Saturday Night Live Writer John Mulaney has More Thoughts on Law & Order (Video)

The first time we were introduced to New York comedian John Mulaney, it was through his stand-up bit about the reoccurring characters on Law & Order. (The best line, about bartenders who remember everyone:  “Which New York do you work in? I live with people I don’t recognize!)

Now Mr. Mulaney, one of the writers of Saturday Night Live (and creator of Stefon!) has a new special premiering on Comedy Central this weekend. Much to our delight, he previewed some of the material on Conan this week, including another riff on Dick Wolf’s never-ending series–this time tackling everyone’s favorite rapey spin-off, Special Victims Unit–as well as one of the show’s stars, Ice-T. This is must-see TV, people.

Original Law & Order routine:John Mulaney on Law & Order: SVU (Bit starts at the 2:08 mark, but why not watch the whole thing?):

John Mulaney: New in Town premieres on Comedy Central on January 28th at 10:00 p.m.