Read Knopf Publicity Director Paul Bogaards’ Tumblr Pièce de Résistance

We’d like to take a moment to call your attention to the Tumblr of Knopf publicity director Paul Bogaards, where he has published a conceptual power list (A man after our own hearts!) delineating the hierarchy of book publishing in 2012.

The abridged top five:

  1. Brand name authors (e.g. Steven King)
  2. Proven self-publishers (e.g. J.A. Konrath)
  3. Amy Einhorn’s hair
  4. Authors who have been to Heaven, met God (e.g. Todd Burpo, Tim Tebow)
  5. Fantasy writer George R. R. Martin

The list goes all the way to 100, shouting out all the book reviewers, a couple of book fairs, BookScan, summer Fridays and lots of people’s hair along the way.

Read it to find out where you/your boss rank, and if he would nail you. Or simply to bear witness to the birth of an Internet meme (fingers crossed): Binky Urban fan fic. (See #80.)

In Mr. Bogaard’s opinion, publicists come in at #98, but for this we think he’s #1.