Pascrell praises Miller in NC for retiring rather than running against fellow Dem

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell today praised five-term North Carolina Congressman Brad Miller’s decision to retire rather than face a fellow Democrat in a primary.

“My only two options are to run in a primary with David Price or not to run,” Miller said. “I have talked to a lot of friends who have supported David and me. Some would support David. And some would support me. But none of them want to see a primary between us.”

“My friend, Congressman Brad Miller, has made a tough decision. He should be commended and recognized for putting the interests of the Democratic Party and America’s middle class ahead of his own personal interests,” said Pascrell.  “My opponent in the 9th District actually has a third option that is not available to Congressman Miller, and that is to stay in his district and fight for the Democratic Party against one of the most extreme representatives of the Tea Party currently in Congress.  I call upon my opponent in the 9th District primary in New Jersey to follow Congressman Miller’s example and do the right thing for the Democratic Party and for New Jersey’s middle class.  He should stay in his hometown and fight the real enemy, giving New Jersey’s middle class taxpayers the best possible chance of getting a fair shake against extreme Republicans in Congress.”