Wifeless Manhattan: Darren Aronofsky Gets the House as Rachel Weisz Moves to Soho


Amid reports that Rachael Weisz is buying a new place in Soho with her new man, Daniel Craig, it seems that she’s closing the door on another piece of property from her past. According to city records, Ms. Weisz has just sold her old home, a townhouse in the village. The buyer? Her ex, Brooklyn boy Darren Aronofsky.

We can’t help but feeling that Mr. Aronofsky sort of got the short end of the stick on this deal. First, his wife leaves him for James Bond, then he has to pay to keep his own house, $2.52 million, to be exact.

The good news? Mr. Aronofsky got a premium price: he and Ms. Weisz paid $3.4 million for the home back in 2005, so he got a 26% discount… on a bachelor pad he didn’t even want. At least the home is probably worth three or four times what he just paid for it, should he decide to vacate for good.

According to a listing from when the couple previously purchased the townhouse, located at 215 East 11th Street, the place stands five stories and has 11.5 total rooms, though it is unclear exactly how many bedrooms.

Mr. Aronofsky’s new/old home also features a terrace off the second-floor kitchen, a double parlor, a front stoop (Brooklyn brownstone style, in case Mr. Aronofsky is nostalgic) and a garden.


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