Schneiderman and DiNapoli Report Fundraising Tallies

Admist monstrous fundraising numbers from Governor Andrew Cuomo this afternoon, two other statewide elected officials released their own totals.

And in the most recent filing at least, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is outpacing his counterpart, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. The A.G.’s campaign said that they raised a $750,000 and has $850,000 cash on hand, while Mr. DiNapoli’s reelection effort raised less than half of that, $330,000, and closed the year with a bit over $140,000 in the bank.

Attorney General Shchneiderman’s campaign war chest compares favorably to the last two Attorney Generals at this point in their term.  Former Attorney General Andrew Cuomo had $1.1 million dollars on hand in January of 2007, while Former A.G. Eliot Spitzer had $285,000 a year into his first term in 2001.

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