Scott Stringer: ‘People Like Me’ Need to Speak Out on Stop-and-Frisk

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was among the officials at an “NYPD Accountability” rally this afternoon and strongly spoke out against police stop-and-frisk policies. The Borough President, who’s a potential 2013 mayoral candidate, additionally embraced the fact that he was the only white elected official to speak out at the rally. “I wanted to be here today to add some color to what is going on,” Mr. Stringer began his speech, half-jokingly. “Because you can’t build a movement unless you bring the whole city together.”

“I have to say something that we have to put out there with the greatest respect for all New Yorkers,” Mr. Stringer explained. “You cannot close your eyes, as somebody who’s Caucasian, to the fact that of the 700,000 who are stopped, questioned, and frisked, 85% are African-American and Latino.” Read More