Pastry-Loving Euro Bros Buy at Gramercy Starck

Gramercy Starck

Attila and Marius Dogudan haven’t been in this country very long, but they have unquestionably left their mark. The twenty-something Austrian brothers, heirs to a restaurant fortune, recently moved to city and began to work at the Plaza. No, these alps-loving bucks weren’t carrying luggage or opening doors, but rather holding down the fort at their family’s posh patisserie, Demel.

Although everything seemed to be going swimmingly at first, the brothers decided to sue the Plaza for fraud in 2010, claiming the hotel misled them into buying poor retail space. Perhaps having been put off by life uptown, when it came time to buy a place, they wound up in Gramercy.

The haute Euro bachelor brothers have bought a three-bedroom, two-bath home at the Gramercy Starck on East 23rd Street. They paid a full $1.9 million for the place, so the Plaza Venture couldn’t have put them too far in the red… unless, of course, their Vienna-based papa footed the bill.

According to a listing from Douglas Elliman broker Robert Rosa, the new home boasts a balcony, closets aplenty (perfect for all those slim fitting suits and pointy-toed shoes), a washer/dryer (which will make the maid’s life so much easier) and wood flooring.

The Dogudans bought the place from Maurice Sherling, who paid $2.14 million for the place back in 2008. Bad timing.

Pastry-Loving Euro Bros Buy at Gramercy Starck