Play Ball! Barclays Center Down Only a Few Points as Panelists Get Back to Work

Bruce Ratner has dodged another foul at Atlantic Yards. After the facade fabricator for the new Barclays Center closed abruptly in December, it was not clear how soon fabrication could resume given the complex nature of the work. But just a few weeks after the closure, ASI Limited is back in operation and working on the arena, according to Crain’s.

“We are very pleased with how Hunt responded to this situation,” said the Forest City spokesman. “Thanks to their aggressive actions, work has resumed, and we’re all the more confident that we will meet our milestones for the arena.”

He added that Hunt is looking for additional companies to make the steel for the 675,000-square-foot arena that will be home to the Brooklyn Nets.


The Forest City spokesman said that 57% of the 561 panels that will actually enclose the arena have been put up. He said the enclosure panels are critical because they protect the arena from the elements.

Now if only they could figure out how to fabricate those apartment buildings

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