Sarah Jessica Parker Drops By Barnard

This is not a still from 'Sex and the City.'

This is not a still from 'Sex and the City.'

A Columbia student noshing in the Barnard cafe spotted an incongruous addition yesterday–Sarah Jessica Parker. Campus student centers are not known for their fine cuisine, and our source did not ask Ms. Parker what, exactly, she was doing so far uptown from Barneys. Whether Ms. Parker was researching a “college years” installment of The Carrie Diaries or whether she just really likes a $3 Chobani and that greasy-table ambience is now lost to history. :: @DPD_


  1. Ckiemnstr13 says:

    her twins go to school at the barnard childcare program

  2. Elyseketura says:

    I think I might literally collapse if I ever saw her sitting anywhere. huge fan. 

  3. Lsdarvin says:

    Dude, as a Barnard student this shit is redic. She is here all the time… because her SON goes to the daycare center in the psych department. And this is not a “greasy cafe” it is a starbucks lounge. She was sitting for a drink after dropping off her son. RELAX.