Rumors & Acquisitions: When Embargoes Break

ALL THE VERTICALS. BuzzFeed is staffing up. Yeah. We know. They have $15.5 million. We know. The site launched its already highly scoopy 2012 vertical alongside the already-popular “cute” and “LOL” verticals, with reporters covering the presidential campaign with the vigor of a dedicated cat blogger; we know. Now it’s time to conquer the internet by rapidly adding “verticals” (as they’re called!) and editor-in-chief Ben Smith is already thinking of where to boldly go next. We heard from a potential poach-ee that the next section will be… tech! We asked Mr. Smith today if this was true. “I don’t want to say,” he said, shaking his head, but acknowledged that the next vertical isn’t far off. Maybe it’s divorce

SOPA, THE FILM. Some filmmakers, possibly from an agency, possibly independent, are making the rounds at New York startups (we heard FoursquareGeneral Assembly, and Aviary, among others) asking them to participate in an anti-SOPAvideo. It’s unclear who’s paying these filmmakers, but they claim Google might link to the video from

SPEAKING OF SOPA. Some people on Twttr think other people on Twttr are being dumb for changing their avatars.

But it was so effective when everyone changed their locations to Tehran and made their avatars green during the Green Revolution. Wait, why is Paula Deen trending? BRB! OMG SHE HAS DIABETES.

BROKEN TRUST. BROKEN HEARTS. The embargo! Companies send a press release on condition that the blogger will cross their hearts, hope to die, not write about the invariably fascinating information in the embargo such as the addition of new advisors. On Wednesday, Betabeat had two embargoed stories: ZocDoc Adds Former Senators Bill Frist (R-TN) and Tom Daschle (D-SD), Healthcare Heavyweights, as Advisors and GetGlue Raises $12 M. With All Existing Investors Participating. Both embargoes were broken; we received flustered emails from both companies. Mashable broke the GetGlue embargo; it’s still unclear exactly who broke the ZocDoc embargo. “I probably shouldn’t have covered GetGlue. I’m told as they have bad history of this crap with their embargoes,” one blogger told Betabeat. “They just don’t know how to manage them.”

JUST ANOTHER FASHION STARTUP. Aussie-native Ryan Junee, a Y Combinator alum who sold a company to Google in 2008, is spending more time in New York City and wonders if the Soho House is worth it? We’re told he’s poached Sarah Kunst from Mediaite to head up business development and open the New York office of his latest company, Inporia, “your shopping concierge.” Rumor has it they’re releasing the product, for which there is an invitation waitlist, in time for Fashion Week.

Rumors & Acquisitions: When Embargoes Break