Queens Museum Names Names for 2012 ‘International’ Show

Queens Museum of Art. (Wally Gobetz/Flickr)

With the biennial and triennial season nearing (the Whitney opens March 1, the New Museum Feb. 15), the Queens Museum of Art has released the artist list for its biannual International exhibition, which is set for a Feb. 4 opening.

The Queens International, sporting the title “Three Points Make a Triangle” in its fifth edition, carries the unique requirement that all of its participants must live or work in the borough, and is helmed this year by Larissa Harris, Jamillah James and Manuela Moscoso.

Some of the lucky Queens-based artists making the list are Angel Otero, a painter of messy, sprawling canvases, who shows with Lehmann Maupin in New York; the multitasking musician and artist Rachel Mason; and sculptor Allyson Vieira, who shows with Laurel Gitlen. The complete list is as follows:

Tatiana Berg
Becket Bowes
Karen Y. Chan
Sam Clagnaz
Gintaras Didžiapetris
Sharona Eliassaf
Jesse A. Greenberg
Scott Grodesky
Angelina Gualdoni
Mikhail Gubin
David Kearns
Dieter Kuhn
Eleen Lin
Robert Lobe
Rachel Mason
Angel Otero
Eric Palgon
Claudia Peña Salinas
Carmelle Safdie
William Santen
Adam Shecter
Trevor Shimizu
Teng Chao-Ming
Scott Verhagen
Allyson Vieira
Palden Weinreb
Joe Winter
Brian Zegeer

Matthew Buckingham
Alejandro Cesarco
Scott Hug

And what of the exhibition’s mysterious name? According to the museum’s release, the “three” in it alludes to the show’s three curators and the three galleries that will hold the exhibition, on the first floor of the Flushing Meadows Corona Park institution, and was plucked from the unfinished 1944 novel Mount Analogue by Surrealist René Daumal.