that one?

    Quinn, Muslims and others want the dad’s head re: NYPD seeing third jihad

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ah yes, a good old rape kit. Do you know if this victim has insurance? Because if she doesn’t, the hospital won’t do it for free, and that’s about $1,000 to collect the rape kit itself. And then what, turn it in to the alleged attacker’s father at the NYPD?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ah yes, a good old rape kit. Do you know if this victim has insurance? Because if she doesn’t, the hospital won’t do it for free, and that’s about $1,000 to collect the rape kit itself. And then what, turn it in to the alleged attacker’s father at the NYPD?

      1. Cats007 says:

        If she works at a law office, she should have inurance.

      2. First says:

        If she worked in a layers office they could have him in jail the next morning if it really happened.

  25. Candiceg says:

    Type your comment here.BTW, you are reporters; report all the facts or link to the police/DA’s report.

    I’m tired of anonymous individuals accusing and ruining people’s lives and when/if it’s unfounded (on page 42, in a small corner), the accuser gets away with it, we don’t know who they are and the damage is done. Let’s see the boyfriend’s name, since he publicly confronted the dad (he’s not the victim).

    You’re reporters, give us all the facts or nothing. We need one publication, like those of old, to do this; you will soar like eagles, regardless of criticism from factions. The people are hungry for it.

  26. Ann Marrie says:

    i am so upset i enjoy watching Greg and Rosanna every morning . He was the one in July who said to order the tickets for the 9/11 memorial and i went on line and got my family passes during the second week when everyone else missed the boat.  I’m sure he will be proven innocent the best morning news anchor by far.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You’re sure he’ll be found innocent because you like his morning TV show? 

      Are you really so stupid?  What does one have to do with the other?

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see so many of our NYPD heroes in the comments, defending a rapist and blaming the victim.

  28. droo says:

    He’s a scumbag like his old man.

    Oh, what’s that? You’re sad he won’t be on your morning TV? Awwww…  Maybe you should turn that mindless dreck off anyway. 

    Rape is rape, scum is scum, and most of you are dumb enough to be blinded by a tv image.

    And people wonder why this city has fallen to shit.

    1. goldie says:

      Just because a woman accuses a man of rape does not make it true – I am a true rape victim – why did she invite him to her office instead of home – was her boyfriend home? Why did she text and call him after instead of going to police – why did she report this to the police after 3 months after an alleged abortion? Was she trying to bribe him and he did not give in? I support you Greg, I do not believe this and I hope to god the truth comes out!

  29. Anonymous says:

    How many of you are rape victims yourselves? Have you ANY experience working with rape victims? Because many MANY victims of rape continue to maintain contact with their attackers (because the majority of rapes occur between acquaintances), often in an attempt to try to understand what’s happened to them.  People often wait years – scratch that, most victims don’t report rapes in the first place because they’re criticized and torn to pieces by people like YOU – we have a system that blames victims. Are you saying that every woman should “know better” than to spend time alone with a man because she should be constantly vigilant and expecting to be raped? 

  30. Carlos Segarrajf says:

    I say Greg is innocent. If he did do it, why wait three months to tell the police. It is just a poor sorry excuse to get money. Greg’s clean. I want my Fox back with funny remarks now and then.

  31. Ann Harris says:

    I was shocked find this very difficult to believe ,maybe they are after a payoff to drop the case ….

  32. caren says:

    Who wouldn’t want to have Greg’s baby! Just proves the chick is crazy. 

  33. Dejasa26 says:

    Something has to be done to get these HOES off the streets!!!! Im sure she is just trying to cover herself for messing around while being in a relationship!!! Im sure Greg is innocent and if he did indeed had anything to do with this chick while they were BOTH drinking then it was consensual!!   I WANT MY GREG BACK!!!!! The morning show is NOT the same without him ))):

  34. Jetmetfan87 says:

    No way Greg is guilty, and no ray kellys nypd is not out of control an angry boyfriend would like that!

  35. Sting138 says:

    I don’t believe Greg did anything wrong.  He is a public figure and she is trying to get money out of him.  He is a respected man, just find this and to believe.  Good Luck Greg, you will be found not guilty.  Hopefully sooner than later.  I will keep you in my prayers..

  36. Ronnie Ross says:

    This man is innocent. I am behind him 100%. I have been watching his show for years and he is one of the most respectable men i have seen in the media. He is also very handsome and could have any women he wanted.  What is this HOE looking for some money?

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m a frequent watcher of Greg and Rosanne.  I hope Greg Kelly is found innocent.  Although they report on Fox, I find their reporting to be fair and balanced most of the time. The coverage on Occupy was mostly in truth as I have been to Zuccotti Park and research the movement.  I do enjoy the rapport between the two hosts.
    Good Luck!

  38. Anna says:

    Be strong,you are a good man!

  39. paul p says:

    To all concerned about the Greg Kelly rape case, you are
    automatically doubting the victim without any proof whatsoever about whether or
    not she is telling the truth, I know for a fact that Commissioner Kelly and his
    NYPD don’t always follow through with serious cases that include high profile
    celebrity, so instead of judging the victims without true facts, let’s just
    wait and see what happens and whether or not Commissioner Kelly and DA Vance
    will do the right thing and do a though investigation in to Commissioner
    Kelly’s son involvement.

    I don’t think she is making up anything, I just think she
    was scared because Greg Kelly is the Commissioner of the NYPD son and she
    probably thought no one would believe because of that, I know all too well what
    it’s like not to have anyone believe you when you are attacked, because I too
    went through a similar experience and everyone refused to do the right thing
    and do a proper investigation in my situation, so what I am saying is I standby
    the victim until otherwise proving and all of you should do the same.

    These are my own personal opinions and beliefs based on what
    I had experienced myself.

    Thank You.


    Paul Priore

  40. Biggiki says:

    he did’nt rape that girl he did her a favor by sexing her . tell her to go have another beer.

  41. Tina2012 says:

    so not only is she a whore but a baby killer too.

  42. Barbnjim says:

    We love Greg Kelly & miss him on Good Day..not only is he a proud American veteran, his father is a man of interity & doing a wonderful job as police commissioner. Hope he returns soon to Fox. Sincerely, Barbara Merriman

  43. Joscveneruso says:

    Definately a big tramp that got caught cheating. I’m with you Greg Kelly..

  44. Lorraine says:

    Greg Pls say it aint so. U have become a part of my household watching you every morning with Roseanne. It is so boring without the 2 of u. No fun, no laughter no real and true to life talk. Pls come back. Hope they have her arrested for tarnishing ur name. Cause I do not believe it. Her old, rich boyfriend found her sick, vomiting and crying and she concocted this lie to him. More than likely his d.. may can’t even giddy up. She may be doing this a long time and just the wrong time for the brother he got cobbed webbed into a doom hole.

  45. Phylharmony says:

    Hello! I am so glad that everything turn out well for Greg Kelly! I am looking forward to seeing him back on channel 5! 
    I hope that this situation will make people think before taking any action and hurting not just one person but their family and friends as well.
    Thank yo,
    Phyllis Baatz