Rupert Murdoch Pimps on Twitter

rupert murdoch 006 Rupert Murdoch Pimps on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch, interested in art. Courtesy The Guardian.

In case you haven’t heard, Rupert Murdoch is on Twitter. Here, he says such cheerful and grammatically questionable statements as “Education only way to real equality. US a disgrace. Millions every year headed for underclass or worse. Half kids drop out in LA , others,” and “Re complaints about my spelling! Problem is my pathetic typing. Sorry, if anyone really cares” (touché, Mr. Murdoch). His latest zany message to his 123,428–and counting!–followers? “For those interested in art try beautiful new site”, if you’ll recall, is the self-proclaimed “Pandora for art.” It generates for its visitors suggestions of new art to look at based on an “art genome” that includes a series of characteristics like color, style, medium, subject matter and a variety of other traits. Also, Mr. Murdoch’s wife Wendi is a major investor. (In the interest of full disclosure, so is Josh Kushner, the brother of the owner of The New York Observer.)

Since is still in private beta and has yet to launch officially, the media mogul’s suggestion has elicited some intriguing responses. “Assume you’re in on test?” one follower responded. Another said, “And suddenly @rupertmurdoch on @twitter begins to make sense,” presumably about Mr. Murdoch keeping his ideas in the family, as it were.